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  1. Threemoons

    Pumpkin Rum Cake

    Does what it says on the tin! Getting a very boozy, cakey sweet thing!
  2. Threemoons

    October 32

    This one is a total morpher on me. In the bottle: A very sharp blast of the Lab's Dead Leaves note. On, wet: A nose-tickly wool scent shows up behind the dead leaves, along with a hint of amber. Drydown: After several hours I kept smelling something sweet, and I realized it was the cream note mixed with the amber on my skin. Interesting one! Starts out almost harsh but dries down to a very mellow thing.
  3. Threemoons

    Bobbing for Ball Gags

    I had to get this one based on the description. In the bottle: LOTS of apples with a bit of honey and an undertone of leather. On, wet: Apples. Lots and lots of apples, with a thin layer of amber and honey floating on top. Drydown: The leather FINALLY shows up, but it's a very light, dry black leather and not my favorite pervy new black leather jacket leather, and of course, it's also blended with....apples. This starts out a very "wet juicy" scent but dries down to a powdery veil on the skin. May need to layer this one with BRD or similar.
  4. Threemoons


    Continuing on with the Ginormous Yard Skeleton...in the bottle: Violets and the salty "tear" note. On, wet: The florals open up more and I get a tiny peek of sandalwood, along with a hint of pumpkin pulp. Drydown: An ALMOST marine salty dry sandalwood with a bit of lavender and the occasional poof of violet.. Low throw, medium wear length.
  5. Threemoons


    This one is a morpher I got all 4 of the components for the Ginormous Lawn Skeleton, trying them top to bottom. In the bottle: Uh, oh, sour plastic note with a burnt note. Might just be bottle tight (note--wore this 2 days in a row and yes, it loosened up a bit on the second day in the bottle). On, wet: The caraway really opens up nicely -- it's a note that I don't see a lot of in the Lab's work and I think it's really underrated. I love the bitter, resinous, almost licorice caraway in this and in IRL -- reminds me of caraway seed rye bread from my childhood. There's also a bit of charred wood in the background -- not quite sandalwood but generic charred wood left from a campfire -- blackened but cold, not hot. The cardamom is hardly there; I'm getting it more not as crushed cardamom seeds or pods but the papery green covering on the pods. Drydown: After a few hours, this settles into a really light, dry veil on the skin. The caraway note stays the star player the whole time on me, even after sleeping in it overnight. It mellows down though from its initial resinous pungent self to a dry almost dusty herbal thing. Really nice; can't wait to layer this with some other things and try the rest of the Skeleton....
  6. Threemoons

    An Enchanted Cellar with Animals

    This sounded intriguing so I had to get it. In the bottle: Tingly and spicy, almost like ginger ale, with a hint of frankincense. On, wet: More spice, herbs, and maybe dry and damp straw. Still really reads as a spice blend on me--not entirely sure what red sage is but I guess this is it! Also still the uncanny read of....ginger ale. Drydown: After a few hours and re-application after an overnight wear, get a touch of dankness that is almost like wet feathers or wet clean dog fur, but...yeah...warm spices and ginger ale. Low throw, long wear. This could be a Yules given the spiciness. Really not getting any of the advertised clay and wet stone, to the point where I double checked the bottle art (name is very hard to read on the bottle -- tiny white letters on a pale background = not great). But yes, I am reviewing the correct scent! I like it, but it is A) not what I expected and B ) really reads completely different on me than in the description! EDIT: After hours of wear, FINALLY getting some wet stone notes along with straw, fur, and feathers. Took a VERY long time to develop though!
  7. Threemoons

    Green Cardamom, Irish Fern, and Hinoki

    Wanted a bit of a break from Weenie Heaviness, but wanted something green but not too light, so reached for this. In the bottle: A total blast of all 3 notes, green and fresh and mashed up. On, wet: The cardamom opens up immediately on the skin, followed by gorgeous crushed fern with a bit of wood in the background. Drydown: Alas, this dries down and fades quickly on me, which is too bad because I love it. After a few hours it's lovely crushed cardamom pods mostly with a hit of green hinoki in the background. Glad I got this one.
  8. Threemoons

    Haunt 2021

    I was a little nervous about this one because I am not the hugest fan of the Dead Leaves note. However, since it had Snake Oil listed, I tried it. VERY good call. In the bottle: Sharp Dead Leaves dominates, with a hint of Dorian. On, wet: The Snake Oil and amber notes jump ahead, along with a wisp of lavender smoke. Drydown: The dead leaf note settles way into the background, leaving a really gorgeous mix of Snake Oil, amber, and a touch of lavender.
  9. Threemoons

