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  1. Inanna9

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    well, crap. I fell in love with my decant of Black Death and was going to order a bottle, but I'll be holding out until I hear what is going on with the new batch. Thanks for the heads up, guys.
  2. Inanna9

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Ooooooo....the vampire labels are everything I was hoping they would be. Nice work, Lab! And thanks for the pics, ladies. I usually avoid spoilers but I couldn't resist a peek this time.
  3. Inanna9

    Scents that give the "Black" color vibe

    Darkness is a good one if you like opium.
  4. Inanna9

    Season of the Inundation

    awesome dirt crack. Seriously, if the hit lasted more than 50 seconds this would be my absolute signature blend. I would wear it everywhere. But sadly, all soil note perfection quickly turns to perfumy perfume on me. It's worth keeping just for the first huff though. Crack, I tell you.
  5. Inanna9

    Plastic Pink Flamingo

    I've found it. My sugary-sweet Holy Grail. At last. Every other sweet candy blend has had something just a little bit off: Beaver Moon went a little too plastic cheesecake; Sticky Pillowcase had a brown sugar note that I didn't care for; Velvet Unicorn was too...toooo. Even my previous favorite, Treat #1 went a little too sharp for my taste. This one is perfect. The cream note is pure and marshmellowy instead of buttery or caramelized, the strawberry sugar is clear and pink and plastic-free, and the dandelion is just the right touch of fresh. This is my own personal Pink Princess scent. I feel like I'm wearing my Strawberry Shortcake flannel nightgown, clutching My Pretty Pony every time I put this on. Bottles and bottles, yes :love:
  6. Inanna9


    Prettiest soap scent ever. I mean it. And as a compliment, too This is so delicate and feminine and clean that i can't stop sniffing my wrist. It's soapy in the best way ever; a perfect scent if you need something pretty but neutral, or something to put on when you're wearing your crisp linen shirt or lounging around in your white fluffy robe and slippers. But that's just me. i love it. and even though I'm desperately trying to talk myself down from a massive bottle order before the Lupercalias go away, I'm finding it hard *not* to put this one on my MUST GET BOTTLE! list.
  7. Inanna9


    There's something in Fruit Moon that lifts my spirits; even when I think I'm not in the mood to wear it, I put it on and end up happy. Hungry Ghost Moon is the same way. Also: Sagittarius Moxie Tiki Queen Blue Fire Tarot: The Sun Jasmine Cottage Garden Path with Chickens El Dia de Reyes
  8. Inanna9

    The Gaoler's Daughter

    This reminds of a honeyed-up version of Kindly Moon. It's very pretty and feminine. Peaches and magnolias and a warm cozy amber honey-vanilla. The perfect scent to wear when Smut would be inappropriate. I like it a lot. I may try to track down more (and it's got me missing that bottle of Kindly Moon I sold off ).
  9. Inanna9

    Bah Humbug Atmospheric Spray

    stream of consciousness review: Wow, this smells much prettier than I expected it to. But at the same time, it almost has a masculine vibe. Mostly it's just rich, sweet and deep. I get primarily cedar and vanilla (and I'm guessing the benzoin gives it that little extra sweet kick) and a hint of generic holiday spice I can't attribute to anything in particular - but maybe that's the patchouli combined with the cedar. It all blends really well. Lovely, and not much patch or leather or twigs at all - and I think it was those notes that made me expect something more sinister. That's okay, I have All Hallow's Eve for that.
  10. Inanna9

    Green Party

    This is the lovely and sophisticated green in Orpheus combined with the lush dandelion meadow of Garden Path With Chickens. With maybe a dash of the bright juiciness in Green Phoenix. I'm feeling lazy today so comparisons are all I've got. My apologies to the new folks Needless to say, if you like Green you'll love this.
  11. Inanna9


    This is Sagittarius' demure little sister and Luperci's cousin. Starts out herbal and cozy, and then adds a soft floral note as it dries. OMG so pretty.
  12. Inanna9

    Brom Bones

    I haven't done a review in ages, but this one has knocked me over. I expected the musks to be much heavier and in-your-face, but I swear there's some of my beloved skin musk in here. I don't know, maybe it's just an illusion from the high-pitch of the leather accord (a leather that dries down to absolute perfection, btw). Regardless, this blend is much more suave and subliminal than I expected - pheromone-like, really. Totally evocative of a man's man, but the kind who talks softly and carries a big...stick. yeah. Thumbs up.
  13. Inanna9

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Oh thank you, stellans! Beautiful labels...
  14. Inanna9

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Anyone know if the new Schwarzer Mond and Lune Noire bottles have the same labels as last time?
  15. Inanna9


    From the Civet Evangelism sniffing circle (although I'm not sure there's civet in here): Hate sound like a certain celebutante skank, but...this is hawt. Satyr was one of the first BPALs I tried, and I remember at the time thinking it was just a wee bit too strong. My nose must be thoroughly broken in, because I'm positively swooning right now. This is Smut with cloves. It's sweet enough to be feminine, but if a man were sitting next to me wearing this right now...well, let's just say I wouldn't be typing. I want a bottle.