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  1. gniwle

    Scents of India

    Anything with cardamom! If you can find it, maybe try Gypsy from the Metamorphosis collection.
  2. gniwle


    This is delightful! On me, it's crisp and GREEN with a tiny dust of spice. It's one of those scents that I was a little confused about, but now I can't stop smelling my wrist.
  3. gniwle


    I was trying to think of the perfect way to describe this, and I think I've finally got it. Maenad smells exactly like strawberry PEZ. Spot on.
  4. gniwle

    Halloween 2011 Must Haves!

    Holy carp, Nothing but Death is so so so gorgeous. It doesn't help that the poem is too, but it's just really, really lovely. Violets and a little fruity, but still not overly sweet or sugary. *_* In other news, has anyone (other than KittyHawk! I read your comment on it in another thread ) tried Araw ng mga Patay? ...Bueller?
  5. gniwle


    This will be a very short review. On me, Aeval is... sweet pea, and sweet pea! Seriously.
  6. gniwle

    Nothing But Death

    Holy crap. This is amazing. It's a blast of violets, all mixed up with greenery. It's just a touch aquatic (I love aquatics), but it never goes to that masculine place a lot of aquatics end up mired in. It's got just the tiniest bit of citrus/fruitiness to brighten things up, but I don't feel like that's a big factor here. This is a very dark purple kind of scent and omg I love it so much. *O* I want to bathe in this!
  7. gniwle

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I posted a few label photos here A few weenies, and some other odds and ends.
  8. gniwle

    Candied Pumpkin

    This one is awesome. To me, it smells like pumpkin and bread. Not pumpkin bread, though! The most noteable thing about Candied Pumpkin was the sillage, though. I opened it for a sniff in my room, and it spread all through the place! Seriously, it was all I could smell for like 10 whole minutes. Lovely!
  9. gniwle

    Crypt King

    This is intoxicating. It's fruity, and a little bit dirty, and definitely sexy. This review will be absolute crap, because this is so well blended that I can't even begin to break it down properly. I will note that there's very little sillage and it stays close to the skin... but that's ok, I only look a little bit like I'm trying to eat my own arm!
  10. gniwle

    Black Rose

    Rose and butter. Seriously. But they're gorgeous roses, and it's gorgeous butter! I agree that this is a "mature" scent, but at the same time it's sexy and in control. I love it. *_*
  11. gniwle

    Queen of Sheba

    Almonds! WAH! Spicy almonds! Yep, love it. Seriously, though: Spicy almonds is a pretty thorough review for this one. It starts sweet and almondy, and then the spice kicks in. Great sillage, too!
  12. gniwle


    OH MAN this is good. My descriptions will probably be a bit strange, but ... well. To me, this is fuzzy and the musk is just a bit powdery (which I love)... it's like a powdery teddy bear. It also smells just a wee bit like a swimming pool- especially wet. I told you my description might be a little weird. but no, really, Haunted is a powdery teddy bear sitting poolside. I need a big bottle of this asap.
  13. gniwle


    On me, this is MANGO with fig in the background. Like, if I wave my wrist under my nose, it's mango, but if I press my nostrils up against my arm and huff, I can find the fig. Delicious.
  14. gniwle

    Please recommend powdery blends

    Psychological horror!
  15. gniwle


    Mmm this is nice. I'm a huge sucker for anything Arthurian, so this was one to try anyway. Very much a purple scent. Like, dark, hazy violet. I smell jasmine in the front, and resins in the back.