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  1. blowqueen


    It starts with a bright and floral, must be the ginger and the lilly. Then after a while it dies down and I get this really nice and sugared vanilla. It's really nice.
  2. blowqueen

    La Vague

    I love the peach in this, it's very lovely. I bit of floral, the jasmine and lilly. It smells very fresh, bright, sweet and so lovely. Then it gets a bit of the white wine grape (I think), like what I get in Pumpkin Plunder I, I don't really like it. Eventually it goes away and it goes back to the peach and loveliness.
  3. blowqueen

    Egg Nog

    On my skin its creamy and a bit of rum, it's really lovely and I get a bit of vanilla But once it's dry it turns into plastic, just like Antique Lace did on me. Why must it fail on me?
  4. blowqueen

    Dragon's Tears

    This is very floral, I do get a bit of salt and spice but not much. It's really strong and it seems like a single note on my skin.
  5. blowqueen

    Snow White

    Snow White '07 is a bit cold and floral. On me it's a bit creamy, vanilla, coconut, some type of flower and it is cold. After a while it get a bit plastic but it's very, very faint. I was dying to try this and it was not what I expected. But it's really lovely and I like it. I'm going to purchase a bottle in my next order.
  6. blowqueen

    Pumpkin I (2007)

    This one is very sweet, I can smell the pumpkin and white wine grapes. I don't get any jasmine and eventually the pumpkin goes away and ends up with a very faint smell of wine. Overall, I like it but not enough for me to keep the imp and also I think I am kind of over my pumpkin obsession.
  7. blowqueen


    I do smell the pickle in the bottom but not on my skin, instead it's powder but not really strong and something else. I'm not sure what it is but I don't get the fur, forest or musky. I was really disappointed that it didn't work out for me because the story for this is beautiful.
  8. blowqueen

    Pumpkin V (2007)

    In the bottle it is very nutty with a bit of pumpkin. On my skin I smelled the pumpkin, orange, lemon and a bit of ginger. Later on it gets very buttery and a bit sweet. It's really nice but I can't decide if I really like it or not.
  9. blowqueen


    It smells very lovely and sweet (the honey) in the imp and when it's wet on my skin. But as it dries it starts smelling like baby powder. Which is a big disappointment, I had high hope for this.
  10. blowqueen


    This is very floral, sweet and fresh. It's really lovely. The floral becomes more faint as it dries, still very nice.