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  1. supremegoddessofall

    A Murder of Crows

    Well, I don't get the licorice that a lot of people have reported, but this still isn't for me. Very herbal and lots of benzoin, but almost none of the iris or amber. Score: 2
  2. supremegoddessofall


    Caramel with a touch of tobacco. Not very musky. Not really getting mint or sage at all. Score: 4
  3. supremegoddessofall


    A lot foodier than I thought it would be - the ginger is coming out *a lot* and really is overwhemling the florals. Not really for me. Score: 2
  4. supremegoddessofall

    Haitian Lover

    A dentist's office. Mint mouthwash and men's cologne. Maybe a touch of licorice. Score: 2
  5. supremegoddessofall

    Hairy Toad Lily

    Roses, a slight aquatic, and a bit of something chemically. Score: 3
  6. supremegoddessofall


    Interesting. It simultaneously smells like a touch of all of the notes and yet not really like any of them. Overall effect is kind of indistinct. Score: 3
  7. supremegoddessofall

    Lily of the Valley

    It definitely smells like lilies, but lilies are not a particularly good scent for me. To me there's a touch of laundry powder covering up a slight mildew. Score: 2
  8. supremegoddessofall


    Rather chemically. Definitely gardenia, but I'm not sure this is for me. Score: 2
  9. supremegoddessofall

    A Countenance Forboding Evil

    Lots of patchouli and vetiver. Not getting much of the ylang ylang at all, and (thank goodness) no trace of the blood orange. Score: 3
  10. supremegoddessofall


    I get cinnamon and something a bit sharper. I think there's maybe some vetiver in here, too, but it's subtle. Score: 4
  11. supremegoddessofall


    In bottle: Pure lavender. On me: A softer, very innocent lavender mellowed by magnolia. Lovely.
  12. supremegoddessofall


    In bottle: Strange mishmash of stuff that's conflicting with each other...lemon, wood scents, mint...weird. On me: The overall effect is almost aquatic. I think the woods are on top if you pressed me, but it's hard to pick out anything distinct - very well-blended.
  13. supremegoddessofall

    The Witch Queen

    In bottle: Smoky and musky on top of florals. On me: Clean, wet floral. Some incense and plum.
  14. supremegoddessofall

    Fairy Market

    In bottle: Can't really smell much of anything. On me: Almost nonexistant, but mostly grasses.
  15. supremegoddessofall


    In bottle: Almost all rose. On me: Still mostly rose, with just a hint of lily underneath. Very little musk.