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    Signature Scents: 'Haunted' and 'Cathedral'. I am forever searching for wonderful sandalwoody scents, but also like scents in the Resin / Incense / Smoky ~and~ Oriental / Gourmand / Spicy scent families. And, I'm a sucker for Pomegranate, Lilac, Wisteria, Tea Rose, Nag Champa and Hyacinth. My 'Top Ten', which is actually a 'Top 20', changes frequently, so you'll have to check the link in my signature to see what the story with it right now is. The one scent I am literally married to, is "Angel" by Thierry Mugler. I go through bottles of this scent like WATER. It's become my signature scent over the last 5 years. There's just nothing like it in the world, and it layers so well with various BPAL scents, including O, Old Morrocco, Bliss, and Velvet. But, I have way too many perfumes, way too many bottles in my shower, and, all together too many bathing goodies. Oh, the hardships of being a Witchy woman who wants to smell nice! Does it ever end? No. It doesn't :)

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    “Right, you be the Pope.”<br /><br />“No, I don’t want to. You be the Pope.”<br /><br />“No…”<br /><br />“Look, the toast is burning, oh, no!”
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    Aries/Pisces Cusp - Pisces Rising - Moon in Pisces - I'm just sunshine in a bottle, what can I say? )O(
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  1. You know what scent I wear a lot when I'm dancing?? Believe it or not... "Anne Bonny". Anne Bonny smells the most like a belly dance scent to me. More so than a pirate scent. But I also wear "Tushnamatay", and "Cathedral", too, which most people wouldn't associate with dance by the descriptions. On me, the resin and spice bases REALLY jump out. And to me, that's what dance scents should smell like. Spice... warm... inviting. -L
  2. MissAnthropy

    Recs for those who can't do sweet perfumes?

    So you'd probably like 'Ozone/Marine/Fresh'' scents... you can look for those in the search engine by that scent family listing. You might like 'Embalming Fluid'. Or how about 'Sea of Glass'. Or 'Danube' which isn't floral AT ALL for me, but mostly fresh and watery. Namaste, Leslie
  3. MissAnthropy

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    Each bottle of Chaos Theory is truly unique, a fragrant fractal, and exercise in the joy of chance and uncertainty! Each is a one-of-a-kind, utterly random combination of scents, the composition of which is based on whim, mood and gut instinct. Chaos Theory LXXXVII (87?? I failed Roman Numerals 101, sorry!!) One word: SARSAPARILLA!!!!! Well, I'm sure there's a lot of other notes in there, two of which are definitely anise and sandalwood, but the sarsaparilla is over powering pretty much everything. When I wear it, I smell like one of those root beer hard candies - the ones shaped like the little barrels? Tre' Yum. And, this baby has lasting power. Oh boy does she ever!!!! I am so much happier with my CTII than I was with the first one. I am NOT a floral person, and my CTI was all florals. My CT? All spicy and warm. Just how I like it. -Leslie
  4. MissAnthropy


    In the bottle: fresh, bright, ozone. VERY ozone. On: such an oddly clean, and yet almost too soapy scent on me. I don't smell any 'dark' types of notes in it. I can't really even pick out any notes other than something a little herbal. And even more strange, the more I wear it, the more soapy it gets. Final thought: I think perhaps if this was an actual soap scent, I would LOVE it. But, I've never been one for ozone scents, and this one is not only ozone-y, but, very laundry detergent-ish. Like how I make up my own words to describe things? I think perhaps this one is going into the swap pile. I know someone else out there is going to love this. It's just not for me. -Leslie
  5. MissAnthropy

