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    Thirteen: LVB

    this is weird as hell but I like it. it smells like going to the mall in 2009. you've got the Bath and Bodyworks wafting at you from one side, the food court popcorn/pretzel smell threading through, and the candy shop that sells 10,000 kinds of jellybeans. I hate fruit notes in perfume, but here is just kind of adds to the bizarreness of it. I cannot stress how much this smells like a mall. I'm clutching my little Hot Topic bag as my mom leads me to the big sale going on at the Old Navy. I like it, but it's such an intense nostalgia wave that I risk descending into melancholy by wearing it. This is quite perfumey. I was expecting a weird gourmand, and while there are wafts of that it really does smell like a perfume ya know. The drydown and subsequent mellowing becomes a bit more of a traditional cotton candy musk perfume. This perfume reminds me HEAVILY of Solstice Scent's Foxcroft Fairgrounds, which is one of my all-time faves. But this one is a more childlike/whimsical variant.
  2. lilyluxe

    Goblin Sack

    It's funny to me just how wildly polarizing the reviews are of this! I got a bottle in a swap and I love it! I was a little worried this would be heavy on the leather note, but if there is any in here it is a weathered old leather. For me it is a sweet, rich hazelnut vanilla cream that is grounded by the patchouli. I LOVE it! It's not like any other BPAL patch I have tried in that it's quite smooth. Definitely there but reminds me more of a softer NAVA patchouli in that it's nearly floral. The scent itself reminds me a lot of NAVA Eternal Ankh Black but a much softer and nutty version. It's not really foody a tall though, if you are expecting something nutella-esque I don't think this goblin's sack is for you. xD
  3. lilyluxe

    The Hierophant's Benediction

    This scent is pretty deceptive in the bottle. Super strong almond on first sniff, which always scares me- it's like dipping your foot into a cold pool before wading in. xD The almond burns off really quickly and leaves behind a gentle milky scent that is boosted up by the sandalwood and other notes into being a soft delicate blend. As it wears on, the orris root really shows up for me and kind of amps, turning the scent into a creamy floral kind of thang. I quite like it- it's not powdery or sharp at all. It's a relaxing scent that lingers but doesn't stab your senses. I don't really have anything like it, but the orris is definitely reminding me of Inspecting the Lantern. It was too overpowering in that one imo, and it's a lot more delicate here. It feel quite girly and a bit foody without being a super sweet gourmand. It kind of makes a great white floral for someone like me who loves the creaminess of white florals, but hates the indolic nature of them. It lets me luxuriate in that fantasy where jasmine and gardenia don't stab my nostrils.
  4. lilyluxe

    Cigarettes and Offerings

    This is BEAUTIFUL! I have never smoked in my life (in fact I am very against it) but my childhood includes memories of my mother, all grunge and cool, smelling like incense and cigarettes. She's quit smoking now, thank goodness, but this scent really reminds me of us perusing the occult bookstore we went to all of the time, incense smoke curling in the air, and the smell of her and the edgy folks working there cloaked in cigarette smoke. I don't really think I would worry about this perfume making you smell like a smoker- it's very cool and smooth. Definitely has that grunge witch from the early 2000's vibe about it. All denim and velvet. I think it's a pretty feminine scent- sweet and mysterious. The incense smells complex and expensive- I don't detect frankincense in here. I think it might be a blend of myrrh and ambers, maybe a tiny bit of nag champa. It's very smoky- this is burning incense, not just sniffing the resins. I think there might be some dragons blood in here, but I am not sure. IMO this isn't that stinky smell that smokers tend to have cling to them- it's sweeter and I wouldn't worry about smelling stinky. I agree that it's definitely menthol cigarette smoke, which I am so glad others mentioned because I have been searching high and low for a menthol cigarette scent for a while. I don't get any pipe tobacco out of it, but it definitely is sweet. A melancholic scent, for sure. It also has great throw and power behind it!
  5. lilyluxe


    A very pretty, sweet and creamy rose with honeyed spicy carnations. It's not a soapy or screechy rose, but one coated in heavy cream and very smooth. I am picky about roses and I love this one! I can pick out all of the notes- I think they are very balanced in thia blend.
  6. lilyluxe

    Sugar Cookies with Extra Sugar

    This is wonderful! I am not a huge gourmand person at all, but am always tempted by sugar cookie scents. It really really reminds me of the cake note from Mari Lwyd, isolated and amped up with vanilla. It's got that browned smell to it. The vanilla does a bit of a plasticky thing on me, but isn't horribly distracting. Though I do sense it floating around. It's quite buttery and not too sweet! (Also, totally layer this with Alice if you've got it, as they make a wonderful combo.)
  7. lilyluxe


