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    Favourite BPAL: Cottonmouth, Dorian, Dragon’s Milk, Halloween in Montreal, Hochelaga, Mat Night, Spiced Rum Buttercream Coffee, Western Diamondback, 13: April 2018 Notes I like: dragon's blood, vanilla, peach, clove, linden blossom, coffee, rum, cardamom, cinnamon, sandalwood, lavender, soft leather, honey(?), soft smoke, incense, patchouli (basically sweet, spicy, creamy!) BPAL scents that haven’t worked: Blood Kiss Miskatonic University (all dusty tomes) O (not sure if it's the amber or honey) Notes that don't work: cherry, wine, cologne, almond, aquatics, black licorice, absinthe, a lot of florals

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    I love reading, tattoos, jewelry, and I’m a geek to my core.
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  1. ShleepySnorlax


    This is the soft scent of an autumn walk in the daytime. I did have to really slather it to smell it, but it's quite nice. It's not floral enough that I wouldn't like it, and I think it's well blended so it's hard to pick out any note. Osthmanthus may be the strongest note, but since I'm not familiar with it, I wouldn't know.
  2. ShleepySnorlax

    Recs for my next order- sweet and spiced?

    Bastet - amber, Egyptian musk, saffron, myrrh, almond, cardamom, golden lotus Luke 10:25-37 - golden amber, saffron, white sandalwood, clove (LOVE. It's my favourite from this list (& maybe all my scents). The golden amber & white sandalwood create this lovely warm sweet base for the spice of mostly saffron on me & clove. I don't know if I just lucked out with skin chemistry but it's stunning on me). Jack - warm jack’o’lanterns, nutmeg, glowing peach, murky clove Spiced Rum Buttercream Coffee - coffee, rum, allspice, nutmeg, clove, star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, buttercream (after about a week this scent settled into this beautiful blend where it's hard to pick out any one note but its smooth creamy slightly spicy sweetness. Mmm. I don't drink coffee but I'm very happy smelling it. Dragon's Milk - dragon’s blood resin, honeyed vanilla. Dragon's Milk was my introduction to dragons blood resin, & on me it's the unique spicy scent that really is indescribable. With the honeyed vanilla it's this amazing sweet spicy blend on me.
  3. ShleepySnorlax

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Ooh that's so interesting. I wouldn't have thought to go in that direction, but it makes sense, especially thinking of her flying through night air. I can't do blends with florals as the main components though (just put the tiniest bit of snow white on & it's all headache inducing night blooming flowers on me). My Halloween: Montreal might be perfect. Candy, leaves, cold earth, smashed pumpkins - sharp & clear in the frosty air. I'm still open to thoughts & suggestions though!
  4. ShleepySnorlax

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Does anyone have recommendations for what Mavis, the cute cartoon vampire from Hotel Transylvania movies, would wear? I'm going to be her for Halloween <3
  5. ShleepySnorlax

    Roof Goblins

    This is like smooth, sweet, organic apple juice served from a glass container. It smells this way both in a scent locket & my skin. I agree that the milk keeps it from having sharp edges, instead this is a very smooth scent. On my skin, this doesn't last very long. Maybe half an hour & then it's very faint. I look forward to wearing this on crisp fall days, planting unconscious wants to visit apple orchards in all who pass.
  6. ShleepySnorlax

    The Misty Marshmallow Sugarbunnies of Niflhel

    When I first tried this on, it was like !!SUGAR!! and I got references to sugary cereal. Now that the bottle has rested for a bit, on my skin it's sweet pink sugar that covers peeps, but not as strong, with hints of marshmallow. In my scent locket, I get way more marshmallow. Sweet, pink, maybe slightly fruity, with sprinkles of sugar, marshmallow. Such a happy scent!
  7. ShleepySnorlax


    When Lilith was three months old, she came with me to the voting booth for the first time. She wore a Little Democrat onesie and a Babies For Obama button, and it was one of the most emotional nights of my life. I know Ive told this story before, but as the election results rolled in, I wept with relief because Lilith was going to grow up safe. Decency won the day, and my heart was alight with the belief that we were on an upwards trajectory as a nation, and that compassion and hope were leading us to a renewal. November 8, 2016 was another emotional night for very, very different reasons. Since that day, the world has gotten darker, but the darkness creates strength and fosters empathy. Lilith is now learning what social justice truly means. She has participated in protests, demonstrations, volunteer campaigns, and walk-outs. She has made protest signs with her own two hands, and has marched against the cruelty, oppression, and tyranny of this current administration. Shes beginning to grasp both civic responsibility and civil disobedience, and shes learning how much power her voice really has. 

