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  1. Kuba


    Ugh no. It smells like straight up forrest air refresher or one of those scented cardboard trees that you put in your car. I have no idea how people get Skittles from that??? It is a huge disappointment because I didn't expect musk and myrrh (!) to smell like a refreshed toilet. It doesn't have a strong throw nor a particular lasting power.
  2. Kuba

    Snow White

    2010 version Gurl. This one is good. I received a sniffie with a swap but managed to get some oil out by hitting the imp against my wrist lol. Then I just rubbed it on my neck and wow it must be a really long lasting perfume if this little has such a strong throw and doesn't really fade. I've had this drop for about 11h and I can still smell it. I really love Lab's snow note in it. It's crisp, fluffy and light, just perfect. I really don't like florals but I can't really smell them in this one? It doesn't have that nasty artificial/funeral flowers smell to it. It's not a complicated scent. Simple, sweet, crisp and pleasant without being citrusy (Gods save me from citruses). It doesn't morph much, it's just more perfumy in the wet stage and then it stays true. I don't think I'm going to get an decant of it because it's not my regular type of scent but it was a pleasant experience to try it.
  3. Kuba

    The Unsavory Grave-Diggers

    Oh well. When I first got it in the mail I could smell dirt and weeds but then I let it sit for a couple of days. Now I'm left with pretty much boozy weeds. I was really hoping for that dirt or oakwood note to show up but to no avail. The boozy note is not very alcoholic. It's sort of sweet like in Devil's Night. The weeds are nice, not too green but quite juicy. Overall it's a pleasant scent but I was hoping for something more dirty and graveyard appropriate and not so... lively?
  4. Kuba

    Blood Kiss

    WOW, just wow. This is lovely! In the imp: I could smell a strong cherry note which worried me because I really don't like it especially when it's Cherry Coke like. On skin: The cherry disappears almost right away but stays there along with the wine note and gives a certain juiciness to the fragrance. It's nice, you can't really distinguish them as individual notes but they're there and working. It's just gorgeous. Not really what I expected but I'm happy either way. Vanilla is really creamy but has some 'golden' quality thanks to honey ( you know like when you smell raw honey and you get that sharp tingle in your nose). I can't really detect any vetiver but the blend would be too cloying without it so it must be here, toning it down. Clove and poppy ??? The musk in here is not really a feral one. It's more of a skin musk. It's subtle and makes a great base for the fragrance. The drydown reminds me Halloween: Las Vegas. Creamy vanilla is kind of like frosting in the other one and they both have vine note in them with the exception that Blood Kiss doesn't smell like jelly beans. So good, loves it. 5/5
  5. Kuba

    Phoenix Steamworks

    Burnished gold and oiled bronze notes with Abramelin incense and sage. I actually like this perfume. I really enjoy sage in any form but I hoped for something more. I really hoped it would be like the gold note in El Dorado but it's nothing like it. I can't even smell anything particularly metallic in it. It's just bright, herbal sage with some generic incense underneath. Also the throw is not impressive at all. I can't really smell it unless I spin around or sniff my wrist. Ugh, I haven't had any luck with the Steamworks fragrances. They're gorgeous but seem to have an accelerated life cycle. I put them on, they morph, fade away and disappear. All within an hour :/.
  6. Kuba


    It's got to be one of my biggest disappointments. It's smells really amazing in the imp, just how I imagined it to be. There's that sharp sweetness, almost sugary and I can definitely sense the desert breeze. It's got that authentic Arabian/desert vibe to it. It's sweet and spicy, baked in dry heat . But here comes the disappointment. The moment I put it on I can't smell anything. It just simply disappears. It has virtually no throw. And I used about 1/3 of the imp in my desperation. I really loved that fragrance so much and I wanted it to work on me but nope. It's barely detectable even if I put my wrist to my nose. I don't know what's the deal about it. It's quite faint in the vial, it's also very light and the consistency is much more watery than of my other oils. I'm really so sad about it. I wasn't sure if maybe my skin's chemistry was playing tricks on me so I put a drop of Mme. Moriarty on and bam! I was surrounded with thick, fragrant fumes.
  7. Kuba

    Anne Bonny

    Oki doki so for me it's pretty much a lighter version of Cathedral. I can mainly smell woody, resinous incense. It's not as thick and deep as in Cathedral, it's like a watered down take on it. The scent doesn't really morph, it stays true and has a decent throw and lasting power. It's nice even though I can't detect any patchouli and I definitely prefer Cathedral for its deepness. Thank.
  8. Kuba


