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  1. AliBabble

    French Tobacco

    Ahhh, I love this! This was the scent that broke my non-buying spell...I've been into Bpal since 2005, but accumulated so much perfume, I really hadn't been buying anything lately... somehow French Tobacco called to me...it's got some of the same feel as the tobacco notes in Ninon and Black Lace, two of my favorites - but with that additional caramel quality....really heavenly. On my skin, I get a bit more "tang" at first, and a sort of peppery feeling...I suppose it is a bit cologne-like, but it does mellow out to a realistic and comforting tobacco leaf smell. I'm not a big layering person, so will probably just wear this on its own.
  2. AliBabble

    Tattered Lace

    very light scent - smells lovely while wet...reminds me a bit of white rose, from the bptp unity set.... as it dries, it becomes pretty faint, but i can smell: something kind of feminine-florally...no idea what this is, maybe the moss?? the frankincense and tea...again very faint, and sort of dusky...a dry hint of the coconut. a very faint vanilla "feel", but not obvious. i dunno, i like this...but was picturing something w/ a little more oomph, maybe from the opium tar, which i can barely detect...maybe aging will make this stronger? i dunno...i've tried it three times, and enjoyed it each time, but still kind of struggling to smell it. when it really dries down, i get the cognac, inside a sort of soft marshmellow-like feeling. and maybe i can now smell the opium, if i sniff hard. not bad, just wish it was stronger.
  3. AliBabble


    I love Ninon - an instant love. It reminds me in tone of Black Lace, maybe because of the tobacco and vanilla...not quite as deep and rich, but with the same cologne-y feel...also On Darkness, because of the rich lavendar, which is also deep and potent....but lighter than that one too...also I agree w/ the Dolce stil Nuovo comparison, though it's maybe stronger than that one...all of those are favorites of mine, so I'm glad to have another one from the same camp...this one is super addicting to me...it's got that rich, deep perfuminess which is sultry, and smoky and reminds me of slinking around at night in a long elegant dress, though I would totally wear this during the day too...super feminine and classy/classic. The hay note comes out more as it dries, and just feels very natural and earthy. love it!
  4. AliBabble

    Beer from the Marsh Woman's Brewery

    this was a frimp from the lab, and nothing i would have thought to try...and i love it! i smell something that is similar to a note in sagittarius 07 - i had always thought that that smell was dandelion...but i see there is no dandelion in this....i am not sure what is giving off that fresh herbal, yet creamy smell - i am not familiar with these notes....but i can maybe smell a bit of what might be the yew berries, and perhaps the foxglove...if only because "berry" and "floral" are something i could identify more readily than marsh grass or hogweed or whatever else was in this...it is definitely very herbal, and wild smelling - love it!
  5. I think the Jungle thing has been discussed before, but years ago...and I think I suggested Manila: A tropical, humid, lush scent, with a faint echo of Pacific breezes, jungle blossoms, and deep wet woods. Sampaguita blossoms, banana leaf, palm, and narra. it's not exactly the same as Jungle, but has a little bit of the flavor...I also adore the scent of Jungle. the other suggestion I have is House of Night, which I haven't smelled in a while, but I remember it being very full of plant-y greenery, and jungle-like in that sense...I'm afraid there just isn't a real equivalent of Jungle - but you can always use it like a solid perfume.
  6. AliBabble

    Yves St. Laurent Opium smell-alike?

    i remember the old opium, but haven't smelled it in a while....in rappacini's garden section at bpal there is "opium poppy" - i used to have an imp, but gave it to a friend - as i recall, it was a very deep, sweet opium scent....almost too much for me, but since then i have come to love opium, so want to try it again - it was very warm, strong, and womanly - a great opium scent i would recommend is: clermont - available on the dark delicacies site...it's opium tar and rose - they blend great, and again - it's very opium-y and womanly - maybe close to what you are looking for?
  7. AliBabble

    Scent for Halloween?

