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    Political poetry, Asian-Caribbean fusion cooking, Celtic & Norse music, Latin dance (though still unable to Tango), digging in the garden, ancient stones, Anusara yoga, cross-cultural studies, pugs, shar peis, hot baths, history, Woodlands Native American art, canoeing, shoes, shiny things, crows, magpies, ravens, and all other things corvid...
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    Some of my all time favs are... High Priest Not to Be Described, Aperotos Eros, Gypsy Queen, Mama-Ji, Winter of Our Discontent, Port Royal, Intrigue, Schezerade, Wild Men of J.T., Riding the Goat, October, Hell's Belle, Golden Priapus, #20 Love Oil, the Magi, Voodoo, Shanghai, Fenris Wolf, Inez, Minotaur, Laudanum... I generally like anything complicated and changeable with notes of red musk, incense, honeysuckle, fig, oleander, smoke, unusual spices (saffron, ginger, etc.), wood, grasses, tea (any kind - green, black, white...), caramel, opium, red patchouli, vanilla, cocoa (NOT chocolate).... and oh! do I loves the resins... Nothing too floral (esp. with violets) - most florals turn sickly baby powder. Possible floral exceptions are 'thick' florals like Bulgarian rose, gardenia, and oleander. Many BPAL ambers turn baby powder too *cry* - though for some reason Golden Priapus and Lion don't. Nocturne Alchemy ambers are lovely. Nothing too foodie (gives me the munchies). Too many herby notes and some (black) leathers and some patchouli notes (with the exception of red patchouli) smell like something peed on me. Almost all fruit scents (with the weird exception of fig) make me smell like a 140 lb. Yankee Candle.


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    Hyperactive Gemini with loads of nit picky Virgo... and a moody Cancer Moon...
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  1. slittlecrowrussell


    This is the ultimate smell for any of us who had a mispent rural youth. The exact smell that is the precursor to crazy-hot outdoor teenage sex. It's the smell of drinking cheap American beer followed by a passionate make out session on the grass. It's the smell of summer nights, pick-up trucks, dirt roads, and wild outdoor parties - minus the gross smells like pee, barf, and cow poo. Dandelions - green and freshly crushed, the smell of laundry detergent and cigarettes when you nuzzle into his shirt, the beer that you spilled on your jeans - warmed by body heat...
  2. slittlecrowrussell

    Raven Moon

    The musk and myrrh in mine are really strong and dark. The first blast was a little overwhelming because it starts out dark, bitter, and smokey. A few minutes later, the benzoin and vanilla emerge to soften and round everything. This one morphs, shifting in between smokey, earthy, dryly sweet, and softly resinous. I was really sad that Crow Moon didn't really remind me of a crow, so I'm thrilled that this one is definitely 'raven-ish' - dark, mysterious, changeable... a slinky midnight black kind of scent. This one is probably going to be at its best with a little aging (if you can make yourself stay away from the bottle).
  3. slittlecrowrussell

    Aperotos Eros

    I think this is one of the blends that gets shipping shock. I wasn't impressed at first sniff, but then I let it settle a bit and warm up (about 30 minutes). It was a totally different experience to open the bottle a second time. On the skin, the first, immediate note is evergreen... balsam type evergreen. Pine often ends up smelling like Pine-Sol, but this one behaves like an actual tree - green without being 'too green.' After the initial balsam pine phase, a lovely warm musk swirling on a base of dry sandalwood-myrrh begins to emerge through the greenery. It's like walking in the November woods and stopping to snuggle up with someone you love. Overall, it smells dry and clean without being at all reminiscent of soap - very unisex. This is the kind of scent that I'll wear when I'm going to be outdoors (skiing, hiking, etc.) because it smells both natural and sexy.
  4. slittlecrowrussell


    Oh where oh where has my patchouli gone... I'm a patch-lover and I was hoping for something spicy and patchouli, but on me, Clemence is spicy-sweet chai tea all the way... she's subtle, but she lasts several hours (the spice in particular) ... Sniffing between the spices, this has an amazingly true black tea note. She very pretty, but almost too subtle for cold wintery weather. Clemence would be a good companion on a warm fall day... or for casual daytime wearing...
  5. slittlecrowrussell