    Antique Lace

    In the bottle: Vanilla... entwined ever so perfectly with what I consider to be a more 'powdery' floral combination. It also smells very much like a lingering perfume scent you might detect on someone's clothing. The vanilla is demure, and yet, it's the most prominent of the notes in this blend. I like that. Another thing I find endearing about this scent, is it seems to be very personal. It smells like... home. It smells like... my Mom. It smells like an emotion. How weird is that? Ok. Yeah, I'm weird. On: The scent has become very clean smelling, and warmer. I don't think I've smelled many warm *and* clean scents, so this one is really unique. But, I suspect the warmth may have something to do with my own body heat and chemistry. For some reason, I'm detecting cinnamon. But maybe that's just me. It's not very singular, but, I swear I smell cinnamon. An hour later: This is where I make the final decision that 'Antique Lace' is a scent I am going to cherish. Why? Because it has STAYING POWER. It hasn't faded much at all. I can smell it all over me, and even around me. And, I'm not sick of it. Not even a little. Yup. She's a keeper. I shall covet thee bottle... until you are dry Why must I fall in love with discontinued scents. Why oh why!!! -Leslie
  6. MissAnthropy

    Grandmother of Ghosts

    I don't know why, but when I'm wearing this blend, I feel as if I'm sitting in tall grass, mingled with breath taking wild flowers. The blend isn't woody at all on me, and I don't detect any pepper at all. Just... flowers... and a warm, lingering note of white musk. I had assumed this scent would fade fast from my skin, but I was wrong. It really stuck around. I put some in one of my scent lockets, and, it REALLY held it's ground. Very nice -Leslie
  7. MissAnthropy

    Beltane 2005-06

    Beltane... slather it on and prepare to dance around the Maypole! This Festival scent is just bursting with the joy of The Goddess, the Sarcred Rituals of Beltane, and all it's merrymaking!!! I think there may even be a Faerie in my bottle This blend is BRIGHT: the flowers of Spring... Tulips, maybe some Daffodils, definitely fresh, uncut wild grass, and some spice (or at least I think I detect some spicy goodness! In fact, I'm sure I detect some smudging type spices and herbs). It's also a slightly watery scent, which makes me think of the showers of April that bring the May flowers. But as a whole, it does have a fresh cut bouquet scent. Perhaps it's the fresh cut bouquet of flowers making up a gorgeous hand fasting head wreath. Or maybe this is the scent wafting from the floral offerings of Beltane. The possibilities are endless. Then again, this is Beltane we're talking about here. Fresh. New beginnings. Awakenings. Sunshine. Celebration! And I have to add that I think this is one heck of a sexy little blend. I did not think it would be, but, oh mama, is it ever. I'm not big on florals, but this one... yeah, I love her. The May Queen is alive and well, and swimming around in this amazing Black Phoenix Blend!!! -Leslie
  8. MissAnthropy

    Hexennacht (2005, 2016, 2019)

    Hexennacht has just joined the ranks amongst my favorite BPAL scents of all time. Of course, it's a Limited Edition. For some reason, I always seem to fall in love with the LE's. Tis a curse I tell you!! In the bottle: my friends and I have evening bonfire gatherings quite frequently during the late spring, summer, and fall. Many of BPAL's scents remind me of the late spring, and autumn gatherings, but Hexennacht is *definitely* my summer bonfire scent. Since the bonfires are often out near the woods, close to all kinds of evergreens and other greenery, there is always this scent drifting through the air... a woodsy, warm scent, laced with the smoke of the bonfire, and dew covered grass. Hexennacht is *ALL* of those, in one, magical blend. It's dead on accurate, and I'm floored. On: It fades down to a more smoky scent, but the herbal undertones are still there. Gorgeous. I am so happy that my chemistry hasn't eaten this one alive. That would have been heart breaking. Conclusion: As I said before... magical. Perfection. During the cold winter months, when I am longing for a bonfire, and all that comes with it, I will wear Hexennacht, -Leslie
  9. MissAnthropy