    This is a very syrupy, resinous lavender. On the drydown, the lavender kind of vanishes and leaves me with an incensey mish-mash where the notes aren't super discernable. The sweetness mellows out with the drydown, but it becomes a bit bitter for me. Going to probably let it sit for a few months and revisit it. I think the resins will probably do well with some sittin'.
  8. lilyluxe

    Pyramid of Skulls

    Most of the time sandalwood smells quite a bit like baby powder to me, so I tend to avoid it. I took a leap on this blend because I actually have very little experience with BPAL sandalwood, and I've found that notes I dislike from other houses are done well by the lab. This is a really strong scent with massive throw- it's very refined and smooth, and I think the tobacco is a nice sweet balance to the earthy/spicy sandalwood. It's a very rich, woodsy scent that I think is probably a little on the masculine side. It's very warm and almost smoky, and nothing at all baby powdery. I imagine this is what cracking open a branch of sandalwood smells like, plus a bit of fresh, leafy tobacco. The tobacco doesn't read as the chewy, vanilla-y type, but the fresher, brighter kind to me. I'd say it smells like what I'd expect some kind of handsome rugged ranger to smell like.
  9. lilyluxe

    Schwarzer Mond

    This is a really deep and spicy resinous scent! It actually reminds me a lot of Minotaur (one of my faves) but a less smoky, juicier version! As very rich, non-powdery resin, with a bit of fruity sweetness. Upon initial application, I was getting a sweet almond smell that dissipated pretty quickly and ended up leaving behind a fruity sweetness. I would describe this smell as what it might be like burying your face in the velvety fabric of a sorceress's cloak. Rich incense, spices, earth, and magic.
  10. lilyluxe

    They Shut Me Up in Prose

    Very smooth, creamy vanilla with a little resinous frankincense kick hiding in the recesses. A little woody and a little floral. Very simple scent that is well-blended. Doesn't smell like a single note or anything, just very smooth and silky sweet without being cloying or gourmand. I think BPAL does these simpler perfumes best- it lets the notes shine without being muddled by too much going on. Definitely a cousin scent to Zorya P but richer/earthier. If you love Zorya P like I do, it's worth trying because while in the same family, I love having both and wearing both for different reasons. Sandalwood can smell like baby powder dusted cheddar goldfish crackers to me sometimes, but it's not doing that here at all. Do with that what you will. xD
  11. lilyluxe

    Antique Lace

    I have the 2017 version and have not tried the original! I would say that this smells a lot like an airier version of the candy coating on a freshly opened pack of jordan almonds. It's quite sweet and vanilla-y! I feel like it's got quite low throw, and has that tendency to go a little plasticky on the drydown like some vanillas are apt to do. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Posset's Silver Vanilla, which also did this plasticky undertone thing fro me and is definitely in the same family. I wish there were a bit more of that cotton note, but I think Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains might be the superior vanilla AND fabric-y scent. Very soft and delicate, definitely evocative of lace and all that jazz. But oh my goodness, please, instead of overpaying for a bottle of this on eBay or elsewhere, just do yourself a favor and buy a bottle of Nocturne Alchemy's Moonstone. It's got a much higher throw and is a clearer, smoother vanilla than Antique Lace but is nearly IDENTICAL! Moonstone is a staple for me- I wear it all of the time, layer it with things, etc. AND, it's general catalogue over at NAVA so you don't have to worry about running out. You can even buy a giant bottle of it there. If you have a chance to grab Antique Lace at a reasonable price (Like, $35 or less) by all means, go for it, but if you find yourself loving it and lamenting how hard to find it is, just please try Moonstone. Or even Posset's Silver Vanilla if you don't have trouble with vanilla going plasticky.
  12. lilyluxe

    Traditional Sheet Ghost

    This scent reminds me a ton of Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains sans vanilla when sniffing in the bottle. It's also a bit like Apocalypse Box but less soapy/sharp. Definitely has that "fresh sheets, warm from the dryer" smell to them. Which I can dislike if it smells too soapy or detergent-y, which isn't the case here! The frankincense definitely amps up on the skin, and the marshmallow comes out to play as well. This scent really makes me think of spring cleaning- there is a little bit of a lemon wood cleaner vibe with the frankincense. I would usually HATE that, but it's very weird how as soon as I can getting a bit too much lemon, a waft of marshmallow comes right after and soothes the ol' nostrils lol. I SWEAR I am picking up a hint of saffron, or maybe even a rose/saffron combo in there, deep within the recesses of the scent, Curious if anyone else knows what I am talking about lol. If I sniff my wrist up close, it gives me a little of that 90's hairspray smell I always pick up when rose and saffron are in a blend together. I'd say this is an excellent clean scent for those like me whole hate soapy scents. It's a very refreshing but soft, cuddly scent. Frankincense is usually too screechy for me so I tend to avoid it, but I'd say it's definitely neutered by the marshmallow! xD
  13. lilyluxe

