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  1. gasolinemonk

    Tattie Bogle

    i love it, which is not surprising to me at all. i love all the sharp, bitter, musty scents. anything with gunpowder is guaranteed to win me. i find it very comforting. smells dry and warm to me, without being cloying. it reminds me of the old barn on my parent's land. hay and wood and leather and old clothes. i have trouble with a lot of the more "perfumey" scents; they tend to give me a headache. but this is one that i can slather on without fear. whether or not the people around me will be put off by me smelling like a barn is not my problem.
  2. gasolinemonk

    The Seekim

    gather round, my children, for an epic tale of greatest highs and ruinous disaster. THE SEEKIM WET: chocolate. mmmmmmmm chocolate. ON PAPER: powdery chocolate, with something spicy (the pepper) and something clean (the hay). absolutely lovely. nom nom nom. too much chocolate is awful but this is just right. WET ON SKIN: I want to eat my wrist. DRY ON SKIN: I still want to eat my wrist. CONCLUSION: YES. YES. DELICIOUS. wait - oh fuck, it's separated in the bottle and I didn't even notice. COMMENCE GENTLY ROLLING TO MIX IN THE SEPARATED PARTS. THE SEEKIM: TAKE 2 WET: nom nom nom chocolate but oh wait! something else... hay! oooohhh so much more there, now that I've mixed it up, and such a boon! before, it verged on being too much chocolate but now, not at all. oh this is even better than before I mixed it up. ON PAPER: so much pepper! so much hay! so much patchouli! and all held together by the chocolate! this is EXCELLENT. WET ON SKIN: (shuddering with pleasure. taking long, rattling sniffs.) I could wear this all day. this is amazing. this is... shit. it dried. DRY ON SKIN: furniture polish. fuck. CONCLUSION: HOLY GOD DELICIOUS for about three minutes. then the hay turns to furniture polish.
  3. gasolinemonk


    YGGDRASIL WET: woody, with a hint of freshly brushed teeth. ON PAPER: clean, but still very woody. clean in the same way that a forest smells clean even though you know it is the precise opposite of clean. a bit of petrichor. very pleasant, really. WET ON SKIN: minty fresh! the toothpaste smell is back. definitely some leaves and some wood in there too. DRY ON SKIN: the toothpaste smells fades away (not that a toothpaste smell is bad, quite the contrary). smells like if you peel a section of bark off a tree and sniff. i was expecting a wet leaf smell, but there's none of that. very dry, clean, woody smell. CONCLUSION: I quite like it. I might wear it. reminds me of home (I grew up in the woods).
  4. gasolinemonk

    Centzon Totochtin

    hokay! WET: chocolate. straight up chocolate. well... maybe like, chocolate with raspberries or cherries. I see a lot of people are saying they smell coffee - I don't get coffee at all. no bitterness. sweet. VERY sweet. ON PAPER: still very sweet, but i'm getting a little bit of bitterness - but it's wine bitterness, not coffee bitterness. but over all very very sweet. WET ON SKIN: chocolate. chocolate chocolate chocolate. fruit. smells like a rich fat lady who wears a lot of makeup and buys boxes of chocolates for herself daily. DRY ON SKIN: gets a little powdery, not as lush when it dries. maybe a little flowery, but just a little. I'm not smelling any blood, like the notes promise. it still smells to me like a box of chocolates, although maybe an old, slightly stale box of chocolates. CONCLUSION: i like it. but it makes me want chocolate. wouldn't wear it, unless I worked in a candy store. nobody around you would be able to think about anything but chocolate, especially since it seems to last pretty well and has a strong throw.
  5. gasolinemonk


    arrighty! my first review. TROLL: WET: oddly clean. almost burns my nose a little. herb-y. ON PAPER: more herb-y. much less clean. I feel like... if I smelled this when I walked into someone's house, I'd be afraid. WET ON SKIN: weird. spicy-clean. ozone-y. fungus-y. smells like... an old cabin in the woods my parents made us stay in one summer. mold and bleach and old fights. oddly enough, I kind of like it. DRY ON SKIN: more bleach, trying to cover up rotten, sour things. the cleanness is coming back. this smells like a serial killer's house. fades relatively quickly, stays close to the skin. not overpowering. CONCLUSION: transfixing, the way a serial killer can be transfixing. wear it if you want to scare someone.