    Pink Snowballs for the snowstorm!
  8. AliBabble

    Pomegranate V

    very fruity and juicy out of the bottle, it begins as mainly straight up, tart pomegranate juice. as it dries on my skin, it gets softer and more perfumey at the same time...there's a stage where it feels a bit too strong, but it settles down nicely and then i can detect the opium, which blends in nicely w/ the pom...i think i wish it was heavier on the opium, and lighter on the pomegranate, but i still like it - it's basically a rich, red, fruity scent - but the opium makes it a bit sultry and sophisticated...i guess the amber and carnation are contributing to the hazy perfuminess of the blend too, but everything's blended really well...this almost reminds me of mme moriarity in tone, though it's softer and smoother and not as aggressively sexy...still, i'd put it in the same camp, and that's a compliment.
  9. AliBabble

    The Second of the Three Spirits

    this reminds me of 'hearth" a bit - which is what i was hoping...i smell christmas tree, out of the bottle - mixed with something buttery/foody...but heavier on the evergreen - pine boughs and holly, very realistic, like when you walk by a row of christmas trees for sale...on my skin, the chestnuts come out initially - god i love the lab's chestnut note, but it's a bit fleeting...the fruity punch comes out after that, but to me it just smells festive and cheery - not overwhelming. the plum pudding is just a slight hint in the background. this scent is very wearable and "homey" to me - perfect for christmas day.
  10. AliBabble

    Scent for Halloween?

    2nd of 3 spirits, which i'm trying out for the first time - i smell like a christmas tree and chetsnuts!
  11. AliBabble

    Dance of the Mirlitons

    I love the scent of marzipan, and maybe i just love the word "mirlitons"...it just sounds so fantasy/storybook...anyway...the scent: marzipan and softy, incense-y rose...the marzipan doesn't stick around long, i think that's true of most marzipan scents i've ever tried...it goes to a soft rose, incense-y...i think it's the rosewood i smell most...it reminds me a bit of all souls, in its combination of foody/incense-y rose...as it tries, there's the tiniest hint of the rum accord, but just a hint. i find this scent to be soft, girly and kind of romantic - it's wearable, in that it's subtle...and reminds me of swirling tulle tutus in a ballet....a very pleasant scent.
  12. AliBabble

    The Lady of Lake Ronkonkoma

    I got this one off ebay, and was glad that i saved the entrance fee to comic con, and this was the oil i was most interested in, cause i'm on a water/ocean/lake kick....anyway, now that i have it, i think it's not gonna work. It's too strong or harsh or something - and i don't usually like aquatics, so i don't know what i was thinking...i think the visual imagery appealed to me...it does smell reedy and balsamy, and that makes it pretty interesting. it reminds me a bit of halloween san francisco, but more intense somehow. it really does have a murky, sinister feeling - so - good job there, on capturing the mood...but it's somehow just too sweet (from the balsam) and intensely clean, as in laundry. it reminds me of "pearl diver" soap from villainess, which is a scent that grew on me over time....this might work better in warm weather....
  13. AliBabble

    Halloween: New Orleans

    ooh, this smells so nice and inviting from the bottle...i really can't pinpoint what i'm smelling, but what it reminds me most of, is tea for some reason - tea leaves, w/ a bit of lemon. it feels very watery, and plant-y - very relaxing actually, which makes sense for new orleans...on my skin, i would have to agree that it is a bit astringent and lemony - not unpleasant at all, quite the contrary - but not the heavy mossiness i was expecting. i really dig it actually, even though it's a very different experience than i thought it would be - i'm guessing the lemony-ness is the olive, and it works really well, whatever is going on here. very uplifting.
  14. AliBabble

    Halloween: San Francisco

    whoa, this one is intense from the bottle - wet leaves for sure, it's almost jungle-y - it does have that ozone quality - clean, bracing, invigorating - sort of wakes you up. it's a little cleaner and "sportier" than what i usually wear...could be fantastic on a rainy day, or by the beach, etc. it's not one i would put on to feel sexy or feminine, or mysterious....but it's a very well-done scent. for those more out-doorsy sporty days, i guess....
  15. AliBabble

    Flor De Muerto

    FLOR DE MUERTO The orange marigold, or zempasĂșchitl, has been one of Death's symbols since the pre-Columbian era. The yellow and orange petals are believed to represent the rays of the sun, bringing joy and light to the souls dwelling in the realm of the dead. These flowers surround Day of the Dead altars to guide the spirits to their offerings. out of the bottle this smells quite incredible - a very singular floral note, sweet and nectar-ish, golden in tone - it has a pure, light feeling to it. on my skin, i'm feeling this even more - it has a bit of spice, in the way that carnations have their own spiciness, but it's not like carnation - it really does have a sunny, uplifting quality to it, and very natural. wow. i can really smell the petals....and it's slightly dusky, but light somehow, while still having depth....this one really pulls you into it's flowery zone, it smells so realistic. LOVE THIS! it could work on a little girl or a mature woman.