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  1. hexatomic

    Recommendation for Similar to Hymn to Proserpine

    You might look to find September Midnight, one of last year's Halloweenies. The notes are A myrrh-darkened amber chypre sweetened by newly-ripened black pomegranate. I have both and I don't like it as much as HTP, but it would probably be easier to find! You could also layer last year's Yule, The Fruit of Paradise (it only lists one note, and that's The Fruit of Paradise, the Nectar of Death: bittersweet pomegranate), with an amber-heavy scent like Haunted?
  2. hexatomic

    I Feel the Need! (For Smells)

    Over in the general catalogue, take a look at Obatala! On me it's sweet but not overstated and I'd place it in the same neighborhood as the other scents listed.
  3. hexatomic

    Hesiod's Phoenix

    Not getting a lot of vanilla, but that's okay, because … This is Implacable Beautiful Tyrant: the perfume oil. The amber and oud are what's showing up most for me and reminding me so very, very much of my most favorite hair gloss. It's worse than I dared fear: I'm going to need about twenty-nine bottles.
  4. I just know I'm going to hit the fatigue slump hard, so I figured I'd ask while the sun's still shining on this little venture and have a few days for sales forum purchases to wend their way to me. I'm not big on aromatherapy, but I've heard citrus and ginger are good for productivity, so hit me with your best "gettin' shit done" scent recs! My skin's a little too sensitive to wear anything with heavy spices like cassia but other than that I'm open to whatever. (PS, my heroine's named after the Dragon's Mouth orchid, so orchid recs are also appreciated!)
  5. hexatomic

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    AFAIK most of them look like this: Thanks! I took a walk through your Flickr trying to see if I could find it, but must've missed it. Awesome!
  6. hexatomic

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Do the Ars Draconis GCs use the standard GC label, or do they have a "special" one like Picnic in Arkham, Bow and Crown of Conquest, etc?
  7. hexatomic

    Notes That Don't Work, Blends That Do

    You could try Touched Twice, too! It's in a similar "camp" to Raptures and Roses for me, though a bit simpler. I like coconut and can wear it, and I had wished it was more prominent in that blend, but it might work for you.
  8. hexatomic

