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  1. Hayet

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    My daughter just fell in love with and promptly spilled my entire bottle of 2012 Atrocious Attic. It's been so long since I've collected BPAL and I'm no longer familiar with the scents...does anyone else love this one, and have a BPAL scent that is similar? Here are the notes: A shadowy shrine filled with forgotten toys, broken dolls. The altar: a collapsing trunk distended by a rotted wedding gown. The air of the room is dusty, laced with the scent of a child's perfume and the remnants of a dried, crumbling bridal bouquet: tea rose, violet, white sandalwood, French lavender, and Calla lily. Thanks! Lesley
  2. I'm finally running out of my L'Estate atmospheric spray...I've never found a perfume that is similar to it. Suggestions?
  3. Hayet


    This scent smells so beautiful! I'm probably using it wrong, but I dab a bit on whenever I'm feeling totally overwhelmed by life. It does make me feel like I can accomplish everything I need to do. Mostly? I just love the scent. I can't describe it...sort of incensey amber, with an herbal grounding. The camphor gives it just a hint of menthol, but not in a bad way. Sort of vibrant and fresh.
  4. Hayet


    I've been using abundance on a money draw bag after a series of financial hits. Hubby just applied for and got an extremely well-paying position in the span of 8 days. Pretty spectacular results!
  5. Hayet

    Love Oil 7

    This really is super-effective! But I also feel like I might need something less pure aphrodisiac and more "rekindle love" too. This one is just what it advertises. Pure desire for sex, a bit divorced from finer feelings. It's a lovely, lovely scent...rose, with a bit of almond or amaretto. It reminds me a little of Black Phoenix, without the cola.
  6. Hayet


    rich, buttery, hot chocolate. It stays pure chocolate on me and lasts for hours. I find most cocoa blends bitter and sort of moldy-smelling, but this one smells just like you've ripped open a childhood pack of Swiss Miss. To my nose, nearly identical to El Dia Del Reyes, so grab a bottle if you missed that one!
  7. Hayet

    La Primavera

    I thought I'd like this one the least, as it has three flowers that HATE me: tuberose, jasmine, and ylang ylang. However, this is the blend that makes me love even those usually too-sappy, sickly sweet flowers (just as Lucifer was the blend that won me over to vetiver). This blend is fresh and sweet and heady, perfectly blended to be a multicolored floral (seriously...bold, primary colors in this one, or bright shades of violet and yellow and green) that lasts and lasts on me. There's something in the background that gives it an almost minty zing without being minty- something breathy and fresh like wintergreen. I simply adore this blend. I'm finding that E Pluribus Unum is a similarly beautifully blended floral in the same spirit as this one, but in different shades. Beth has an amazing talent with florals that can turn even a picky floral curmudgeon like me into a raving fan.
  8. Hayet


    This one was the surprise hit of the four seasons for me. I find apple scents generally headache-inducing, but this one is just simply gorgeous. There's spice, and smoke, and mulled cider, and burning leaves...it is truly autumn in a bottle. It reminds me a lot of the harvest moons, with more depth. It also reminds me quite a lot of Fearful Pleasure, too- a good substitute if you missed this one.
  9. Hayet


    I really like this one about an hour or so after I put it on. It's gorgeous all throughout, but it's the whiffs of vanilla-amber throughout the day that make me keep this blend around. It's rare for me to find a scent that lasts all day, but this one does. Oddly, I don't think "summer" when I wear it. Easter, maybe. It's much more of a spring scent to me.
  10. Hayet

    Huesos De Santo

    Add me to the list of folks who get creamy orange creamsicle goodness from this blend, which dries down into a comforting vanilla-anise cake combination. Just utter yum.
  11. Hayet

    Le Père Fouettard

    Wet: really foul, actually- the coal dust/leather combination smells rather like tar on me, and doesn't mesh with the anise at all! Leather and I do NOT get along. Dry: once the leather fades, this is a really gorgeous vanilla licorice (perhaps a little sassafrass in there, too?) scent that lasts for hours and hours. But the initial leather notes really turn me off, I'm afraid.
  12. Hayet

    Snow Bunny

    Not so spooky, right? Here's to finally being able to hit the slopes again! Soft white powder snow with a touch of youthful girlie perfume. I don't know why I dissed this one last year (two years ago?)- perhaps because it does resemble Snow Moon, which came out at the time. Trying it again the second time around, I appreciate its uniqueness. It does start off with the "snow" note which makes all the winter scents smell identical to me, but the drydown is pure fluffy sweetness. It's very girly indeed.
  13. Hayet

    The Head of Holofernes

    This is a very grape-y scent. That's all it was on my skin- hours of grapes. Not bad, but not really a standout scent either. I certainly didn't think of a severed head when I kept getting whiffs of this lovely scent!
  14. Hayet

    The Sea Rat

    My husband says this is straight up Irish Spring. I like it, but it's extremely strong and long-lasting. An imp will be fine! ETA: I'm considering getting a bottle of this one...I think I'm a secret fan of Beth's ambergris. This actually smells like a masculine, spicier version of Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, one of my top ten.
  15. Hayet


    I love all the listed notes, and I love mole. If you're at all a fan of these notes, this is a truly marvellous, snuggly, earthy blend. Warm earth with a slight hint of masculine cologne (though I don't find it masculine at all on me), and I'm sure it will just get better with age. Equally lovely on my husband, too.