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    amber, rose, vanilla, musk, cotton candy (!!!). Body Shop's Nut line. Bpal: Blood Rose, Black Phoenix, Queen Mab, Spellbound, Dana O'Shee, Delirium, Haunted, Old Morocco, Tarot: The Empress


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  1. enozgirl


    Midway is very sweet, with a pinch of salt to really mellow out the sweetness. It's funnel cakes, candy corn, cotton candy, and warm sunshine all rolled into one. It does have a lot of throw to it, and everyone in the office is blaming me for the fact that we're all hungry now I was afraid with all the reviews that it's foody that it would suck on me, which overly foody things tend to (OY gluttony - had to scrub my wrists), but this is really really nice. I'm really glad I got two bottles. And I've been hiding it from the man, who's got a major sweet tooth (he stole my Pink Sugar!).
  2. enozgirl

    Rose Red

    I can't believe I never posted a review for this! *slaps self on backs of hands* I actually thought I lost the bottle of this. I'm so glad I didn't! In the bottle: It's like stepping into a florist's rose cooler. That overwhelming, in your face, scent that screams ROSE. It's roses, that have been just misted and are now safely chilled, waiting to be arranged into a fragrant bouquet. Wet: It's a rose. It's the whole rose. It's the petals. The leaves. The thorns. The dirt. The dew. Dry down: It looses a bit of the *punch* that it has when it's wet. It settles down into a fragrant bouquet of roses. It's that suprise bouquet that your dad sent you for your birthday from a "secret admirer".
  3. enozgirl


    Ooh... roses and leather. Two of my favorite scents. You've gotta pull me out of any leather store I enter. I love that smell. All I could imagine when I thought of this scent was how leather would smell after being in a room filled with roses. Mmmmmmm.... In the bottle: Ooh, it's roses. Big, juicy, falling off the vine because they're so full of scent roses. I'm not catching really anything else, which makes me sad because I *WANT* to smell that leather. Wet: I guess my skin amps up roses to the nth degree. All I can smell is roses. 1 Hour: The roses are still there, but they're getting that dry, soapy smell that Moon Rose became. 4 Hours: This isn't wafting anymore, like it did when it was still drying. The powdery scent is going away. The roses are still strong if I stick my wrist under my nose, and there's another scent there now. It doesn't really smell like leather to me. Just something else. Maybe that's the note, though, as I haven't really tried too many of the other leather scents.
  4. enozgirl


    This is, quite possibly, one of my favoritest amber scents ever. EVER! I keep smelling it and wondering, "Wow, what is that delicious amber scent" before I remember it's me In the bottle: It's amber, with a little bit of powdery scent. I was hesistant to try it out, as typically that powdery scent goes STRAIGHT into my skin and does-not-come-out. Wet: Mmm, this is yummy amber, with a little bit of that powderyness. There's a sharpness there, too. But it's playful. I think a bit from the apple blossom, though the apple scent is not very overpowering. It sort of hides in the background then peeks out every now and then. Dry down - several hours later: I love it. I can't stop sniffing my wrists. It's amber, with a little bit of something to make it "happy amber". I love the little bit of youthfulness that the florals give this amber. And it's a good wafting smell on me. I put it on at 'round 8:30am and it's after noon and it's still there. Hurray for a scent that my skin didn't immediately eat up! This reminds me a bit of Haunted, or Spellbound, but it's more woody. I can smell autumn on my wrist. Mmm, amber and apple blossom is DA BEST
  5. enozgirl

    Blood Kiss

    In the Bottle: It's a musky cherry/vanilla thing. I almost thought there was almonds in here for a second. It's got a nice woody quality, too. It's very dark and deep. It smells like a sensual massage oil that you'd slather over your favoritest person It's a smell that demands to be noticed. Wet: Woody vanilla. Egads, this is woody on me. I'm starting to get the cherry and wine, with a hint of something really sweet. Must be the honey (please, honey, don't go powdery on me this time!!!). It sort of smells a little bit like Hollywood Babylon on me. And HB is always a pleaser *innocent look*. This smells like HB's more "worldly" sister. She's been around the block a few times and knows the quickest way to get the man or woman that she's after. Dry (1 hour): Well, the honey's gone a lot powdery. It's a woody powder, tinted with a bit of vanilla and cherry wine. I had really high hopes for this on me. Oddly enough, it smells different on my wrists than on my neck. But since I tend to wear my oils all over, I'm going to have to give this one a pass on wearing. Dry (3 hours): Hrm, how interesting. Over the last few hours, I've noticed less and less of a "wretching powdery" smell and more honey... and vanilla... and muskiness...and wine. EGADS?! Has something actually beaten down the powdery smell and is allowing me to smell the actual oil again?!?! If honey goes bad on you like it normally does on me, and you can stand the powdery hour or so, this might be a good one for you. It's still a little powdery, but I'm smelling more of the other notes and less of the hideous powder than I was before. Overall: I don't think this is one I'm likely to wear again. I'd hate to have to go through that powder phase each time I touched up. And I still catch whiffs of powder instead of the goodness that is this oil when it's wet. I think I'll try the imp in a simmer pot, but after that, it's off to the swap pile.
  6. enozgirl

