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    Crimson, La Befana, Pere Noel, The White Rabbit, Kabuki, Lurid, Veil, Vixen, Absinthe, Scales of Deprivation, Gnome, All Souls, Robin Goodfellow

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  1. Laura S. Taylor

    The Seesaw

    At first, it was all sweet artificial strawberry then it was I'M A CIGARETTE SMOKER WEARING SWEET STRAWBERRY PERFUME and it was making me nauseous THEN the stale cigarette smell faded and now it smells like strawberry incense, which reminds me of a Tinkerbell lipgloss I had as a child. I like it, more for the nostalgia than anything.
  2. Laura S. Taylor

    SW 2016!

    Do you like colouring? no, I'm more of a sketcher Can you list your wishlists please? down below! I sent my etsy one with the questionnaire If you like Lush, are there any UK-only things you're desperate to get? I'm not that familiar with lush, I'd love anything! Crochet goodies yes or no? If yes, what kind of goodies? hmmm, idk if this is knitting or crocheting but I have been wanting one of those jumbo yarn scarves. that's about it though Do you have any allergies to animals/smoke/food etc? nope! just sensitive to gluten, not allergic Nail Polish! Do you have a specific brand you like? Do you like/want to try Indie brands? What colors of nail polish do you wear? no please! I used to hoard it and now have tons I never use. do you use BPTP products? If so, which do you like, not like, want to try? And if not, are you interested in trying some, and which ones (scents or item types or both) most appeal? Yes! I have enough HG, but I would love some bath oil and atmos! For the bath oil anything rich like snake oil or RR (which I don't have) and pretty much anything for atmos (I don't have any)! Nail Wraps?? Actually I would love to try some out Teas/Spices/Spice Rubs/Specialty Ingredients from a local tea & spice shop? Yes! I'm open to anything! nothing spicy though In Regards to loose/bagged tea: I like loose better but either is great! Speaking of spices - where's your spicy/heat threshold? (scale of 1 - 10 - 1 being nothing more than black pepper, 10 being ghost pepper+) 2 Preferred book format? Physical, PDF, Kindle, etc? No books unless it's a physical Crystal Healing book with lot's of pictures that's the only type of book I want right now Would you be interested in any handmade critters? Stuffed animals, knit or crochet beasties, or anything remotely similar? If so, please give an example or five Not really, my dog would end up stalking it and tearing it up Since this is the Spring Fools' round, is there anything that goes with the theme of April Fool's Day or spring that might be fun to add to your package? Flowers (seeds, real, or handmade) prank-related items, a court jester's cap? Feel free to be creative and crazy with this one! I can't think of anything! I don't like prank items because they get thrown away after one use, and although in my best life I plant seeds, in my current one I do not Pet owners - would you like any kind of toy or supply for your pet? Yes! Edible things for a larger dog that a LONG LASTING would be amazing! Geek paraphernalia! Almost everyone here has SOME sort of geek-love, whether it is Harry potter, Horror movies, graphic novels, science, etc. So would you be interested in any kind of items related to your geek-ish interests? Yes! the labyrinth and the last unicorn Any yarn, plastic, metal, or fabric sensitivities? not that I know of, I remember a wool hat giving me a rash on my forehead years ago but scarves and sweaters seem fine. Probably stay away from wool headgear. would you like pretty stationery/note cards, etc, for writing snail mail? no thanks Any places you would like gift cards from? etsy! Amazon, sephora, express, urban outfitters, nasty gal, free people Do you wear make-up? Any brands you like? Color preferences? yes! I'm open to all brands, I'm SUPER into highlighters (like everyone else right now) but I'm VERY PALE so the color must be pretty light. I've been wanting some nice matte jewel-tone eyeshadows and fine color shift glitters. Those metallic liquid lipsticks from the LAsplash dia de los muertos collection have also caught my eye Junk food and candy? YES any and all Witchee, regarding your fave TV shows, would you be interested in the associated DVDs? Fan books? no thank you Do you need any items for your kitchen (linens, gadgets, cooking supplies, etc.)? not that I can think of right now Gardens/plants: I am dreaming of spring, dear witch: Do you like plants? Do you have any? Indoor potted plants? A balcony bed? A yard? Do you want/need anything? I know I'd neglect it, sorry! If I were to make you something based on one or more interests mentioned in your Q'aire/blog, would you prefer something you could wear, something that hangs on a wall, or something that sits on a shelf (or couch or wherever) ? probably any, the only think is I'm pretty picky about jewelry, but you shoudl eb able to get an idea of what I like from my etsy wishlist Are you in need of BPAL storage? yes! Do you like candles? Incense? Wax melts? yes, yes & yes! BAGS! Do you like/want/need any kind of bags? Purses (big, small, medium), storage type bags, totes, re-usable grocery bags, make up or craft supply bags . . . anything? And if so, please give as much info as possible about type, color, use, fabric, etc medium purses, pretty much any fabric you'd see as a Urban Outfitters tapestry I'm down with I make handmade journals/albums/smashbooks/junk journals. Would you be interested in anything like that? I'd love a journal! I'm running out of space in my affirmations journal What style of bag from here (if any) would you like? You can easily narrow down the choices on the side menu - but I only want to know the style, not the pattern! I like the shoulder bag style! If you like Harry Potter stuff, what house do you belong in? If you like Game of Thrones, what family? I like both of those but not like super into them kwim? anyway according to very accuate internet quizes, gryffindor and Arryn. whoops. What's your favorite animal/totem? Would you be interested in a small figurine of said animal from this etsy user? unicorn. I'm not really into the style of the small figurines, the pendants are cool though Anything exciting to you in PBSW's Spring Collection? oooo, the april fools lotion and bath streusel look interesting Witchee, are you interested in this kind of music (it's one of my favorites)? not particularly How do you feel about Sakura Matsuri? Do you like Green Tea and Sakura flavored desserts/treats? Decorations or jewelry with a cherry blossom theme? Would LOVE to go to the street festival! I love those flavors. Decorations are fine but no jewelry with cherry blossom please Clothing size small It's Hottie Friday, witches and witchees! Name a famous crush or five ooooo, loving Matt McGorry Also - what are the last 5 songs that appeared on your random or shuffle music list maybe I don't get the question but I never do random shuffle, I played The Cardigan's Super Extra Gravity album today Oh Witchee, have you seen the kimono tops that are all the rage right now? Would you like one? I will sew you one if you do, just tell me if you're a fringe or lace edge or plain edge type of person- I have your color picks from your questionnaire, unless you'd like it in something different than those? YES I AM OBSESSED WITH KIMONO'S! I wear them all weekend! I love frige, fringe all the things! no such thing as too much! I was thinking about busting out the sculpy clay - I sometimes like to make cute little fantasy miniature sculpture, like fairy doors, or miniature garden gnomes for potted plants, or I've even made a couple of tiny smaug's based onthis cartoon. If you were my witchee, how would you feel about receiving some tiny fantasy art for your home? Any preference between a fairy door, or a garden gnome, a tiny fairy box, or something like smaug? fairy door, garden gnome, fairy box, yes to all three! If you won a gift certificate for $100 (Or similar amount in your country) that could be used ANYWHERE what would you get? jewelry and crystals from etsy!!! Something that you look forward to each spring, or that when you see it (hear it/smell it/taste it, etc) you think "Yes! Spring is here!" or something along those lines! easter candy! lindt milk chocolate bunnies, cadberry mini eggs, hollow milk chocolate bunnies! all the candy! Witchee, how do you feel about this type of garment? What color & size would you like? (keep in-mind it does say it runs one size big!) Omg I love it but I'm pretty sure my husband would actually divorce me Are there any mythical creatures that you're really into and that you would enjoy gifts relating to? YAAAAAS unicorns and mermaids
  3. Laura S. Taylor

