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  1. shamrocked

    A View of Cascading Cherry Blossoms

    I love this one. Japanese Cherry Blossom is one of my favourite scents ever and the strawberry and white musk complement it beautifully. The strawberry is much stronger in the bottle and when wet, but after it dries it evens out. Medium throw and wear-length for me, but re-application is no problem and the smell is seriously so delightful. Thrilled with this!
  2. shamrocked

    Aristocratic Prostitutes in Languid Repose

    I love this so much. I blind-bought a bottle because I love smoke notes and I was NOT disappointed. This one is full-bodied, smoky, and on me I can smell the slight florals but not so much the plum. It has excellent throw and I've been wearing it all day and I can still smell it. It hasn't faded too much at all. SO glad I took a chance on this one.
  3. shamrocked

    Seven Word Story: Wrath

    I received a bottle of this today and I LOVE it. I am not one who is great at detecting various scent notes, but I love this in the bottle, wet on the skin, and in the dry down. I does change with each incarnation, but I find each stage equally pleasing and I am THRILLED I nabbed a full bottle on the offchance I liked it. Awesome blind buying! It is bitter and dark and slightly acidic and I would like to smell like this every day!
  4. shamrocked


    My new favourite! I was frimped this in a recent purchase from another member, and I need a bottle of it STAT. I love the mixture of the black opium and the honeysuckle. This is perfect, has great throw, and didn't fade all day long. Will be getting a 5ml with my next lab purchase (yay Weenies!)
  5. shamrocked

    Montes Harbinger

    I am wearing this scent now and I LOVE it. It's been a few hours though and mostly what I can smell is honey with the tiniest hint of rose. Which isn't a problem for me at all, honey is one of my favourite scents. The rest of the others faded fast for me though. Really pleased I have a bottle of this scent!
  6. shamrocked

    Water Phoenix

    I LOVE this scent! It doesn't have much of a throw for me in the bottle, but it's a gorgeous scent. So aquatic and cool!
  7. shamrocked


    Bewitched is my favourite BPAL scent ever. It lasts for ages, as I can smell it on my skin all day long. And it doesn't try to nothingness. I love how light and sweet it is, with that little underlay of tea. I am so glad I upgraded from my tiny (and beloved) imp to a full bottle last month!