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    Windward Passage

    Breezes blowing off of the waters of the Caribbean: marine accord, seaweed, and bladderwrack. The first to review this one!! My very first first review ... well, lets get started! Imp: Wonderful salty sea breeze! Wet: It's like the part of Jolly Rogers that I really love which reminds me of wind, sea water, perhaps a bit of wood. Really beautiful! Dry: Still a bit of the salty sea breeze but a lot of soap, too. It reminds me of a blue bubble bath we used as kids. Somehow I love it because it brings back the memorys of hugging my dad after he had a bath - he always used a lot of this bubble bath and later on those evenings the hole house smelled like this. I would have loved Windward Passage more if it would stay in the wet phase - but I still like it In addition it is one of those few BPALs which does not turn sweet on me. It doesn't have much throw - at least not compared to Pumpkin Patch III (2007) which I have on my other hand. Definitly a keeper and I will try to use it in my hair, on my boyfriend and as a room scent Perhaps a bottle one day ... edit: Later: A lot of the soap is vanished and now it is again more like wet - it is not the perfection of the initial scent but still - I like it a lot edit2: Lots later: It is really nice and still fresh and salty. Everytime I get a whiff from it I smile. The soap is now completly gone. I'm sure I'll buy a big bottle once because this makes me happy.
  2. Antaria


    I wanted this scent because of the linden blossom - I snatched a decant a few years ago and I'm pretty sure I just forgot to test this! Realized it now, because it had no comments in my bpal-sheet so I searched it yesterday and tested it finally! Wet: Beautiful, fresh, linden blossom and soap. How cool would it be, if this would smell like this on me. But I turn everything sweet. We will see. Dry: 😳 this is the first scent, that does not go sweet on me! This stays fresh! This is the 80's! It's funny, but that's the first thing that comes to my mind when I smell this: The 80's! Which means for me: Feeling protected and happy and like a child again (but it doesn't mean that it's a childish scent!). And yes, it is like soap - but really beautiful soap with some linden blossoms! I totally want to smell like this. I don't get the vanilla - and while I love vanilla I think this is a good thing, cause otherwise I would have turned this into something sweet again! Definitely a bottle!
  3. Antaria

    Detestable Putrescence

    Vanilla scented candle - and unfortunately one that I wouldn‘t buy. My husband smelled it and said „vanilla - but rotting vanilla“ 😅 he didn‘t know the name. I had such high hopes for this. Perhaps it can be used for layering?
  4. Hi there! Is there anything like The Ninth Cage from The Last Unicorn?
  5. Antaria

    Frostbitten Blood Amber

    First: I love Blood Amber. It’s my signature scent, it’s always beautiful and „fluid“, perfect, red and golden swirls, it makes me happy and confident. Since it’s OOS right now, I had to blind buy a bottle of this, because I do love Snow White and the thought of Snow White and Blood Amber was just so tempting (since the other Frostbitten Scents seems to be „scent“ + Snow White). But … Wet: a bit gingerbread and soft snow. A hint citrus. Dry: more amber. Creamy, yet dusty amber with a hint of gingerbread. After two hours: Still creamy amber, there is some very faint Snow White. It’s a comfy scent, it’s nice and behaved but it’s not outstanding. From my point dissapointing because there is just no Blood Amber in it. Well, yes, perhaps the „Amber“ part, but not the „Blood“ part. I’m not sure if I’ll keep the bottle. I have to retest it when I have erased the connection to my beloved Blood Amber from my brain. Then I can try to judge it without prejudice.
  6. Antaria

    Where is this scent?

    And another question: Blood Amber. It's OOS ... do I need to be concerned? It's my signature scent and I wanted to get another backup bottle. Has it been gone for long?
  7. Antaria

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    Is there anything to replace Neo-Tokyo? It has been gone quite some time by now, but perhaps there are some who can help.
  8. Antaria


    It just seems that most of the popular scents are nothing for me. So this is ... sexy? On me it's a cup of black tea with some lemon. In fact not even that, my husband has one black tea (forgot the name) which smells just like Dorian. I wanted to write an extensive review. But through all the stages it is and stays: a cup of tea. Something I don't aim for, when wearing a perfume. I so wanted to get what Ina Garten Davita wrote in the very first review, cause it sounds so great. But I'm just sitting in the parlor with my tea and the Victorian gentleman stood me up. Damn
  9. Antaria

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Okay, this sounds like fun! And since I plan on ordering once this year (yules - international shipping is ), I'm willing to throw in something to try out. My top 5 in random order: Blood Amber Dragon's Milk Banshee Beat Czernobok Nosferatu Any ideas?
  10. Antaria

    Where is this scent?

