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  1. DifferentDances

    Sleeping Nymph and Satyrs

    Decant! Imp: Oh! Surprisingly mellow. Sandalwood and balsam, a touch of vanilla creaminess. Wet: Sharper, more bitter woods. Slight floral tint, but mainly balanced by the vanilla. Drydown: Blending back together - this is such a richly layered but light and frothy scent. Not terribly strong, sadly, because I think I'd love to smell like this. Dry: So very faint, but so very delicious. Slight piney edge is tickling my allergies, though. My rating: 3/5 Wish it were stronger...
  2. DifferentDances


    Decant! Imp: Jonquil with a hint of the green musk. Wet: Woohee heavy jonquil waft. Slight green smell of cut plants. Drydown: Slightly powdery jonquil. Apparently I totally amp this scent. :/ Shame I don't particularly like it much. Dry: Faint, powdery jonquil. My rating: 1/5 SO not for me.
  3. DifferentDances


    Decant! Imp: Plums and narcissus - very 'purple' smell. Yum! Wet: Jonquil adding a liquid floral note, complex floral blend. Less purple. Drydown: Soap with a candied throw. Boo. Dry: Very, very faint purple soap. My rating: 1/5
  4. DifferentDances


    Decant! Imp: White musk and tangerine. Wet: The musk dies down as the black currant jumps up in tartness. Delicious. Drydown: Bah. It's mostly white musk and I suppose the tagetes, whatever that is. Powdery. Dry: White musk. BOOO. I loved the wet scent! My rating: 2/5
  5. DifferentDances

    Dancing Koi

    Decant! Imp: Warm leather and wood. Wet: Warm leather and wood and a touch of something else... Drydown: A perfumed rubber eraser, slight leather. Dry: Plastic leather. My rating: 2/5 Not my thing...
  6. DifferentDances

    Standing Female Nude

    Decant! Imp: Bright, citrusy blend. Hint of rose. Wet: Orange and rose, hint of amber warmth. Drydown: Orangy rose, slight warm waft. Very faint, a touch a plastic to the edges. Dry: Slightly fruity rose. Reminiscent of Persephone. My rating: 4/5 Light, lovely scent...but I already have Persephone and don't really need this.
  7. DifferentDances

    Copulating Mice

    Decant! Imp: Foody pecan, astringent lavender. Wet: Whoa - soapy herbs duking it out with a hint of sweetness and the nutty scents. Chaos! Drydown: Mildly sweet hazelnut with aftershave overtone. Dry: Vaguely warm nuts. Very faint. My rating: 2/5
  8. DifferentDances


    Decant! Imp: Soured fig, overtones of paint fumes. Wet: Nowhere near as strong. Slight tart fig, mild carnation, an airy pass of tea. Drydown: Fig newtons? Dry: Perfumey figs. Meh. My rating: 3/5 Not bad, not great. Not for me.
  9. DifferentDances

    Couple Engaged in Lovemaking

    Decant! Imp: Cakey grains with an overtone of soured (rice?) wine. Oh, please don't be terribly foody. Wet: Sour cakey smell, the same sort of doughy cake I get with all of BPAL's foody scents. Lemongrass is making a valiant effort to amp over the cake. Drydown: Lemon-sour stale wheat bread/cake. Powerful throw of grossness - slight hint of sweat. EW. In this instance, I'm really rooting for the fact that my skin tends to amp lemon scents. PLEASE TURN THIS TO PLEDGE!!!! Dry: Sour stale wheatbread/cake. Slight fermenting sweetness. My rating: 1/5
  10. DifferentDances

    Male Nude, Arms Upstretched

    Decant! Imp: Dark, herby musk, a hint of something airy and clean. (The linen?) Wet: Wow, this is a dark colored oil. The herbal quality gives way to a sweeter, airier scent. Reminiscent of the back corners of herb shobs. Drydown: Oh mmmmm......sexy, slightly sweet musk. Slight acrid quality to it, but damn if I don't want to cuddle up with someone who's wearing this. Dry: Muskier, but still sweet and sexy. Mmmm... My rating: 4/5 Would I purchase this? Eeeeh. I love the way this smells, but I'd never wear it. This is what I would want a guy to wear for a snuggle session.
  11. DifferentDances


    Decant! Imp: A very light, faint sweetness. No hint of mint or chill. Wet: Airy sweetness. Slight minty edge. Not a whole lot of sillage. Drydown: Oh, pooh. It's becoming a very generic perfumey sweet scent that only appears when close to the skin. Dry: Faint powder. Reminds me of Snow Bunny. My rating: 2/5 Not terrible, but not really strong enough or 'me' enough to buy a bottle of.
  12. DifferentDances


    Decant! Imp: Delicate pine-dusted pumpkin pie. Wet: Light layer of the crisp winter air. Hints of the amber warmth and something very sweet and fruity. Drydown: Hmmm..Strangely sour pine/salt. Reminds me of cocoa butter with salt chunks. Dry: Up close it's a very warm, vaguely Christmas-y scent (vague in a good way!). But it's got zero throw on me. My rating: 3/5 It's so pretty, and generic in a way I actually like (very well blended is how I think of it), but there's NO throw. No waft. My skin sucks it all up.
  13. DifferentDances

    The Second of the Three Spirits

    Decant! Imp: Ugh. Chestnut cake - very thick, heavy cake. I'm a little scared since foody scents rarely go well on my skin and usually turn to grossness. Wet: There's that sweet lovely scent of holly and pine trying to duke it out with the heavy cake smell. Oof, they're not playing well together... Massively strange waft. Drydown: The waft continues to weirden. It's foody cakey up close, but with a pine halo. Skin-level, there's nothing but cake with a weird medicinal edge. All very faint, though. Dry: Very, very faint piney cake. My rating: 1/5 I really need to stop hoping that foody scents will magically be delicious on me.
  14. DifferentDances

    Herr Drosselmeyer

    Decant! Imp: Leather and linen! Fun combo... Wet: The smoke sneaks up and blends with the sweet leather. Drydown: Hmmm...the sweet leather is interesting. I like it, but I'm not sure I'd ever wear it. Let's see what else happens in the stages of this blend's drying process. Dry: Sweet leather. My rating: 4/5 Argh. I can't decide if I'll get a bottle before it goes away...Not really a blend I can ever imagine reaching for, but it's so damn pretty. I bet it'd layer nicely with some other blends...
  15. DifferentDances

    Jacob's Ladder

    Decant! Imp: Delicious amber and benzoin(?) Wet: The intensity drops in half. Still delicious, but lacking the warmth that I've come to associate with amber. Drydown: The warmth of the amber blends up, with a delicious creamy note - not sure what this is since I don't know what costus, galbanum, rockrose or galbanum smell like. I like this, but I'm not sure this is 'me.' Dry: Light and creamy warmth. My rating: 3/5 This is lovely, but I won't be getting a bottle as I don't think I'd ever reach for it.