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    Current favorites - Theodosius the Legerdemain, Australian Copperhead, Wulric the Wolfman, Mr. Ibis, Alice, Dorian, Beauty the Aggrieved, Winter Stars, Blacker than the Raven Wings of Midnight, Venus Genetrix, The Small Harem, Apple VII 2016, This Wan White Humming Hive, Oil and Pitch, Two Sheep and Two Goats Resting Together in a Field, Pallid Bat, Swift as Light, A Vision of the Courtesan. BPTP: (regardless of product) Bourbon Vanilla, Frosty Silkybat, Dorian, Black Vanilla and Cardamom, Ruined Roses. Past favorites: Dana O'Shee, Snake Oil (aged), Desdemona, Regan, Antique Lace, Dragon's Milk. I love tonka bean, vanilla, black tea, most musks, honey, beeswax, aloe, white rose, jasmine leaf, orange blossom, neroli, magnolia, mugwort, mallow root, amber, oudh, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, ginger, and cedar. I cannot wear tuberose, narcissus, sweetpea, iris, jasmine sambac, wine, champagne, peach, teak, cinnamon, or sage. Wish list: http://www.bpal.org/topic/127-wishlist/?p=2487001


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  1. Myria Jean


    Ruined Roses is how I discovered I like oakmoss. It's lovely. Beauty, The Aggrieved has Bulgarian oakmoss and it works really well with the tobacco note.
  2. Myria Jean


    On me, this is Snake Oil with extra powder and an acrid note. I suspect the teakwood. I gave the decant to my ex and he texted me "*This is just an imp of Black Silk that someone spilled Ovaltine on.*" (Black Silk is his HG so...I guess that's positive .)
  3. Snake Oil with acai berry, amber, cardamom, white sandalwood, neroli, and smoked vanilla. The açai berry is dark, deep, and bittersweet. It's the strongest note. Neroli is a lovely floral touch on a background of Snake Oil and smoked vanilla. Snake Oil never smelled snakey to me, but this manages to be both gorgeous and reptilian.
  4. Myria Jean

    The Small Harem

    On me this is a dark, smoky, slightly floral strawberry. Note though that I amp vetiver and most berry notes. This is a gorgeous rainy day scent.
  5. Myria Jean

    best bpals to wear when it rains

    Lights of Men's Lives, Pumpkin Lace, Jareth, Relics of Herself, Blacker than the Raven Wings of Midnight
  6. Myria Jean

    Shards of Looking-Glass Hair Gloss

    Clean, floral, and herbal. The lily and muguet smell almost like lilacs. I really love this and am so glad I took a chance on a bottle. This will be lovely with Winter Stars.
  7. Myria Jean

    Tricksy Hair Gloss

    I get a good balance of rich clean honey, patchouli, and oudh. The oudh makes this feel like a wintertime IBT to me.
  8. Myria Jean

    Lick It With Consent (2014)

    This starts out with strong mint that fades almost instantly. It's a sugary slightly minty vanilla musk. I adore it.
  9. Myria Jean

    Uncomplicated BPALs

    I just got my bottle of Lick It with Consent and it reminded me of this thread. It's simple and much, much prettier than I expected.
  10. Myria Jean

    Uncomplicated BPALs

    The Cat is dark musk, honey, cedar, and benzoin. Goblin has already been mentioned. This World, Where Death Reigns is black roses and myrrh (LE). Lights of Men's Lives lists the wax and smoke of candles...lol...more helpfully, it definitely has the beeswax note, amber, and probably some vanilla. Rogue is black leather, hemp, and rosin. Neutral lists "flawless skin musk." Hunger has black narcissus, orange blossom, and vanilla. Kabuki has cherry, red musk, and star anise. (At this point I'm just going down the GC descriptions on the Lab's site)
  11. Myria Jean

    Rose Red Hair Gloss

    Contrary to other reviews, I find this much stronger than most hair glosses - my bottle is as strong as Snake Oil HG and its throw is just as impressive. I shall use it sparingly. This scent knocked me over - not just with its strength and beauty, but its *reality.* I knew it smelled like a rose, thorns and dew and all, and I thought I understood that, but I really didn't get it until I smelled it. In addition to all the rose scents, I think this would go well with resin scents and possibly even berry scents.
  12. Myria Jean

    Oranges, Satsumas, Tangerines & Mandarins

    The Phoenix, Having Burst Her Shell has really pretty orange in it. At the moment orange and tangerine are the strongest notes on me, though I do tend to amp fruits.
  13. Myria Jean


    Goblin has a reputation of being a bit rough, but when I found out I don't dislike patchouli I got an imp from the Lab with the intention of aging it. That was two weeks ago. My imp is half gone. I'm gonna need lots. I can tell I will like it better aged, but even after two weeks the patchouli has smoothed out a lot. It's also starting to last longer - it was disappearing after about an hour and leaving me with only coconut and benzoin. Now I get lovely smoky patchouli for hours. It's a smooth, sweet,velvety smell that two different people have insisted to me must be amber. Far from being too much patchouli, I want more of it. It's my new favorite cuddly scent.
  14. Myria Jean

    Sell me on patchouli?

    Blacker than the Raven Wings of Midnight. The patchouli is so, so different than any other I've smelled - even my supersensitive, patchouli-despising friend thinks it smells amazing. It's LE, but currently available.