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  1. gypsybaby1

    Bliss Soap (by Silk Road Trading Company)

    I'm on the fence about this one. the bar is a lovely chocolately brown with bits of white (the goat's milk maybe?) and it smells divine, just sniffing it straight. my problem is that it didn't lather up too much in the shower, I had to really work it with the water and the body brush to get some suds. After that, it left my skin on the dry side - my hands felt tight, like milk had dried on my skin. I'm not sure if it's the added milk to the soap or it perhaps I didn't rinse thoroughly enough. I'll definitely give it another try.
  2. gypsybaby1


    my first thought about this was "it's... red.... is there Dragon's blood in this?" Dragon's Blood and I don't get along at all. But, I tried it. uhm.. I'm missing the ginger. I'm missing the spice... I got the sweet, sweet lemony bar cookie scent, that tart-sweet note that I could literally taste, like lemon meringue pie filling... but alas, within 10 minutes it went south into the land of meh. just not for me. color me heart-broken over this one.
  3. gypsybaby1

    Dorian Soap (by Silk Road Trading Company)

    imagine my glee when my box arrived! WHEE!! The over all scent of the box was Dorian while Bliss kind of sat in the corner and looked at me strangely. I'm not normally a bar soap kinda gal - it's super heavy moisturizing bath gel with a scrubby brush due to dry skin with problems in some areas. Dorian Soap is all that everyone's said it to be - lovely scent, light wafts, filled the bathroom with it's lemony sugar tea goodness and it's got silky frothy suds. Took me a few minutes longer to work it into the scrubby brush, but it was worth it. Yes, it's moisturizing and no, there's no sensitivity issues with the 'perfumed soap' that I'd normally get (break outs and red spots) with other perfumed soaps. I didn't put any moisturizer on, but I do need it, IMO. Probably just on specific areas, not all over. That's what Dorian scented lotion is for, hm? One thing I did notice is that the scent fades almost immediately after drying off (I patted instead of rubbed) and even with an application of Dorian oil, all I could smell all day was this strange 'hot' burnt smell. Amazingly enough, when I took my clothes off later that night, Dorian wafted up and the dog decided I was worth smelling all over while I watched TV in bed. (dog whiskers tickle on the backs of your calves!) So, it's definitely a keeper! Bliss is the next tryout. Whee!!
  4. gypsybaby1


    holy cheese this is strong! I intentionally did a dab application instead of my usual swipe/slather and I'm still getting strong wafts all over the place. I seriously hope I don't make someone sick up here at work. Maybe it'll settle down after a few more hours. In the bottle - almonds. delicious and tempting. I've been searching for an almond scent that doesn't go playdoh on me... Dry - but alas, the almond goes bye bye as floral kicks it's butt out the door and establishes residence. I'm not normally a floral person, but this is pretty. I could wish that the almond and honey along with the apple blended together, joined forces to kick floral over, but it's not to be. Still, this is pretty in a way. Now if I could only figure out how to do the lightest application. Time will tell if it gives me a headache or not.
  5. gypsybaby1

    Queen Mab

    soft, feminine... Close to skin... Fruity? Yeah, definitely some fruit scent in there. it's not much of a review, but it's all I could make out of my scribbled notes. I like. Now to debate on whether or not this will be worth a bottle or just an imp.
  6. gypsybaby1

    Treat #2

    wow! Straight out of the bottle I get bowled over by buttercream. Holy toledo! At least it fades off and leaves me to get mint, orange and... Cardamom? And that's when it's wet!! Drying: Oh... Oh myyyyy.... If I huff it, I get the nasal twang of ginge and a zip of cloves. This just makes me want to curl up and play with a bit mink fur and some leather. Treat #2 should be a trick as well.. Naughty Monkey!!
  7. gypsybaby1

    Trick #2

    hmmm, this one's a confusing blend. At first, it's all damp swampy leaf - the patchouli I suspect. I got the same impression at first sniff of Mme Moriarty. But once it dries and settles, I get the grownup-ness of this scent. I'm catching whiffs of spice, the pepper I'm sure. I'm also catching sweetness. Yes, definitely grown up and definitely sexy. I'm just not 100% sure it's for me. I'll have to try it again when A- I'm not wearing Dorian to compete for my attention and B- when I don't have a half-blocked sinus and can smell properly. ETA: BLECH! PINE!! *sigh* off it goes. Hmmmm, wonder what Trick #1 smells like...
  8. gypsybaby1


    ohhh warm! It's the ALMOND scent I've been wanting! At first it's all sweet marzipan-y almond, but that quickly fades away, leaving me with that delicious almond memory while the musk and the amber comfort me. Oh man oh my, definitely a keeper!!
  9. gypsybaby1