    The first hit of fragrance is almost identical to the first "offertory cakes" sniff of All Soul's. From there, vanilla begins to emerge, a skin-musky vanilla, not unlike the musky note in Ivanushka, but anchored by sweet myrrh. I was hoping for a morpher with this one, but the only thing that really moves around is the vanilla. I was worried by the amber, since amber has about a 75-25% chance of going waaay baby powder on me, but here it's kept firmly in line by the myrrh. Thankfully, the musky resinous goodness stays stable - with little wafts of vanilla and light spices breezing through. Sadly no carnations are in evidence... This doesn't have a lot of throw - great for wearing in summer or during times when you don't want to be too obvious with your perfume. The only downside is that it only lasts a couple of hours and then you have to reapply. If you like Mama-Ji, Morocco, Ivanushka, or similar scents, you'll like this one... PS - I got the Play-Doh phase too... it doesn't last long though... thankfully...
  6. slittlecrowrussell


    This is an utterly lovely blend of gardenia and other white tropical flowers... it has a subtly green edge, as if you're sniffing the whole cut flower and are getting a touch of the green crispness of the stem along with the lush blossom... sadly I don't really get the incense in this. Marae has a creaminess to it that's probably due to the vanilla... in fact, I found it overall to be quite subtle. It would be a good one to wear on a hot date on a hot summer night... if you want a summery version of a thick, creamy floral like Hell's Belle. The only bad thing was that I couldn't smell it after only half an hour... Much later on the BF said that he smelled "lovely flowers" on my neck though... which is nice, but I like to enjoy my BPAL too! For this reason alone, I'm debating about reluctantly sending Marae to the swap pile. If I could get the fragrance to last, it'd be one of my all time favs...
  7. slittlecrowrussell

    Valentine of Rome

    The first waft is cinnamon, not sweet foody cinnamon - dry, spicy cinnamon. The sweetness is probably being restrained by the clove. Thankfully the clove doesn't jump out into the forefront though. About 15 minutes later an undertone of rosemary and cypress emerge - maybe even a teensy bit of sage. There are definitely some kitchen herb garden notes here. I was really worried about getting something too "green", but (at least in my bottle) the spices dominate the herbs. About 15 minutes later, everything settles down as sweet (but not too sweet) resins emerge. I like this resinous part a lot, it's sweet but not in any way cloying the way that sweet myrrh is different from regular bitter myrrh. I was hoping for a little more incense and a little more blood, but I didn't really get either of those. Instead this one ends up as spicy resin, but MMMMMmmmm.... I likes spicy resin I'm definitely keeping this... If you like this try Winter of Our Discontent (one of my all time favs), Minotaur, Mort de Cesar, Dixie Love Perfume (Twilight Alchemy)...
  8. slittlecrowrussell

    #20 Love Oil

    This is a really nice spicy floral. Not your average light kind of floral - heavier, more reminiscent of the thick fragrance of night-blooming flowers and greenery that slinks through the window on really hot, humid summer nights in the Deep South. Though I like it quite a lot as a fragrance, there are other BPAL fragrances that I like a little more.... so why do I own a bottle? Well, here's the thing... I cannot believe that amount of attention that this pushing-forty gal gets from men when she's wearing it (including her beloved ). It doesn't matter if I'm wearing crappy sweatpants and look like I just crawled from under a rock while in the supermarket or if I'm power-suited up trying to look like a mean-ass attorney... guys are drawn to this oil like flies to honey. In fact, for me it works far better than TAL Dixie Love Perfume... For this reason, I'm careful when and where I wear this one. It's great for date-night or a night out with the girls, but I don't exactly want to be bringing on THAT kind of attention in say, the office... PS - If it starts to go powdery, a little layering with something that has nice patchouli makes it utterly WOW!
  9. slittlecrowrussell


