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  1. Monique

    Scent for Halloween?

    I actually wore the Reindeer for Christmas. I normally don't care for foody scents but Christmas was perfect for that one so I wore it. For New years I am considering wearing Gaiman's Orange. I adore the stuff and don't have a lot of it but New Years is special so that scent will help me feel special as well:)
  2. Monique

    The Lady of Shalott

    In the bottle: I love this stuff! Thove the gardenia and aquatic notes! I don't smell any musk which is wonderful because I am not a fan of musk! Just beautiful soft fragrance! Wet: Still gorgeous! Gardenia shines! Just love it, I keep sniffing my wrist, it is wonderful! Dry: Ugh! I am really unhappy! All the wonderful gardenia and aquatic notes have been squashed by the musk and the musk wafts around my head, I can't wear this:( I adore this scent wet and really wish is stayed the same, not sure if it is my chemistry or what but it becomes way too musky for me once dry, I am VERY sad!
  3. Monique


    I am not sure how to start this, I have so many thoughts going through my head.... I have always been a hoarder but recently, I was forced to destash which is when I started sniffing and fell for Juliet. Someone bought a couple of Juliet imps from me (I had a lot of them) and was thrilled they were "aged" and tried to explain the differences to me. I just got a lab fresh imp and yes, there are HUGE differences so I will try to explain each. My older imps of Juliet are subtle with sweet pea and honeysuckle among other mellow scents that are all mingled together beautifully...just adore it and I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. Brand new imp of Juliet - Wow! I get a sharp lemon, melony scent to this. I saw in everyone reviews they mentioned pear so I sniffed it again...maybe, but I consider pear to be a more subtle scent and I am not getting that here. I like the new Juliet but it is not as beautiful as my aged oils so this will be shelved until it has gained wisdom;)
  4. Monique

    Huesos De Santo

    I wasn't going to review this but on a fluke I tried it on my skin.... Lemme just say, I am not fond of wearing foody scents. Love the smells but I don't want to smell like food, however, when I say food, I don't mean citrus and Orange is my number one favorite. Having said that, in the bottle and in the imp this just smells like custardy cake with an orange tint to it but the orange is not enough to overcome the foody smell. Not a bad thing, in fact, a delicious custardy cake! However, read above, I don't want to wear food smells. I open the bottle to sniff at least a half dozen times over the last couple weeks...come on! It has ORANGE!! Nope...not for me.... I received an order tonight that included a freebie of Huesos....I got my bottle out that is only half full (I had originally bought a partial) and added the imp to the bottle...of course, had to sniff it again...nope, no change, still food.... For whatever reason I decided to smear the remains of the plastic wand to my wrist and an amazing thing happened.....HELLO ORANGE!!! While it is still drying on my wrist, there is a note that is not pleasant to me, maybe the anise? but it is subtle and the orange beats it into submission! It has now been about an hour and my wrist smells of orange creaminess with a very slight floral edge to it! Needless to say, this has jumped from a 4 on my scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best to an 8 or 9. Not my top but still something I like a great deal and will keep and wear! I think I need to actually try more things on my skin instead or relying on just the smell in the bottle....
  5. Monique

    Blue Moon 2007

    Cucumber, melon, slightly aquatic, love this! I also have Blue Moon 2004 and I love that also but it has a bit of mint in it that isn't my favorite, so like a few others, I have to go with this version first, and the old one second which isn't to say they aren't both lovely and I will keep and use both...I just use the newer more often than the older;)
  6. Monique

    Honey Moon

    This one is indeed, all honey. It reminds me of LUSH's B Never gel except not as heavy. I am not a big honey lover (read: not at all) but I can understand the attraction for those that like it, I do think it is a great representation of it.
  7. Monique

    Strawberry Moon 2005

    This was one I so wanted to like! I love strawberries! I wanted to like this so much that I bought several bottles of it but to my nose, it really is a pungent, kinda fake strawberry, sort of like I think strawberry hard candies smell like. At this point I only have one bottle left and I do still sniff it fairly regularly, still expecting something better....sigh...
  8. Monique


    I really should have reviewed this long ago! To me this is an almost perfect expression of my inner self. Very light floral with some citrus thrown in. Sweet Pea, honeysuckle and maybe a touch of lemon?....It is so beautiful! I too wish the scent stayed around longer but it is still my top, everyday scent. Just makes me feel very balanced and happy!
  9. Monique


    A wonderful and generous friend gifted me with a partial imp of this and I must say I was blown away! I am a huge citrus fan, orange especially but have never had a scent that just smelled "ORANGE" to me. Even the single notes from back in the day pretty much disappointed me although Mandarin Orange does smell just like mandarin orange but that wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted a juicy navel orange smell and I didn't want other spices or anything like that in my scent. Orange is unbelievable in its pureness! It is fresh, juicy and lovely. I am not great at describing notes but I will say that on drydown, it did mellow a bit into an orange creaminess which I still loved and lasts for hours on me which is a good thing cause I only intend to use it on very special occasions since I have so little of it. I just wish BPAL would release it or something similar to the general public. I don't remember them every putting out anything close to this. This is my new #1 scent!