    All Souls

    2021 version! Man, I was really looking forward to this, as it has everything I love as far as notes go! I'm hoping some aging will help with it, but as it is now, it's a very powdery, almost bitter/burnt plasticky scent with a fruity baked goods undertone that makes the blend a bit sickly sweet. There is definitely smoke in there, which I think might be lending to the burnt plastic smell I am getting. When I put it on, the bitter/acrid notes really take over and the sweetness amps up. I had to scrub it off. 😭 I hope that letting it age for a while will tone down some of the icky aspects, because I do really like the good parts I am smelling in the form of the smoke and baked goods. Maybe it just needs to tone down a bit.
  14. lilyluxe

    Dead Leaves, Honeycomb, and Vanilla Butter

    I was really looking forward to this one because the notes sounded divine! Unfortunately, I would have to say that this almost reads as a dead leaves single note. Which, luckily for me I don't have any other FSes with the lab's dead leaves note so I am happy to have it around, because I do like it and see myself layering it with things. I was expecting a buttery, almost gourmand vanilla and dry leaves, but honestly I can't pick up any honey or vanilla. Or perhaps, like the above poster mentioned, it does kind of smell like a shea butter lotion from somewhere like Bath and Bodyworks underlying the scent. It's definitely a bit 'perfumey' for lack of a better word. If you are expecting a gourmand, buttery scent, I think you'll probably be disappointed. Luckily I do like the perfumey, sweet dead leaves scent it is instead, though I still wish it'd been more like my expectations!
  15. lilyluxe

    Playing with Dangerous Toys

    I will start off by mentioning that I suspect the bottle I got of this wasn't kept in the greatest condition, so it might have marred the scent. First of all, I was shocked to see the oil when it dropped out (I always pop a reducer cap in before I even try a perfume) in slow motion, the oil landed on my skin, and it is BLACK! I love cocoa absolute, and know it tends to do this, but this is the darkest I have ever seen! Thick and sticky, rubbing the oil in makes my skin (I am pale) stained reddish dark brown, which unfortunately is a no-go for me as I am terrified of staining my clothes. (Also makes it look like I have a skin condition!!!) This smells heavenly as it dries down, rich brown cocoa cream tamed by earthiness. Unfortunately, the scent disappears almost immediately, leaving my wrists stained for nothin'! Like I said, maybe this is because the bottle I got isn't in the best condition for its age. I would like to try this in a scent locket, as I think it's really the only practical way to wear such a dark oil. (White shirts are a hazard with this stuff!) Gosh, I wish I could find a dupe for this that would last longer. Beautiful rich cocoa and earth.
  16. lilyluxe

    Wulric, the Wolfman (2006)

    This is a beautiful herbal cocoa with fuzzy soft animal fur- it's very true that it is a snuggly, velvety scent. Cocoa is a very polarized scent to my nostrils- I either love or hate it depending on how it is used. It's very rich and soft and not at all "tootsie roll" like, which is when cocoa notes become troublesome for me. Smells like cocoa powder paste, nothing at all cloying or artificial. Little flecks of cocoa in the oil, but NOT dark brown and stain-inducing like some cocoa containing scents can be. I will treasure the half bottle I was able to grab of this.
  17. lilyluxe


    This is a super rich and pretty patchouli- I personally do think it is rather intense. The throw is crazy! (Which I love!) Sometimes patchouli can go rubbery on my skin and that doesn't happen at all here. It's pretty simple, and I think that if you are looking for a dupe for Revenant Rhythm, this is probably the closest I have found to it. It just doesn't have that extra grassy/earthy/dusty kick from the hemp. It's a simple blend that doesn't feel one-note. I wear it all the time, and love to layer other blends over it after I have been wearing it all day and it fades down to a nice skin scent.
  18. lilyluxe

    Owl Moon

    This is a nice, soft, classic hippie patchouli. Reminds me heavily of the patchouli linen sprays my mom used to use and my dad hated. 🤣 The honey isn't stinky or animalic, just provides a sweet, creamy undertone. I think that if you like patchouli there is no way this blend could offend you. I don't reach for it as often as Silky Bat, but it does make for a lovely toned down patch while still keeping that classic earthy smell to it. It's definitely different from Zoe and the Goat, which has a smellier/muskier honey in it than this one does. I didn't like that one very much at all.
  19. lilyluxe