    I usually can't wear rose without it degenerating into something powdery and old lady smelling. The only other BPAL rose I've been able to wear is in Gypsy Queen, and I swear this one has the same rose notes in it. Except that Spellbound is really, really rosey. A dark, deep, blood-red rose - nothing lady-like, innocent or proper like tea roses, instead this rose is seductive, sophisticated, and slightly sinister. There's a definite incense type hit to it too and the red musk is definitely of the Schezerade variety, but it is Schezerade laying naked in a bath of roses... My skin drinks BPAL, I usually have to reapply at least twice a day to keep a fragrance. This one lasted all day long... I'd recommend Spellbound if you like Gypsy Queen, the Masque, or Schezerade...
  10. slittlecrowrussell


    I reviewed this and the review disappeared. Weird... Well, here goes again... I was so sure that this one would be the spring scent I've been looking for, but alas, GERANIUM! I thought that perhaps the geranium would settle down and waited for the dry-down or some sort of morphing to happen. Nothing. 2 hours later I still smelled like nothing more interesting than a great big potted rose geranium sitting on a windowsill soaking up sunshine. This isn't a bad thing (esp. cause rose geranium is a good aromatherapy for PMS and other female hormonal issues), it's just that I like to wear fragrances that have a little more complexity. Usually I totally amp the other notes that are in this, I don't know why my skin is going this to me with this one!
  11. slittlecrowrussell


    Oh Gods do I love this scent.... and amber doesn't even reach its full potential until its aged... I can't imagine how good it will smell in a year. I like Golden Priapus a lot and I find Fascinum to be similar to it, but somehow more complex. The amber and musk blend gorgeously in Fascinum, and the cedar and slight citrus tang add enough weight to keep them from getting powdery. I find saffron to have a slight wintergreeny edge to it that can be weird in some blends, but when balanced by a little bit of wood is unusual and compelling. Fascinum is lovely on a man, but if you're a strong kind of woman who is feminine without being girly-girl, it's a great scent too. Here's the thing that breaks my heart about Fascinum ... it doesn't last on me... it was gone in about half an hour no matter how much I tried to find ways to get it to linger... I'm SO sad...
  12. slittlecrowrussell

    Deep in Earth

    Geranium, geranium, geranium... fresh, green, floral GERANIUM. 15 minutes later - soap...soap...soap... Oh DIRT, why hast thou forsaken me!!!
  13. slittlecrowrussell


    This is definitely the same kind of sugar-caramel in Red Lantern, but this is more straight-up honest-to-goodness brown sugar without any of the other fancy stuff that makes Red Lantern such a morpher. It's sweet, but the tang of Oak is also prominent so its not at all cloying. Oak is a sharp and tannic wood, not a resinous piney type wood or a minty birchy wood, it's sharp as a splinter or maybe a slightly underaged single malt whiskey. Ah yes, a little bit of caramel and a little bit of whiskey... ahhhh... Now all I need is a good cigar....
  14. I'm not super-crazy about the scent, but every time I've worn #20 Love Oil, I've gotten large amounts of attention from guys (including the first time that I just tested a little and forgot about it... went to the grocery store in old sweatpants looking like a total grub and it still worked. Really caught me off-guard cause I wasn't expecting it. Interestingly, I've noticed that #20 Love Oil has a slightly greater effect on men of color than on white guys. Love Me (again, I'm not head over heels about the smell - though it does have that cherry note that folks were mentioning) has similar effects, but seems to work more across the board. The first time I wore each of these for my guy, he was like "What are you wearing?" The effects of both of these oils is pretty striking so I use them with caution.
  15. slittlecrowrussell

    The High Priest Not To Be Described

    This has got to be my all-time favorite BPAL scent on a man.... and it works really well on me too! I just adore the incense in this one - sweet but not too sweet... very smoky and mysterious... reminiscent of somewhat dark religious ceremonies... and then there's the raw passion of blood musk and spices interwoven thoughout (I don't really get the cypress or chamomile scents)... with the edgy and controlled sensuality of black leather... in all I reckon its about as close as one can get to sex magick in a bottle. It's not a morpher and the throw lasts on and on and on - the incense note in this one far outlasts incense heavy blends like Lurid Library (which I adored except that it lasted only about an hour on me).