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  1. keltiejean

    Apocalyptic Scents?

    Good god, I'm having so much fun with these suggestions already. You guys are awesome.
  2. keltiejean

    Apocalyptic Scents?

    So this might seem odd, but I'm wondering what scents you would think seem kinda apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic? I'm open to different interpretations of that, too! I'm knee-deep in an apocalyptic/dystopian fiction phase and want some scents to match!
  3. keltiejean

    BPAL for Costume Parties, Halloween Costumes

    Both of those sound like perfect choices!
  4. keltiejean

    BPAL for Costume Parties, Halloween Costumes

    Can we bring this back for this week? Reccomending BPALs based off of Halloween costumes is the most fun!
  5. What about Jarreth? David Bowie defiantly had his gender f*ck moments (it's lovely- musk and vanilla and leather...yum!)
  6. keltiejean

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Mermaid is beachy, for sure. But maybe a bit too floral? It might be worth tracking down an imp of, if you're desperate. Notes are: pink seaweed, lotus petals, Tahitian tiare, white gardenia, orange blossom, sea salt, and vanilla-infused benzoin.
  7. keltiejean


    All dirt, and a tinge of something rotting in the back. Good lord. While interesting and a fun expire cd, this is so not for me.
  8. To me, and on my skin, Tramp was much more about the grass fresh spring scent...I didn't really get that off of Dance of Death, but maybe others did!
  9. IMO, it would be safe to loose Dance of Death. Have you tried Zombi or any of the other dirt oils?
  10. keltiejean

    Autumn - Overlooked My Knitting

    When wet, this has a fuzzy, leafy wool smell. Kinda cozy, but also chilly. As it dries, it starts to sweeten and warm up! The wool turns softer, more into cashmere. The berries and musk start to show up, as well. This comes off as the warmest, cosiest skin scent, with just the slightest chilly touch in the back! Love love love this!
  11. keltiejean

    All Saints'

    If you're a fan of Rose Jam from Lush, then you'll probably love the 2014 version. The dry down is totally Rose Jam, to my nose! It's that rich, Damascus rose that's so dripping and gorgeous!
  12. keltiejean

    Coraline Jones

    Years and years and years ago, there was a little "pheromone" perfume oil I got from one of those Passion Parties. It smelt exactly like this. Looking back, that was probably a rip off, but it smells delicate and pretty. I can see a sweet little girl smelling like this, but I prefer more sexy, 'Queen of Sheba' scents
  13. keltiejean


    Wet- earthy, herby goodness, with the lilac sloooowly showing its pretty face. This is an outdoors gorgeous dream. Drying- I'm getting something sweet in the back. I'm guessing that's the plum coming out. The lilac keeps showing itself more and more. I'm Dry- soapy clean leather and lilac. This is fresh and clean. There's something that reminds me of being a kid in here. But I can't put my finger quite on it. The plum adds sweetness, but doesn't take away from the freshness. This is gorgeous and lovely, but not for me The scent memory can't place isn't sitting well with me.
  14. keltiejean

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    This is so sweet, in a different sort of metallic way. I think this would be deadly sexy on the right male-identifying person (not that I like to put genders in fragrances, but that's who I can see wearing this). The tobacco is right up at the front, almost obnoxiously for the first 15 minutes. Once the initial screeching wood and sweet tobacco calm down, your left with a sexy, woody scent. That's when the vanilla really comes to light, and its a gorgeous. You still get that metallic note in the back, but it's not as in your face. I'll pass, as this is just not a me scent (and Im not crazy about the first 15 minutes) but I'd love this on the right person.
  15. keltiejean


    For being a scent that has a number of characteristics I dislike (including patchouli and sweet notes) this is surprisingly lovely. I think it's gorgeous with a loovely smokey undertone, but I don't see myself wearing it, despite my ever loved floral and orange bossom notes present.