    In the bottle, the coffee is nice and strong mixed with the musk. Unfortunately, after wearing, very very quickly the coffee dissipates for me and leaves a musk single note behind. It actually smells almost identical to Smut to my nose, which I love but I don't need more of. I am really bummed that the coffee note fades so quickly. It even seems to do that for me if I dab it on paper and let it sit! Not sure what is happening here, but I am a bit bummed about it. I have found that the lab's darker musks (black and red specifically) can really overpower whatever else is in the blend, and it seems to be doing that for me here.
  20. lilyluxe


    This is a super thick and lush forest scent. Really deep and dark forest, we're talking about here. I think all of the notes blend really well, and the leather behaves nicely without overpowering the blend, which seems to happen a lot. The oil smells like it should be thick and brown like maple syrup. This is the kind of forest scent I love- it's rich and wonderful. Definitely a fitting scent for a forest satyr. One that probably has a lot of chest hair and knotted horns. I am sad to say that the pine amps to all hell on me and gets really sweet for some reason? It almost becomes cloying on my skin, but I am not sure where the sweetness is coming from. The scent behaves wonderfully on my husband, though, and I found myself forgetting he was wearing it and wondering "what is that lovely smell?" xD I think it's just my skin chemistry that messes with it, which is a shame, but I will just have to remind my husband to wear the dang stuff, because he loves it.
  21. lilyluxe

    Coy Mermaid with a Vulva-Shaped Head

    I don't even know why I went for this being a jasmine-despiser but I am so so glad I did! Jasmine always, without fail, smells public bathroomy to me. I don't know what it is (well, okay, I do understand the science behind indolic scents) that makes it so tough for me, but I have never had a BPAL jasmine work for me, or any other for that fact. The jasmine in this is so subtle, smooth, and silky that it doesn't do any funny business to my nostrils at all!!! Huzzah!!! This is a PERFECT spring/hot weather incense scent. Very light and airy, like incense wafting from way in the distance over a spring garden. It does kind of have that incense shop scent to it as well, reminds me a bit of visiting occult bookstores with my mom as a child. A lovely incense that isn't suffocating in hot weather like so many can be.
  22. lilyluxe

    De Vos’ Unicorn

    I am not usually a rose fan, and straight out of the bottle the smell I get primarily is a very screechy hairspray rose that scared the hell outta me! After applying it, though, WOW! The rose immediately calms the F down and the other notes fly to the forefront. I am not picking out lavender in particular from this blend, but I usually tend to like my lavender extremely herbal so I don't trust my nose to identify softer versions. It's very well-blended in any event. When sniffing close to the skin, I almost get an herbal/dry grass scent that disappears at a distance. The scent cloud this produces is airy, fluffy, pink clouds of misty marshmallow flowers. It's not foody (thank goodness, I was a little worries about the apricot) but it also isn't an aggressive floral. Very soft and light. I do tend to prefer stronger scents, but I am pretty impressed with how light this manages to be without disappearing. Very pretty scent and worth trying even if you are a rose hater like I am!
  23. lilyluxe

    The Small Brown Cat

    This definitely wasn't what I expected, but pleasant all the same! I believe the variety of cedar in this is Atlas cedarwood, which in my experience is a bit of a dirtier/muskier cousin to the regular variety. This gives the scent a definite animal-like tinge that in this context really plays interestingly with the other notes. The cedar is definitely intense upon application and takes a while to relax in the drydown. After it does settle, the cozy fur note (my favorite note from the lab) and the cardamom poke through. The sweet spiciness from the cardamom and the brown fur really smooth the blend out and make it cozy. I do wish the cedar was a bit weaker for the sake of these notes, but I do think this is a marvelous blend. Definitely gives "outdoor cat" vibes as opposed to a cuddly indoor cat.
  24. lilyluxe


    This is a really sexy, smooth blend. I think that it suits Shadow perfectly, and I totally believe he could smell like this. If it were a color, it'd be brushed steel. It's a delicate, sweet scent where the simplicity of the notes plays to its advantage. I am not a drinker and have no experience with the smell of bay rum, but this doesn't come off as alcohol smelling in general imo. The amber is the slightist bit smoky and spicy, as well as vanillic. It's very delicately spiced, and I suppose it is masculine, but my opinion is biased because I am a woman who tends to love masculine scents and can't tell the difference. It doesn't smell like Old Spice or anything, that's for sure!!
  25. lilyluxe

    Pegasus Junk

    This is just the right balance of foody and well, non-foody for me. The rice is the star of the show for me, adding a bit of a musky and grounded note for the others to dance around. Definitely slightly citrusy, but the hinoki wood and the white tea elevate the blend into creamy woodsy territory. Definitely a wonderful blend for hot weather, as it is refreshing without feeling clean or soapy.