    Autumn Oudh Hair Gloss

    This is a gorgeous woodsy oudh, that is more on the "foresty" side than the "oudh" side. Amazing on its own or for layering with pretty much any Weenie. Glad I got this one.
  10. Threemoons

    Pomegranate Oud

    I always get worried RE oud, as it goes either total sexytime or cat box on me, no in-between. Luckily this one is behaving itself and is actually quite lovely! In the bottle: Juicy pom with a woody, oudhy thing in the background. On, wet: Pom bursts forward in all its fresh juicy sweetness Gradually dries down to a really soft, fruity, woodsy oud without even the slightest bit of funk or skunk. It loses some of the pom/sweet note as it dries down but the final item is dry pom rind and wood. Really liking it.
  11. Threemoons

    Every Day is Halloween

    Of course, I broke this one out on Halloween proper (2022). In the bottle: Pumpkin Spice BLAST with some fresh pumpkin and cooked pumpkin. On, wet: Warms up fast on the skin, with an initial blast of cinnamon and cloves. The cinnamon comes in VERY hot. Drydown Takes a while, settles down to a classic pumpkin spice and pumpkin with the merest touch of sandalwood incense on me. LONG drydown/development. Medium throw but long wear time.
  12. Threemoons

    Bobbing for Smut

    I love all things Smut so had to get this one. In the bottle: A sort of candy-apple blast; the kind with the red hard crunchy coating. A pop of fresh apple, as in really fresh apple from an orchard, cut up, along with a background pop of something alcoholic, like sweet apple brandy. As it warms up on the skin, the sugary notes start to come out, which is really nice. Then, surprisingly, a sort of pink floral note steps up -- apple blossom? Drydown -- long, slow development on me on this one; after a day and a night of wearing I'm left with a sort of almost powdery floral skin musk with just a hint of sweetness and faint notes of original Smut in the far background, which is super weird because normally plain Smut on me stays strong and SMUTTY and boozy until I shower it off. Not this one! This one is great on its own but I could see it being a lot of fun to layer with other Weenies.
  13. Threemoons

    Peach-Kissed Daddy by Effy

    Wow, second day in a row wearing this and SO MUCH going on. Hard to describe, other than...maybe....unisex peach cologne? Peaches with a masculine twist? Nose-tingly peach fuzz, bay leaf, and fougere are definitely the stars here. Long wear, medium throw.
  14. Threemoons


    Wow, this is another one that I can't believe didn't make it out as a regular release! I had no idea what to expect as there were no notes listed in the description. So, here we go In the bottle: Light and bracing -- getting lots of lemon verbena and maybe some kind of sharp resin -- maybe a touch of myrrh or the tiniest touch of camphor? On, wet: Really, really pretty lemon verbena and maybe lime leaf or lemon leaf? Some kind of almost honeylike resinous sweetness coming up from behind, but only very faint -- orange blossom water? Also maybe the tiniest teeniest bit of some kind of evergreen resin (if it's an ancient Egyptian thing I am thinking maybe cedar oil)? There's definitely a sharp non-citrus oil in the background there somewhere, as in when I pull my shirt over my nose and inhale it clears my sinuses a bit, but in a GOOD way. It's truly a unisex scent for the citrus/verbena crew out there. During drydown, something cedarwood-like slowly started to make itself known a bit more. Also, a slight....spiciness?? creeping up? ALMOST like fresh cut very young ginger root, but not overwhelming? As it dries down, definitely getting something in the camphor family, but again, very faintly. Full drydown is a resinous lemon verbena with some other resin (I'm gonna stick with camphor) and the faintest touch of dry evergreen wood (gonna stick with cedar). REALLY fresh, verbena-forward. Very glad I got this one.
  15. Threemoons

    Strawberry Sandalwood

    I can't believe this wasn't formally released as a Duet; it's so nice It's also a must-have if you are into the Lab's strawberry note. In the bottle: Fresh-cut, ripe strawberries with a tiny hint of something else in the background -- strawberries on a wooden cutting board? On, wet: A further explosion of fresh, very ripe strawberries. Drydown: After a few hours, this dries down to something like a slightly sweet, powdery skin musk with notes of fresh and dried strawberry, not really getting sandalwood as a distinct note -- it's morphed into something completely different.