    I asked Puddin about it about a month ago and currently they are out of a component and are not sure whether or not they'll be getting it again. So right now it's permanently out of stock unless they can can obtain more of that component. Thank you! But really not the answer I was hoping for. Well I'll just hope the component will be available again.
  11. Antaria

    Where is this scent?

    Hi there! Have been away for quite some time - again *sigh* All the time I have been waiting for an update for Revenant Rhythm. Wasn't there talk about it becoming a GC? I know about the hair gloss etc and when it came online I was "ah well, I'm waiting for the perfume blend ... no need to go for the gloss". Now I regret this decision. Anyway ... any information about it?
  12. Antaria

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    late to reply, but I know someone mentioned that the 2009 LE Season of Ghosts smells a lot like Australian Gold sunscreen to them. Just a warning, it's pretty hard to track down. Never too late Thank you, so I'll perhaps take the quest and search for it. I admit I have hopes that the Coconut Vanilla and Tiare HG is something like Australian Gold, but nobody mentioned it - sounds delicious anyway, so I ordered it
  13. Antaria

    BPAL and pregnancy

    First of all: Congratulations and I wish you the best for your pregnancy If you are pretty sure that the scent will work on you: Why not get a bottle and wait till you can wear perfume again. If it's a fail, you can still trade it away later, after proper testing. But I think I would not bother testing new GC-stuff ... on the other side: Could be that you find the perfect scent-locket scent! The moment I knew about my pregnancy I stepped away from all my perfumes and make-up. First because I knew I should not wear them, after some time because I didn't even want to wear them. So I didn't test anything and I did not wear my scent locket. I even had to hide my TKO massage oil bottle - a scent I often used for sleeping time - because I just could not stand it any more and opening the closet where I stored it was terrible! It took quite some time before the scent went totally away. But funny how something you always liked turns into something so very ugly. But I was really sensitive. Only had to throw up once in the 12 weeks, but I was not able to open the fridge or to feed my guinea pigs. Even after my miscarriage it took some time before I could use TKO again.
  14. Antaria

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    Queen Alice! Never expected it to be my autumn scent, but it was the first thing I thought when I applied it. It was all I wanted the apple Weenies to be! Warm, ripe, boozy, comforting. But have to add: It's an aged imp, no idea how it smells lab-fresh!
  15. Antaria


    This is a approx. 2 years old frimp. Okay, this is going to be short: Mint toothpaste! Somewhere in the dry stage there comes a hint of fruit, but it stays way in the background. Since I'm not a big fan of toothpaste-mints I won't be wearing this as a perfume but I'll keep it to test if it helps me when I have a cold.
  16. Antaria


    This one was a frimp from the lab. My biggest loves came from frimps - but this one ist just terrible, ugly and negative. Wet it's pure medicine on me. Something you smell in hospitals and gives you the feeling that something is wrong and you want to run away, away from hearing some bad news. Dry the medicine steps back a bit and makes the ashes and the fire come out. But not a nice, cozy fire, which makes you grab some cocoa and a book! No this is a mean, bad, vicious fire. It burns down your house and all the stuff you love and leaves you feeling empty. This scent has such a negative vibe to it, that I almost feel scared and I really can't wait to wash it off. Something in it triggers some really bad feelings in me and turns my stomach into a big, hard stone. Need to get rid of this and apply something poitive, warm, cozy. Wow, never had such a bad reaction to any BPAL ... like a nightmare.
  17. Antaria

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    My bottle says lotion / very water resistant sunscreen. Have been to the page, too, and was surprised by the lack of information ... Funny, the components listed are nothing my nose is picking up - well except for Flower Extract. But the rest?!
  18. Antaria

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Hi there! Is there any BPAL with is similar to Australian Gold Fragrance #1? I really like the scent but obviously I don't want to slather myself with sunscreen for perfume purposes ... and I can't pinpoint what this scent is! There is some coconut in it, I think. And some fruit I can't figure out. Picked up a bottle of this on our honeymoon in Mexico - here in Germany Australian Gold is not available in drugstores and now this is THE vacation scent for my husband and me and gives us right away this great, sunny, warm and totally relaxed honeymoon feeling. I don't know if it's common in the US - but if someone knows it and has a similar BPAL scent in mind: Tell me Have a nice day! Antaria
  19. Hello! I fell in love with Partylite Hokuspokus / Abracadabra (neon yellow) scent. Please please tell me that there is a BPAL Scent similar to this one! I can't even tell what it smells like! But please - say that I can semll like Hokuspokus ... Greetings Tina
  20. Antaria