    The Ides of March 2005

    First whiff: green, very herbal, lightly floral. Lemony! The first whiff gave me a nice impression of most of the notes, but the rosemary is definatly the strongest. It's not obnoxious, thank goodness. This is a very fresh scent. On: WOWZERS. Here comes the rosemary in a BIG WAY! Again, it's strong, but it's not obnoxious. I can wear this out, and I'm not too worried that people will think I smell like a spice rack. I'm glad it wore down to smell like this, because I was also worried I'd end up smelling like nothing but lemon. Lemon noted scents always worry me just a little because for some reason, my chemistry grabs on to the lemon and expands on it Later: Sadly, this nice scent has faded into oblivion for me. Now, all that's left is a faint, medicinal scent. A quick re-app brings the entire scent back - rosemary and all, but, a blend that requires me to reapply it in order to avoid a strange dry-down scent, is kind of a problem when I'm out someplace. So, this will be more of a 'at home' scent, and a locket scent for sure. I like it. But, I don't LOVE it. I wanted to love it, considering my Birthday is in March. Maybe with time, and warmer weather, this scent will grow on me. I hope, I HOPE!!!! -Leslie
  10. MissAnthropy

    Sandalwood Scents

    Nope. I seem to pick up on a sandalwood note in it, too. It just doesn't seem strong enough to me. I like Hamadryad, but as I was telling people the other day, there's something in it that does not like my skin. I think it may be the cinnamon (which we deducted may be cassia). I can wear it on my wrists, and no where else. If I do, it stings and irritated my skin, especially on my neck. -Leslie
  11. MissAnthropy

    Sandalwood Scents

    AH HA!!!!! I re-found the Sandalwood thred (well, Andra found it for me). THANK GOODNESS!! I am with VorpalBunny. I like Queen Mab, but she doesn't SCREAM sandalwood the way I want a scent to. In fact, I am still trying to find what refer to as "The Sandalwood Scent of My Dreams". It *was* Noir - which, though it did not list it as a note, was perfectly sandalwoody to me. Now I'm hooked on Cathedral. And, I'm ordering either a 5ml or 10ml of it, but... I keep thinking I'm missing out on some other fantastic sandalwood scents. In fact, I know I am. So... does anyone have any suggestions for me? -Leslie
  12. MissAnthropy


    I decided to slather some Cathedral on. I sniffed it once a long time ago, and tossed it into the imp box. I think I was uninterested in it because at the time, I was more into lilac and violet noted scents. I didn't pay much attention to resins. And I did NOT notice the sandalwood in this scent when I first sniffed it. Oh... my... stars. I'm so sorry I passed this scent by for so long! All I can say is... SANDALWOOD! My beloved, beloved sandalwood. A little more cedar than sandalwood, but oh, the sandalwood is divine. I know some folks don't like this scent because it smells, well, pretty much just like a church. Woody. Resin. Incense. Warm burning smokey kind of scent. It lingers. And it sticks. But for me... it's beautiful. This is going to be a 10ml for me. ASAP. -Leslie
  13. MissAnthropy


    I am so very sad that this scent was discontinued. I received it recently in a swap, and it's fabulous. Cinnamon... but not over powering cinnamon. And, it's not a sickly sweet cinnamon based scent, either. That's what I find so alluring about it. Same with the clove. It's there, and it's perfect... not too strong, murky, or obnoxious. There's such a balance to this scent. There seems to be other notes in there as well, but picking them out is hard. I think I decent some sandalwood, but, the clove and cinnamon are the most prominent notes, and for me it's hard to sniff around em' Either way, this was a great experience. I received one compliment when I was wearing it. When I was at the vet with my puppy, the receptionist said, "Ooh! Who smells good!!!" - and that made me smile. -Leslie
  14. MissAnthropy

    "Warm" scents?

    Oh yes! Dragon's Milk for sure. And... I adore Intrigue, too. I find that to be a very warm scent. -Leslie
  15. MissAnthropy

    "Warm" scents?

    I personally find Hamadryad to be a very warm scent. Scylla mentioned Three Witches, too. Yes, I put that one in the warm scent category as well. But here are some of my other warm scents: Haunted, Velvet, Bliss, O, Morrocco, Jack (but I'm still using the original Jack, so I don't know about the current one), Ravenous, and Serpent's Kiss. And my all time favorite warm scent: Antique Lace... -Leslie