    ??? I get no tangerine whatsoever. Saffron maybe brightens it up a little bit but that's it for the bright part. It's a very heave, dark scent. I mostly get vetiver and wood. I can't really detect amber. It is very similar to Sloth only it doesn't make me nauseous and I can wear it all day. I don't want to say it's lighter but maybe less murky? It just doesn't have that sickening quality to it. I have to note that I just received it today and it's been through a transcontinental, hot journey so maybe the tangerine note will come out when it settles a little bit in my drawer? Who know.
  9. Kuba


    It was a strange little journey with this one. WHen I first got it over a year ago it was a high pitched citrusy scent with velvet-like undertone, or something smooth similar to Black Opal. I didn't like it at all and immediately dismissed it. Now, after a year I was just sitting with my Imp box, going through various scents trying to decide what to wear when I pulled Lurid out of my stash. I decided to give it another go since I know how oils can age. And wow, this is a completely different scent now. I can definitely smell the lavender. I have a little pouch filled with dried lavender from Provence and the note in Lurid is pretty much the same. There is something beneath it that grounds the whole blend but it's very subtle so I'm guessing it's the thick resins. Black currant was present only in the wet stage, now it's mostly gone leaving a little bit of juiciness and what gives Lurid that high-pitched quality is the ozone note but it's not something sharp and artificial like in Lightning. White musk smooths everything out with that light, powdery smell. Overall it's a nice, chic fragrance but unfortunately it has a very weak throw. I can barely smell it unless I sniff my wrist and because it has ozone and black currant it might have a tendency to go soapy/sour on some people.
  10. Kuba

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Hello there! A good while ago I bought 'Africanimal' which was a perfume that came out with MAC Naked Honey collection. It was one of those confident/sexy scents. Apparently my mom loved it even more because she kept stealing it from my drawer. Anyway, I managed to find the notes of it: bergamot, freesia, pink pepper, honey, jasmine, orange blossom, black pepper, oud, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, frankincense, vanilla. I personally can't smell any bergamot or freesia. It's a very heavy and heady scent with pepper, woods and honey being predominant notes. There might be some citrusy sweetness in the background but it's very faint and well blended. I would really like to find something similar for my mom (yeah, who am I kidding, mostly for myself) to enable her even more to BPAL and I just don't feel like buying the same thing again not to mention I'm completely converted to BPAL and I can't imagine wearing anything else. I would really appreciate your help.
  11. Kuba

    Scents for dreaming

    It's The Grandmother of Ghosts for me. Not only does it induce dreams, it also helps you to fall asleep. The thing I've noticed though is that the dreams I'm having when wearing that perfume are very cold, set in the evening or with a blue tint. It kind of reminds me of that scene in Deathly Hallows when the wedding get's terrorized by Death Eaters and Harry has to run. I hope those are the kind of dreams you're looking for haha.
  12. Kuba

    something NOT sexy

    Yorick or Zombi would probably be the most repellant scents but the thing is that it might be hard to do any business when people keep getting whiffs of dirt and graveyard. And you have to be pretty bold to wear it yourself too (I normally wear it to school but then again - I'm weird). It should keep everyone, not only men, at distance unless they is necrophilia involved haha.
  13. Kuba

    Blood scents

    Thank you all very much! I looked around forum sales and I've found quite a few of the scents from your recommendations. Even the Unfortunate Shopping Cart. So I am going to be giving them a try after the Weenies update
  14. Kuba

    Blood scents

    Oh I'd love to try The Bloody Sword but it's probably going to be hard to find in imp of it. I'm definitely going to get Nosferatu with my next order then!
  15. Kuba

    Blood scents

    Hello everyone from (still) a newbie! I know it might appear utterly freaky and even disgust some of you but I really want to find a blend that smells like real blood (not Dragon's Blood just to clarify ). And is there any better place to look for such scents than BPAL? I don't think so. Therefore I'm turning to you guys because being so new here I don't even have any idea where to begin to search . I don't really know how else I could specify what I'm looking for. When I'm thinking of blood I have thick, warm, slightly salty and metallic scent on my mind if that could help. I hope I won't scare you all off! See you on the forums .