    Job Interview Recommendations

    I've gotta agree with antimony on all points.
  7. enozgirl

    Swallow's Blood

    I figured it's Monday, and if there's any day that I need peace of mind, it's Monday. In the bottle: Sweet spicy floral. Just sniffing seemed to clear my head and I felt a little blanket of peacefulness drape over my shoulders. Wet: I agree that this reminds me of Dragon's Tears. It's still very nice, floral and light. Sort of like flowers floating on a gently rolling ocean on a warm, warm day. Ah, now I can get to work and not be spazzed. Dry: Still aquatic, still floral. I do get some of the soapyness which is distracting. BUt overall, this is a really pretty scent. I'd use this on a candle, or in a warmer next time, not on me as the soapyness is too distracting to me. I can totally see where this would be something good to fall asleep to. But it seems to be great for releaving overall anxiety, which is a good thing to bring luck and aid with travel. *curls back up in her blanket of Swallow's Blood to face the rest of the day*
  8. enozgirl

    Dragon's Eye

    OOh more dragon yumminess! I can't wait to slather this on. I've loved all the other dragon fragrances I've tried so far! I've been doing a lot of meditative work concerning the Dragon's Eye (allowing us to see our true selves), so *crosses fingers* In the bottle: *sniff* Wait *sniff* Um... *sniff* It's just floral. With a good base, but it's mostly floral. I'm not getting any dragon's blood goodness in the bottle. But that's okay, cause it usually comes out on me anyway. Wet: Egads, I smell like a bouquet of flowers. This smells like the flowers I had at my communion. Drying: I still can't catch the dragon's blood note in this. The other flowers are pretty.... for someone else. I'm not much of a lily and lilac kinda gal. 7 Hours Later: Yes, people, this has amazing staying power for me. It's one of the few scents that I don't have to stick my wrist under my nose to catch a wiff of after a few hours. Unfortunately, all I'm smelling is the flowers. I keep thinking an old lady just walked by.
  9. enozgirl

    Scent for Halloween?

    I'm wearing Eternal, in honour of the Bride's flowers at the Haunted Mansion, which I will be riding 'til I get sick.
  10. enozgirl

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    I know if I slather on my Pumpkin Spice MMU lotion right after my shower, rather than waiting a little bit and THEN putting it on, I have a serious burning reaction to it. I've had that once with Snake Oil, and it was in a similar situation. I've used Snake Oil since that happened, and been fine. Just gotta wait for the pores to close
  11. enozgirl

    Temperature and BPAL

    Question -- did the oil expand a lot in the bottle? I'd hate to think of freezing a bottle of precious LE scents and returning to the freezer to find the bottle had burst because the oil expanded too much....
  12. enozgirl

    Hollywood Babylon

    In the bottle: Flowery, sugary amber. Musky, fruity amber. I love the amber. It's a little overpowering in the bottle. Wet: Berries and vanilla swimming in lovely amber. Dry: This dries down to an amazing vanilla amber, with just hints of flowers and berries. I love this. I need this. I want to eat my wrists. Final Verdict: Omg. Need big bottle of this. I'm so glad I got this as an imp to try it. I'm so in love with all the scents with Beth's egyptian amber....
  13. enozgirl

    Bon Vivant

    I was anxious to get my grubby little hands on this one In the bottle: Strawberry wine. It's bubbly strawberries. It's Strawberry Shortcake on New Years Eve. Wet: It's very strawberry, but still a little tang from the champagne. It's the scent I've tried to get out of every damned strawberry soap and shampoo I've tried. This is what I wanted Strawberries and Cream from Victoria's Secret to smell like. It reminds me of the smell of the strawberry shampoo I used to use when I was 8. I've been trying to get that smell again. I think I've found it! Dry Down: It just gets sweeter. The tang is there, but the strawberry's loving me. It's really light, and not sickeningly sweet. It's just sweet. Like the smell of really ripe strawberries in the grocery store. It does fade kinda quick, though. I put it on at 9 this morning, and at 11ish, I'm sticking my wrist to my nose to smell it. Though, I didn't slather it on as normal, so that might be partly the cause of the lack of staying power. I really like this. There might be a 5ml of this in my future!
  14. enozgirl

    Sudha Segara

    I got this as a freebie imp. Gotta love freebies Then I looked up the ingredients and groaned. Milk and Honey don't do wonderful things on my skin. If only my body chemisty was different, and I could wear my beloved Alice, rather than just simmer her as a room scent. In the bottle: Wow, this does smell like a spicy Alice. Sort of like a Thai Alice, with coconut milk and hints of ginger and curry spices with some sweet numminess. I would eat this sauce Wet: Well, the milk and honey haven't gone all powdery on me yet. There's a really nice creamy spice thing going. It's really soft and subtle. I also have to stick my wrists under my nose to smell it. Dry down: Yup, there's the soap smell. I was hoping that the other scents would overpower the milk and honey and make it smell all yummy like in the bottle. I smell like sweet soap. I like the Ambrosia smell, I think that's what I'm getting over the soapyness. It's nice, but the soap smell makes my nose itch I'm going to give this a try as a room scent tonight, I think.
  15. enozgirl

    Where is this scent?

    Oooh slap my butt and colour me jealous No... seriously...