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  1. Kefliss

    Anne Bonny

    Woody warm patchouli with a touch of smoke. The red sandalwood gives it a bright near-fruit almost-sweetness. I wouldn't call it a morpher but, like a pirate flag fluttering in the wind, the notes tend to oscillate through which is at the forefront with every stage engaging in a slightly different way.
  2. Kefliss


    Lovely rose milk with bergamot notes, it was actually a pleasant surprise since I don't usually like rose and it holds onto a cool energy for hours when most ice and chilly notes vaporize instantly on my skin. Reminds me a bit of gulab jamun, my favorite Indian dessert, made from milk solids and sweetened rose water. I don't get much carnation as a stand out note but suspect that the rose/carnation meld is why I like the rose in this blend (basically to like a rose it has to not be a rose). The honey also isn't strong and just exists as an underlaying sweetness.
  3. Kefliss

    La Mort: Mon ironie dépasse toutes les autres!

    This is a 2021 review of a 10-year aged bottle. Wet: Surprisingly this goes on 'powdery' when wet, very champaca incense forward, likely from the oppoponax/benzoin resins. There's a touch of the pomegranate but staying within that dryness so it's not a juicy fresh fruit, more of a dry, sweet fruit scented smoke. I don't love especially dry scents so luckily this fades pretty quickly. Dry: As it dries and the 'smoke' settles it gets a bit wetter (not to the degree of having any kind of watery scent) but the moisture rich petals of a rose still on the bush rise as the resins relax. The dryness/sweetness of the champaca/pomegranate fade but the essence of their scents stay to enhance the rose. I can't smell much of the anise seed, but if used with a light enough hand I've found that it acts like salt, underlining and enhancing everything without standing out much as an isolated note. There's a real depth to this scent with all the layers, they merge well and it takes some heavy sniffing to really isolate individual facets. Overall this has the energy of a really expensive Royal Someone's perfume that is handmade by pulping fresh rose petals with imported incenses and resins and kept in some kind of fancy crystal decanter. I don't usually love roses or incense but there's something incredibly classic and elegant about this one without coming across as 'old fashioned'. I imagine there's Tolkien elves that smell like this.
  4. Kefliss

    Hair Gloss?

    This may be an idiot question, but there's really no way to ask something so basic without sounding like a moron, so here it goes: "What are the hair glosses for?" There I said it. Now clearly the obvious answer is a deadpan "Your hair." but more specifically are they just for scent purposes, are they a leave-in conditioner, should they go on clean/dirty/wet hair..? I'd been ignoring them since I didn't "Get it" but I got one as a freebie from paperflower's winter decant circle and it really does smell great. So to avoid it sitting around gathering dust in my bathroom for the next few years I decided to reach out for help. How do you use your hair gloss?
  5. Kefliss


    I was worried I wouldn't like this one since I'm usually averse to dry/dusty scents, but the wine came through the strongest and was given a deeper complexity by the herbs and earth. As it dries down a deep moist floral rises to the surface. Rather than the scent of something undead, I get something dangerously overripe with life. It smells of a deadly plant that feeds on death like Little Shop of Horrors or the legends of Sakura petals turning pink due to the blood of bodies buried underneath. It's heady and addicting with a dangerous edge. Makes me feel like I'm Pamela Isley.
  6. Kefliss

    Thieves' Rosin

    Bottle/Wet: Sharp scent of the resin and some wood, made me a little wary to put it on my skin as it smelled like something that would be caustic on skin. Strong association with an assassin poisoning their weapon. 1-6ish hours: Loses the sharpness pretty much the second it touches my skin and amps to nearly pure cinnamon. 6-10ish hours: It loses that spicy heat to go full warm waxy amber/vanilla 12ish hours: Fades away to let a sigh of wood/musk through.