    Thick, sugared and bloated with sweetness. Dark chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, and hops with pralines, hazelnut, toffee and caramel. myoubi said it: "Holy Staying Power, Crack Van!" I slipped some of this on at 3 or 330 yesterday afternoon for a test run and even at 3 this morning in a sleepy haze I caught a heady whiff of it. Just a dab! As for the scent review? HEARTH! I kid you not. The first thing that ran through my mind was my beloved Hearth '05. It's got that same chocolate coffee with hints of hazlenut and toffee smell. Plain and simple. YUM! Large bottle WILL be ordered!
  10. gypsybaby1

    Treat #1

    wow.... uhm, yikes.... but wow... this oil spreads like MADNESS across the back of my knuckles and the super sugary sweetness of the watermelon jollyranchers is eaten alive by... by.... something not candy. Floral? But... no florals are listed in the components. Maybe it's the citrus edging out the heavy sugar rush. yeah, it's the citrus, I now get a lime blast that reminds me oddly enough of F5. Go figure! On the whole, someone said it was clear bright candy, not the toasted and burned/melted sugar of Sugar Skull. Spot On! I like it, but let's see how it wears on me. ETA: yikes is back again! OW! I seem to have developed a rather sharp pain in my sinuses after a few minutes. it gets worse after a sniff. Treat #1 is a trick!
  11. gypsybaby1

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    I'm not sure how the labbies pronounce it, but coming at it from a linguistic angle, it's "Shvartzer".
  12. gypsybaby1

    The Brides of Dracula

    I suppose, as threads go, this would be my "OMG!" blend... one that shouldn't work on you, but does. See, florals tend to give me a headache and/or go soapy on me. When this blend popped up, my eyes saw the florals in the description and in the notes listed, my brain comprehended that there were florals in this blend as well. But, my brain saw two other things: Spice and honey. Upon seeing spice and honey, by subconscious said "BUY IT!" So when one came up on sales, I did. And I am glad I did. Brides of Dracula is a floral that I can wear and wear proudly. It's not an in-your-face floral, it's that soft silky floral that lingers when you lean closer to someone, that makes others ask what it is and lean closer to sniff it. Whereas Perversion and All Souls makes me feel all Catwoman dirty, Brides of Dracula gives me that bit of naughty confidence, that womanly, grown-up feeling... a touch of elegance and sophistication. A second bottle worthy? Nah. I'll stick with my one bottle, please and thank you. But, this is a spot on hit. Brava Beth!
  13. gypsybaby1


    pure. fake. buttered. popcorn. fake? yeah, that fake butter that they use in the movie theaters that's so honestly bad for you while at the same time being to so evilly delicious. Excellent scent, I wanted to lick the salty butter from my fingers, but it has *no* lasting power. Within an hour or so, it was vamoosed. Might have to try layering it with something else to see if it gives a bit of oomph.
  14. gypsybaby1

    All Souls

    in the bottle, this is wet and cakey, buttery deliciousness. There is a hint of sharpness behind the bottle scent that might be a spiced note. wet on the skin, the buttered cake retreats behind the spice and incense. the blend becomes light and as someone else said, rather airy. it's comforting in an odd way. once it begins to dry, however, I have to bury my nose against my skin to get a good whiff. I only dabbed on a teeny bit, so a more liberal application might yield stronger throw, but at the moment, I'm rather pleased with the closeness of the scent. I wonder how it'll age... ETA: AHA!! the same spicy incense scent that's in Perversion is apparently in this as well! I knew it smelled familiar after it dried completely. Mmmmmm yummy!
  15. gypsybaby1

    Theodosius, The Legerdemain

    Theodosius makes me want to cry... In the bottle he's gorgeous and makes you love him - well, makes me, at least... but once he's on my skin, he spins away into nothingness. I get the tinge of citrus, I get the tinge of strong Earl Grey tea and then poofta - gone. If I happen to catch a whiff, it's faint, very very faint. and yes, I slathered this morning. I'm weighing whether or not to keep him and make him into a lotion in hopes he'll stick around longer that way.