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  1. lucy

    Black Phoenix

    Wow marzipan in the imp wet on skin- just almonds...yummy lovely marzipan on my wrist dry down - bleh! this has turned to pure powder on my wrist. so dissapointing
  2. lucy


    This is gorgeous...I love snake oil and this is very similar...I get a hint of ginger on dry down yet no orange blossom at all and i do get a hint of vanilla in this. Lovely, sexy and foxy! However I have got a fake tan type stain on my wrist now where i put the scent..has anyone else had this problem?
  3. lucy


    hmm the amber has always put me off trying this..however I was recently given a frimp of this and WOW! its really lovely, though I do not get the post-sex smell some people have had?? Sex certainly doesn't smell of honey to me? perhaps i'm doing it wrong? anyhow back to O... fresh in the imp - i get honey, honey, honey wet on the skin - the honey is still in your face. very much like Lush B never/ flying fox shower gel..almost playdoh but not quite dry - the vanilla shows its face, with a slight powdery amber in the back ground and still lots of honey. Amber usually amps on me, however though i get some powder it never takes over and covers me in old lady talcness. I think a bottle may be on my next order Snake oil and King Cobra are my favourite Bpal scents at the moment...to my nose O is their sweet and a tiny bit naughty little sister...love it!
  4. lucy

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    Hiya the customs charge slip will probably be ofr a different package as they dont usually release them till you have paid the cutsoms charges. Unfortunately if your parcel gets stopped by cutoms they will charge customs tax. No reason just that you should pay customs tax on imports! A bit like spot checks at the airport really...very occasionally you might get a parcel stopped and checked... I've found that usually bigger parcels get stopped unfortunately. That may be your missing parcel? I too am awaiting a CnS for an order and no replies from emails i have sent either hope this hepls Lucy x
  5. lucy

    Bien Loin D'Ici

    The Scarlet Woman, aglow with sensual indolence: red musk, benzoin, caramel accord, golden honey, and spiced Moroccan unguents. in imp - hmm floral? no caramel or honey.. wet on skin - same floral/slightly spicy no honey/caramel notes.. good so far as they usually amp on me dry down - hmm spicy/floral/powder like someone is burning incense while putting on old fashioned perfumey talc...still no caramel or honey notes detected...very strange they usually jump out and punch me on the nose! hmmm not sure on this one maybe leave it a while and try again
  6. lucy

    How to make a paypal order.

    What i did with my last order was start it in the suibject/title then carry it on in the comments box. I fit my order of 2 imp packs and 8 bottles in and it all got here ok not sure it would work on a humungous order though?
  7. lucy

    Black Lily

    wet - very green sharp lily scent. reminds me of synthetic airfreshner lily smell. dry down- much the same. still very sharp green scent on my skin. not for me :-(
  8. lucy


    dry woody, musty scent . in the imp it smells a bit like a wet old ashtray..yuk. on skin its better, still woodsy but sweeter more resinous. Darn it its gone all pencil shavings on me now. not for me..off to swaps
  9. lucy


    hmm reading the reviews i expected something really sexy and gorgeous here. but i got a horrible sharp, medical, cheap perfumey type scent in the imp. same wet on my skin. it then turned to horrible sharp powder. not very sexy on me. :-(
  10. lucy

    Psychological Horror

    Hmm yes it was a curried scent for me too maybe it doesn't travel well??
  11. lucy

    Horreur Sympathique

    Blerrr! vinegar and honey in the imp...vinegar and honey on my skin. sweet and sour..totally horrendous scent on my skin. I couldn't wash it off quick enough. me thinks honey does not work for me at all! and wine is for drinking only!!
  12. lucy


    in the imp.I am loving this. to me its spring in a bottle, daffodils, cowslips, snowdrops, beautiful wet- same beautiful spring yellow scent gorgeous.. i so so love this scent dry- and then it was gone...like a sweet holiday romance; beautiful but no staying power. am soo sad i really wanted this to be my perfect signature scent!
  13. lucy

    The Unicorn

    Gorrrrrjuss!! light feminine fresh greeny floral and def not powdery and old ladyish on me. smells like my best friend used to smell like when she used the old oil of ulay...really pretty and fresh. definitely be getting a bottle of this one
  14. lucy


    in the bottle- sweet sticky honeyed tobacco with spice and a touch of rose wet on skin - sweet honey, tobacco, spicy woodsy. after a while rose dry on skin - bleh! sickly sweet old ladies soap, spiced rose, yukky soapy, powdery, headache inducing horribleness. Very Very strong smell seems to get stronger and more powdery and more old ladyish. This is giving me a headache and cries of 'who's sprayed fly spray' come from the kids and hubby in the front room!!! definately a no no for my skin!!!! after scrubbing i can still smell it on my skin...blehhh!!
  15. lucy

    How to make a paypal order.

    Oooh!! right! Thank you for clearing that up for me, so I should get mine around end of may time. its my first order as you can tell, so i was getting a bit worried. thanks Lucy