    The Heart's Gift

    Would you rather have the generalized feeling that someone is thinking of you (sooooomewheeere oooout theeere...) or would you like to know, off the bat, who your swapper is? I'm not going to be too demanding on my heartwarmer. Whatever she (or he? did we get any dudes this round?) feels comfortable with is totally fine. Also, you ladies and gents are speaking of rare things, if you could have one rare scent, what would it be? Antique Lace, probably. I was given a tester of it in a swap with a lovely, wonderful forumite, and fell deeply in love. I'm also incredibly curious about Skadi, but I've never tested or sniffed it. Also, Ozymandias! Come back soon, please … Do you like graphic novels, and if so, what kinds? Comics and I have a complicated history. There was a period of about ten years where I really thought I wanted to write and draw comics. I still do, but I honestly don't think I have the work ethic to be a webcomic creator, and I also wouldn't want to give up creative control enough to go work for one of this big houses. I read a lot of manga as a teenager, but I've only kept hold of a couple of series: Clover, by CLAMP, Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa, and Sailor Moon (plus Supers, Stars, etc). I'm given to understand there's a new translation of Sailor Moon being published now that's more accurate, but I haven't looked at it much. As for western comics I scarcely know where to start. I've read some of the seminal storytelling works (Watchmen, The Sandman) but I haven't read a lot of superhero comics. I am always willing to read anything Neil Gaiman's had a hand in, and I really enjoyed Red Son even though I'm not a Supes fan. Batman was my favorite superhero as a kid, but these days it's Captain America on the strength of Jim Steranko's work on a few issues, plus the Marvel Cinematic Universe flick a couple years ago about Cap. It was so earnest and optimistic. I kind of love it. Is there anything in the new Coraline update that you are wanting to try? Or even the past Lupers? I joined a decant circle and got the stuff I'm most curious about (The Cat), but I'm also interested in Coraline Jones and Miss Forcible after some speculation on the latter, and me kicking myself for not realizing "dried grass" might be "hay" in the former. D'oh! I also got a half-bottle of Ambergris but suspect this may not be enough. Peony Moon doesn't tickle me but I keep waffling about a shirt to go with the OLOP tee I plan on getting … but Puddin' said he was going to be putting more tees on Etsy soon so I may wait for that. What fandoms, if any, do you have? TV shows, comics/books, movies, specific characters, that kind of thing? I mentioned in my questionnaire that I'm a My Little Pony fan, but I don't really consider myself a "brony" … mostly because I have certain issues with parts of the fandom. I suspect I'm being a little disingenuous, since I've written short essays about themes portrayed by one of the show's writer's across episodes, and I've designed no fewer than ten pony OCs for myself and various friends, but, y'know, there it is. Also, I have a favorite pony, which is Luna, so there's that. I'm much more likely, however, to admit that I'm a Warhammer 40K fan. My boyfriend got me into the lore when we started dating a few years ago, and these days I know more about the state of the game and upcoming book releases than he does. My favorite writer for a long time was Dan Abnett — though I've never read any of his Gaunt's Ghosts series; seventeen books and climbing is pretty daunting — but he's been edged out as of this winter by the new hotness, John French. This is mostly on the strength of French's novel debut, Ahriman: Exile, which even mentioning makes me want to go and reread. I've read a few of French's short pieces scattered in the Horus Heresy collections, but he has a novella in Fateweaver I have not clapped eyes on. I do have a favorite primarch, and that's Rogal Dorn; the Imperial Fists are also my favorite loyal chapter. My favorite traitor legion is the Thousand Sons. I don't go in much for the xenos … the Eldar especially bore me to tears. Oh, I also play World of Warcraft on an RP server and spend an inordinate chunk of brainpower thinking about my characters, so that's a thing, too. Then again, that's selfish fandom: I feel like the writing in WOW was never incredibly strong, but has gotten noticeably weaker over time. My boyfriend recently quit the game due to a lot of frustration about how they were handling certain events in lore, along with the heavy luck basis for advancement in a few key areas this last patch — he plays, or played, a warlock, and he wanted to do the special warlock-only quest for spell customization, but could never get the item that started the chain to drop. He also wasn't getting any tailoring patterns to make gear that was useful to him, so his progress felt a little throttled. All of which is a sidebar to kind of say the last time he and I got in a shouting match, someone eventually walked in and asked why we were yelling, and the answer was "Because we both agree that Blizzard can't write, but can't agree on how!" And then we all laughed and the situation — not that serious to begin with — was defused. =P I still really enjoy WOW from a gameplay aspect and from an RP one because even though the large-scale story is dumb, the smaller ones we eke out are still compelling. I have a new question! What of the new pickman gallery scents are you interested in? Pickmans, Pickmans … I really sort of want to try My Mom With the Sun in Her Hands, Rapunzel in Ballpoint, Self Portrait with Puffy Stickers, Summoning Stone Play Structure, and [Redacted] Dragon. Decants will probably be fine, since I'm not sure how any of them will behave! The Dragon seems like he's destined for a scent locket with all that spice. What's your favorite kind of cookie? As a lot of food/beer critics are fond of saying, "the one in front of me." I've never met a chocolate chip cookie I disliked, but I'm also fond of oatmeal raisin. This last Christmas I made cookies for a friend that may have been the most over-the-top thing I've ever baked: a cardamom/chai infused snickerdoodle with coconut white chocolate chunks and macadamia. How's that for gilding the lily! He loved them, though. Do you like nail polish? If so what colors? I don't really do nail polish, though I kind of want to. For some reason I really want a metallic bronze, even though I just know it's all wrong for the season. Ditto gunmetal. ;D What about bath products? I shower a lot more than I bathe, but I will use bath oils as moisturizer or for their intended purpose now and then. I actually haven't tried some of the big names around here (Villainess, Lush, etc) and would be amenable to some new soaps … Let's talk about handmade things: knits, books, jewelry, food, art, tchochkes.. what sort of 'just for You' items are you interested in receiving? Or, are you not really a handmade kind of person? If you want to make me something, I'll love it! I have a pair of fingerless gloves from a circular swap I love, along with a scarf my witch made me one year that I definitely cherish, but it's getting on to summer in the Northern hemisphere, so I'm not sure what call i'll have to wear knits from now on. Jewelry, food, books, etc I will eat up, whether metaphorically or literally. What are you yearning for from the C2E2 and/or Bats Day pre-date? Bat's day, bat's day … Greater Horseshoe Bat sounds so very me. As for C2E2, Little Egypt also sounds about my speed. What kind of music do you like to listen to? Would you want your heartwarmer to make you a mix CD? For any specific purpose? My tastes are somewhat varied, from David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails to King Crimson to Johnny Cash to Godspeed You! Black Emperor to The Aquabats. Lady Gaga is my guilty pleasure. I love getting mix CDs (or grooveshark playlists, etc) because I find some cool bands that way. I also would like some darkly atmospheric music with no English-language vocals (French/Italian/Latin would be ideal if any) that I can use as "mood music" for my Dark Heresy game. Large swaths of the playlist for that right now are NIN instrumentals and Eric Brosius compositions for System Shock, with special guest appearance by the Shepard–Risset glissando from Godspeed You! Black Emperor's "The Dead Flag Blues" and excerpts from Claude Vivier's "Orion." Also, Holst's Planets are actually plot-important in a way, so if you have particularly interesting recordings of those, I'm all about it.
  9. hexatomic

    Scent for Halloween?

