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  1. Missa_Moth

    Razors in a Doll's House Hair Gloss

    I don’t know why I waited so long to try this! This is sweet pink roses, a bit of boozy cognac, and the slightly dusty old lace scent I get from Antique Lace (minus the amped foody vanilla), but it also has this slightly sinister dark edge behind the pink sweetness that I can’t identify that’s really evocative of dangerous dolly. I generally wear HG as body sprays as well and I need like more bottles of this to hoard now!
  2. Missa_Moth


    Wet: Herbal, soft lavender like in The Serpentine. Dry: Lavender is softer now, with a hint of coconut, and sweet vanilla is rising from the background. Later Dry Down: A hint of soft lavender, and sweet vanilla. Cozy and perfect!
  3. Missa_Moth


    Sweet, white floral with a touch of honey when it goes on my skin. Then as it dries my skin starts eating it, and I have to put my nose right up to where I applied it on my wrist to get the faintest whiff. I've never had my skin eat a scent like this before. And up very close it smells vaguely powdery. I slathered pretty well too. Hmm...ok I guess I'll frimp this frimp.
  4. Missa_Moth

    Antique Lace

    Antique Lace 2017: I've never smelled the original AL, but I'm so glad I was able to purchase the resurrected version! It starts out a strong sweet non-foody vanilla in bottle and on skin, and as it dries I get scent of a dried crumbling bouquet of flowers with little puffs of baby's breath. Later on the dry down the vanilla wafts around me like a cloud and up close I can smell the delicate scent I get when I open the hat box that holds my vintage and antique corset collection. Definitely soft floaty vanilla and aged linen. I love love love this scent and am glad I took the chance and bought backups. My mom and my hubby have also complimented me when wearing it as well.
  5. Missa_Moth


    I agree with Teamama above; Faith wears much better with Hope. I love roses, but hadn't really tried any violet scents until Faith. Although violets smell lovely, they don't really wow me on their own, but combined with the roses, the combination becomes really beautiful and I end up loving the twins together! They will definitely always be combined for me
  6. Missa_Moth

    The Witches

    Soft punpkin pie a la mode with a honey drizzle, much less in your face than Pumpkin Sugar, which is far too "I doused myself in pumpkin spices and ate pumpkin spice everything." This is actually a wearable pumpkin scent for me.
  7. Missa_Moth

    Vanilla Orchid

    Light, clean, airy white orchid perfume. I agree that it's definitely a floral with some vanilla sweetness, but not a gourmand. Not soapy or overpowering, very pretty! Vanilla comes out in later dry down stages, but remains a floral vanilla.
  8. Missa_Moth

    Flickering Lantern

    This definitely smells purple; like candlelight, dark roses, and subtle pipe tobacco wafting in the background. This is the witchy scent I've been searching for, when all the others I tried overpowered me with too much red musk or incense. This is subtle, sweet, dark, and very much me. I'm going to need multiple bottles.
  9. Missa_Moth

    Lick It With Consent (2016)

    Cool, sweet mint, like peppermint bark! No burn on my hand, and I have pretty sensitive skin. I suffer from chronic migraines and read that peppermint can help with migraine pain and ease nausea. This smells very soothing to me, I think I'm going to need a bottle.
  10. Missa_Moth

    Snow White

    2016 Creamy, sweet, coconut snow! Love it! But alas it does the snow note thing that Pink Snowballs does, in 20 min it becomes dusty plastic with a coconut undertone. I think this is going to be a scent locket scent for me.
  11. Missa_Moth

    The First Rose

    Pale pink rose, nice, but like rose water. I find I prefer my pink rose with more notes to give it depth like Allegory of Chasity.
  12. Missa_Moth

    Rose Red

    2016 I love this! Like a full fresh cut red rose! The green aspect adds depth to the rose. Definitely a full bottle for me!
  13. Missa_Moth


    I'm somewhat new to BPAL, I had a couple bottles years ago, but never got into having a variety of perfumes until this year. Since I am a huge fan of The Serpentine, I had to try Dorian. Again, it's instant love! Dorian smells just as cozy like musky soft citrus vanilla black tea. My skin amps the sugary vanilla tea aspect, and I just love it! It's more unisex than The Serpentine. I love it and hop it's in the GC for years to come.
  14. Missa_Moth

    The Serpentine

    I haven't smelled Dorian yet, but this is so lovely! Sweet, snuggly, lavender bliss! This makes me feel so happy and calm which is good for my almost daily anxiety attacks. I only just received my decant today, and I just went and bought a full sized bottle! I love this so much, I'm going to need a backup bottle (or two!)
  15. Missa_Moth

    Vampire Night at the Movies

    Decant fresh from the mail: Bottle: Yummy salty, buttery popcorn! Wet: Buttery popcorn with red sweet syrup drizzled on top. Dry down: The sweet red syrup scent is moving to the forefront, with buttery popcorn moving to the background. Dry: The red syrup and clove is starting to amp on me now, but I still get hints of the popcorn. This smells so interesting! I'm not sure I need a whole bottle of it tho.