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    In the bottle: Florals and a sharper green note like all the stems of them were cut. Presumably that is green tea. On skin: This turns into a soft, somewhat dark floral and woods scent. What I assume is the cypress becomes stronger and blends with the green tea and... jasmine? I am not familiar enough with the floral notes to pick them out individually but this undoubtedly remains a primarily floral perfume. The green note has smoothed out into something more shadowy and soothing. The whole thing is sort of like the scent outside during the full of summer when you've moved into a shaded area of trees and it's rained just enough that not all the dampness has yet left and you can smell every plant you're surrounded by. Drydown: The cypress has died down, but has not completely faded. It remains a gentle, floral green tea, full summer day perfume.