    Time is a tricky thing

    I hate time. No, I hate not having enough time. I hate that you plan something in a nice way and then everything is changed again. Okay, a look on the past weekend: Saturday: Birthday from Olli's grandma. Before we went to her we had to go shopping - a gift for her and for Olli's mom. Then coffee and dinner in a restaurant. Sunday: Fish Fair with Olli's sister. Later birthday of a friend of mine. Monday: Birthday of Olli's mom. So our plan was: Tue: Bring car to repair shop; gym Wed: Get car; Buy fishes for the aquarium (fish fair was not good) Thu: Holiday - I wanted to paint, Olli wanted to tinker on his model planes Fri: Grocery-Shopping Sat and Sun: Finally free! and what happened? Tue: No gym. Bring car away, buy fishes Wed: Get car, bring Olli's parents to another city to shop with them Thu: clean the apartment and then get Olli's nephew and play with him because we didn't have time to do this yesterday Fri: a Partylite Party I totally forgot Sat: Grocery shopping. Sun: Finally free?? Can't believe it I'm exhausted. Olli too. I just want some time for me - I want to paint, to take some photos and to play some of the new games we have bought. And I know that Olli needs some time, too.
  21. Antaria

    Squirting Cucumber

    I almost bought a bottle of this unsniffed because I love cucumber/green/grass - I'm so happy I did not! Yes, this is cucumber - but it's not fresh. It's rotten. You know, the sort of cucumber you cut and see that it is already yellow inside? Like this but 10times stronger + somehow like someone perfumed the cucumber with a terrible scent. A total no-go, I had to wash it off
  22. Antaria

    Pumpkin III (2007)

    I'm so sorry that I have to say this. BUT PP III ist ugly on me There is no chocolate, no pomegranate and no cream. There is only sweet tabacco and smoke It is really terrible on me and I would like to wash it away but I sweard to give it 2 propper chances (this is already the second). I think it is the caramel. Hellcat has the same behaviour on me. I guess this is the first 5ml bottle which I can't stand.
  23. Antaria


    The mint vanishes within the first minutes and after that there stays a hospital-scent. Really hospital. After some hours it gets a bit better, not as pungent any more, but after all: This one is not for me. (which I already thought - I just bought it because I liked the name somehow ...)
  24. On Sunday I we have been to a new chineses restaurant and Ollis parents, his grandma and the boy from his sister have been there, too. It was really nice but ... something was diefferent. Apart from his mom telling me 300 times that it was so nice that we came too and that she did not expected us to come she told the boy several times to behave. Sometimes she even said stuff that I would never have told him (like not going to often to the buffet table to get some food) and some things I would have said too (like trying to sit at the table and not to run trough the restaurant or to scream). I really had the feeling "What is going on? Is she doing it for me? Or what? After the restaurant we went for a walk and after that we made a quick visit at Ollis parents house. And what was on the floor for the boy and his toy cars?? Yes! A carpet! So what happened to the "don't be concerned about your wooden floor, if children play it is okay if it suffers some damage?" Could it be that they thought about what I told them and came to the conclusion that a carpet is a good place to play on?
  25. Antaria


    Well, I am somewhere between great and really bad. Why? Okay, lets start with bad (so that the good stuff is the stuff that I keep in mind in the end): - my imac at work crashed - I had to send it away so that they look up whats wrong with it and it will take approx. 3 weeks till I have it back - or was it till they know what is going on? - I have to work with a mini mac which is sooooo lame, 512MB RAM - it has only 10.3 installed (so I can't connect my ipod nano to it) - I have to do a lot today and I only want to sleep - I want to go home - all my data are gone because I was not able to make any backup-DVDs because of a DVD-problem - my BPAL-list is gone, too - my BPAL-order is not at home yet - my ipod case is not there yet - I am hungry Lets start with some of the nice things: - I love gym - my mom and Olli are telling me that I look already better, healthier, not that white any more - we bought an ipod - and I love it - I copied some Yö CDs on it and realized how much I love them - I ordered the newest Yö-CD and I hope it arrives this week - the sun is shining - we had a wonderful weekend - this weekend is the game trade show and I am allowed to spend quite some money (oh, but I forgot, the newest version of my wishlist was on my imac, too) - I think about buying a Yö-T-Shirt - I will get some French Fries today Okay, I guess that's it. It's really an up and down.