This is a scent of renewing hope, determination, fortitude, and compassion: palo santo, white sandalwood, sweet labdanum, and cedar. On me, Suffragium is this lovely spicy (the palo santo?), slightly sweetly resinous, woody incense. There isn't a lot of change between wet and dry down on me. Very airy if that makes sense. It has quite good throw, and lasts well on me. Later, as it fades, the scent lightens but maintains the same scent, becoming more skin like.
  8. ShleepySnorlax

    Hooligan Witches

    On my skin, this immediately goes to plastic. This may be due to time of month, or maybe it will age out of it. For now I'll stick to putting it in my scent locket! In my scent locket: the most gorgeous, buttery, flakey pastry pumpkin scent. Delicious. I wish I could eat it, but I'll settle for wearing it around my neck <3
  9. ShleepySnorlax

    Mad Kate

    I’m not very familiar with the majority of these notes, so I’m not sure how helpful my review will be. I don’t smell thyme, red currant, or vanilla (which are the notes I bought this scent for). On my wrists I get a sweeter honeyed floral. On my inner elbows, it’s more of a waxy floral. The vanilla may be hiding under the sweetness of the honey. Florals in general are an uncertainty, that I tend to prefer as a minor component if at all, so this is a nice surprise. Overall, lovely.
  10. ShleepySnorlax

    The Mountebank

    I applied the Mountebank to my inner elbows, throat hollow, & scent locker this morning around 6:30. I could still smell it on my inner elbows late morning, but I'm not sure when it faded after that, but it was at least 5 hours. The scent is similar in my skin as it it to the locket, with maybe a smidge less lavender. Lavender is the dominant note, partially because it's the one my brain most easily recognizes. I think that the thieves rosin matches, and I get a defined leather with a hint of balsam. I don't detect the sandalwood, but maybe it's part of why this scent is so smooth. As someone with a preference for fall/winter leaning scents, I'm so happy that this one stands up beautifully during this awful muggy summer weather. I can see myself wearing this a lot in spring and summer especially.
  11. Ooh fun! My votes are for Dragon's Milk and Tombstone. Dragon's Milk was the second scent I ever smelled and instantly bought a bottle because it's just SO GOOD. If you're curious, the first imp to bottle purchase was Jack! Dragon's Milk is dragon's blood resin with honeyed vanilla. The honeyed vanilla makes us sweet but not sugary, and the dragons blood resin gives it a cherry like smell. Mmm. Tombstone showcases BPALs creation of unique and beautiful scents. The notes are vanilla, balsam, and sassafras layered over Virgina cedar. This is a warm fresh blend, very cuddly. Sassafras is a rootbeer like scent and while I don't want to smell like rootbeer, I do want to smell like this. This blend is absolute magic. Edit: I completely agree you should try Snake Oil, but it's fairly likely to be a frimp (free imp) in your first order if you don't purchase it.
  12. ShleepySnorlax

    Middle Eastern/Indian edible scent

    If anyone's still interested in this topic, Luke 10:25-37 is all gorgeous amber and saffron on me. It's quite delectable. Not curry but it does have that warm almost foodie savoury vibe.
  13. ShleepySnorlax

    Luke 10:25-37

    This scent is so comforting and cuddly. On me, the amber is the main player, and it feels like the sandalwood has been wrapped around it giving a light hand. The saffron is more prominant to my nose than the clove, but the clove may be hiding underneath giving a bit of a spiced twist. This may be the first scent I buy a back up bottle of, because I'd be so sad to run out of this. I think it works well for all seasons (even summer!), which is a winner for this fall/winter scent lover.
  14. ShleepySnorlax

    Western Diamondback

    To my nose, on me - sage from the garden, sweetened by snake oil and tonka, with soft warm white leather. I can't detect sandalwood, but it may be giving the snake oil some extra smoothness. This is unisex, I think it could be wonderful on anyone, skin chemistry permitting. It reminds me of what Claire (snake oil), Owen (leather, sage, tonka, sandalwood), and Blue (leather) might smell like if they weren't running through a muddy jungle in Jurassic World. Very comforting and alluring.
  15. ShleepySnorlax

    Psalm 82:2-4

    This has become a go-to work scent for me (scent sensitive office). On me I get a slightly sweet scent - the benzoin? Slightly cologne-y, like Whitechapel. I think it's the crystalline musk (vs Whitechapel's white musk). By cologne-y I mean that it's very smooth, light, clean skin scent. Not soapy, just reeeeally nice. (I hate commercial cologne & this is not that). I get dry vanilla, which I don't think it adds to the sweetness because it's the husk. On my wrist it lasts about 4 hours which isn't bad (for me). In my scent locket it lasts all day (+), with a single touch of wand to felt pad. Overall it's such a lovely scent and I'm very happy to have purchased it. This is going to see a lot of wear, and I don't really see any seasons being off limits. I could see it being especially comforting during the colder months, but it also worked today while it was very humid and hot!