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  1. TrueStar

    The House

    I put this in my oil burner in the living room. It made its presence known around the house very quickly. It's powerful and sharp. The wood and incense are prominent with a bit of rose to back it up. When my fiance walked in, he said the house smelled like a ladies dressing room, but he likes it. Not an everyday scent for me, but nice.
  2. TrueStar

    El Dia de los Reyes

    Nothing but hot cocoa in the imp and wet on the skin. Delicious, but...the chocolate fades away into something that all chocolate scents so far have done to me. I don't like what it turns into...overly sweet. No cinnamon or coffee for me.
  3. TrueStar

    The Peacock Queen

    Single note rose. Nothing complex, but it seems it doesn't need to be. Beautiful for those who would enjoy rose, but it's just not for me.
  4. TrueStar

    Midnight Kiss

    At first the cocoa is the dominant scent. After a couple of hours, the wine amps up and that's all there is too it. It smelled sweet and fruity, but it's not my thing.
  5. TrueStar


    I get the whole dark and sensuous thing with Sin, but I don't like it. I don't know what it is, but it's powdery and ...like bad incense. There is a bit of spiciness, which I've liked with other scents, but there is just something in here that doesn't get along with me.
  6. TrueStar


    Rose....all day. No change, just rose. Did I mention this is all rose on me? I'm not a fan of rose, so off to the swap pile it goes.
  7. TrueStar

    Cobra Lily

    Herbal, and a bit earthy. Kind of 'dark'? I enjoyed it for the short time it lasted which wasn't very long at all. It's heady and has a bit of a bite. I've never smelled lilies that I know of, but if this the norm I'd like to try out others. I'll keep the imp, bot not getting a bottle. Doesn't last long at all on me.
  8. TrueStar

    The Ghastly Garden

    I tend to go for green scents and bought a decant to try it out. It's very green, but it's also very citrus. I didn't like the citrus. It didn't go away for a long time ,but when it does it's an OK green scent. I wanted to like that, but the citrus lasts too long.
  9. TrueStar

    The Lurid Library

    This scent really is what the title implies. It has the scent of an old dusty library with leather bound books. It's not overpowering, but it is long lasting on me. I love this! I bought a bottle for myself because it goes so well with my bookish personality.
  10. TrueStar


    This is the most bizarre BPAL scent I have ever tried. I swear, I didn't smell anything. Nothing in the bottle and nothing on the skin. When I let my fiance smell is, he recoiled in disgust. It actually made him cough. He said it smelled like insecticide to him. It's so weird...
  11. TrueStar

    Pumpkin IV (2007)

    I wanted to try a pumpkin scent ad picked this one because I was interested in the cactus and sweetgrass. I had never tried any of the pumpkins since I got into BPAL. I opened the decant and ...GUH. So strong...I pushed it away. It's too much. Then my fiance smelled it from a distance and said he kind of liked it. So I put some on. Once it calmed down, we started to fall in love with it. It's warm and a bit spicy. It's a great fall scent and it's yummy! We couldn't stop sniffing it. I was sure I was going to trade this away, but I bought a bottle because...we loves the Pumpkin IV. Yes we do.
  12. TrueStar

    Wolf Moon 2007

    I first put this one and was smothered in Pine-Sol. By the time I left for work...maybe half an hour, it lighted up a bit and got sweeter. I could smell a bit of he berry. Eventually the strong pine was good, but still woodsy and sweet with the berries. I liked this by mid-day. Not in love with it though. This is a cold, outdoors scent for me.
  13. TrueStar

    Singing Moon

    In the bottle, this smelled pretty minty...which I didn't like. I tried it on and hoped it would change. It certainly did! The mint went away and it became very green and herbal. It also had a bite to it...spicy. Perhaps it was the salt. I can definately sense the 'autumn feel'. It's very powerful on me...and now and then with the dab I put on..I can smell it and it's really nice. I love this very much and need a bottle.
  14. TrueStar

    The Emathides

    This scent has no personality for me. In the bottle and immediately on the skin, it smells like sharp perfume. After awhile, it changes to potpourri. I couldn't pick out any individual scents and I just really felt 'blah' about it. This will be traded away.
  15. TrueStar


    When I first applied this, it smelled like...plastic to me. It was really bad and I don't know what part of it would smell that way. After a few minutes, the plastic smell went away and it got floral...really floral. Very violet. Too floral girly for me. This was a frimp, but unfortunately not for me.