    Best masculine scents *from the last five years*?

    The Organ Grinder Pottaskefill This Battered Old Felt
  4. Laura S. Taylor

    Snow Scents!

    Hello! I've been talking about this in some other threads but haven't gotten any answers. This year I tested Coquelicot Snow & A Lady Tall and White from last years post update. I love them and they did not give me a headache HOWEVER I got a lot of snow scent from this year's Yule update and so far all the ones I've tested have given me a headache ( Snow White, Nuclear Winter, Frau Holle ). Is the difference that the post used a different snow note, or do you think it could be that the two I liked were aged for a year? I'm trying to figure out if I should wait a year and retest the rest I have or go ahead and swap. Also, if you have any insight as to which scents have the death snow note and which don't, that would be appreciated!
  5. Laura S. Taylor


    OBSESSED WITH THIS SCENT. I love licorice/anise notes and I also love salt licorice, so this scent is everything. It's mainly salt licorice with some leather, and I would say it's gender neutral - it smells like candy but it's not very sweet. The only downside is it tends to fade after a few hours, so it's a 2-3x a dayer.
  6. Kabuki is my sexy scent, the red musk is divinely seductive. I get so many compliments when I wear it as well.
  7. Laura S. Taylor

    La Befana

    I LOVE this perfume! It also helps that I love violet candy and licorice, which is what this smells like.
  8. Laura S. Taylor

    Why do scents turn to baby powder on me?!

    Are they lab fresh or some you bought from forumnites? I have some imps that have been passed around a few years, and those tend to behave similarly to what you described
  9. Laura S. Taylor


    So this starts off like legit carrot cake, but after it dries it turns into a pricey spiced holiday gourmand candle, not necessarily in a bad way (I'm looking at YOU Apple Cider). Then the spices die down a little more and the buttery crust takes the forefront, with a little spice and sweet. It's pretty low-throw and not terribly impressive, but a nice creamy, spicy holiday scent nonetheless.
  10. Laura S. Taylor

    Banana Cream Pie Bath Oil

    I am so sad. I had really high hopes for my first bath oil, but I was really let down. From beginning to end, in the bath and on the skin, this smells like banana flavored Runts. No natural bananas, no cream, no crust.
  11. Laura S. Taylor

    Anise, Aniseed, Licorice, Liquorice, Fennel, Ouzo?

    Kabuki is AMAZING, the anise and red musk are the most dominant notes on me
  12. Laura S. Taylor

    Single Note: Apple Cider

    I just can't get past the typical apple spice candle comparison, all I smell is holiday candle, all the time.
  13. Laura S. Taylor

    The Witches’ Rout (the Carcass)

    As this was drying down, I got a carcass indeed. It smelled like decay! But when dry, it turned into a warm, dusty scent. I like it, but it stays very close to the skin, will try slathering next time and hopefully I'll live past the dry down.
  14. Laura S. Taylor


    Are you for sure there isn't leather in this? This smells exactly like leather with a tiny bit of rubber, it's low throw and fades into a skin scent. I'll give it to my husband and see what he thinks.