    In the Forest, from the 2012 Bards of Ireland.
  10. hexatomic

    Doc Constantine (2006)

    Lemon verbena while wet. Half an hour later it's smoky incense. It's been about four hours since application now and it's very faint, but still an entrancing sort of wood smoke near the skin. Not something I'd have ever chosen for myself, but an unexpected hit.
  11. hexatomic

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    For creaminess, Agrat-Bat-Mahlaht (amber, cream accord, white honey, apple blossom, skin musk, caramel, and teak)? No dark fruits in there, but definitely the first thing that springs to mind. You will have to brave the sales pages for it, though! Maybe Prunella (Ripe purple plums, wildflowers, and cream).
  12. hexatomic

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    the labels have the icon from website or from announcement on them~~ I cannot figure out how to add photos since I do not have a flickr or other sort of online hosting for my photos but I took one of the water snake just now :C You can always upload images for free at imgur.com!
  13. hexatomic

    A Very Merry Unbirthday to You!

    Right-o! And here we have the long-overdue catchup on the questions posted in the Unbirthday Swap thread! What magazines do you read/ have subscriptions to? I don't have any magazine subscriptions right now. I got the Food Network mag for the first year it came out, and it was alright. I probably would enjoy Cooks Illustrated, but blogs and so on have kind of subsumed magazines for me. What kind of socks or tights do you like? No tights. Any socks are good. I have kind of been pining for the Polonova knee highs from sockdreams since I found them last year at switch witch, but not enough to buy a pair apparently! Who would like to get a box in the mail with different teas in them? I think I'm good on teas for now. Would you like anything (small) handknitted? if so, fiber sensitivities? Maybe a set of fingerless gloves? Winter comes early and hits hard in Upstate NY … except last year. Do you like knitted items? Any allergies or preferences when it comes to the yarn? What colors? I don't wear too many knitted things! I did get a scarf from my witch last autumn that's done in several cool chromatic greys. It's very pretty. To be honest, I don't knit and I don't know too much about it! What kind of wrapping do you like? Goth? Flowers? Girlie? Bright? Sparkly? Plain? Modern? Fancy? Other? I like solid colors or simple patterns (I have a red-and-white houndstooth I love for Christmas presents). Or the Sunday funnies. I've always had a soft spot for that as wrapping material. Would you mind anything Alice in Wonderland UnBirthday themed? You'd think it would be de-rigeur, wouldn't you? ;D I'm most fond of the old woodcut illustrations. What are your art preferences? Widely, widely varied. I'm an art history major, and while I really love the classics (especially Roman sculpture and architecture), I will probably end up studying the Florentine renaissance. Some of my favorite painting subjects are Judith and Holofernes, and I think in my posting history or elsewhere in this blog I made a whole big list of my favorite depictions of the Judgment of Paris. Within the past century, my favorite artist is Dalí; of less-famous, currently-working artists, long have I coveted a commission from Lord Dubu on deviantArt; I got him to do a piece this spring of my boyfriend's character, but getting my own done is still something I haven't been able to swing. How do you feel about sample sizes or testers of things? I have absolutely no problem with this, especially if it's something I haven't gotten to try before! Speaking of Villainess, who here is a fan? Would you want any of their goodies? If so, what are your scent wishes, and which types of products would you like? (i.e., Soap, Sugar Scrub, Moisturizer etc) I have only tried the "Killer Beez" perfume from Villainess, and none of their other products — except for the Xmvlzencab soap they make for the Post, which I love very much. I'd totally be over the moon to get some of their soaps and moisturizer, especially in scents that compliment my fave BPALs (favorite notes include honey, musk, patchouli, tobacco …) Favorite movies? I've been a fan of Chris Nolan's since Memento and loved his Batman trilogy. My all-time favorite flick is Blade Runner, but I also have a big soft spot for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Do you have any hobbies that you need supplies for? Or anything you would like to learn to do? I paint Warhammer miniatures, so slottabases and Citadel paints are very welcome, especially their metallics and washes. I could totally make up a list of minis I covet, but I suspect that's a fast track to sticker shock for the uninitiated. I also have a whole Dick Blick wishlist that should have been in the questionnaire. Do you need any kitchen supplies? Maybe a mortar and pestle or a spice grinder — or a small coffee grinder. Are there any herbs or spices that you need? I wouldn't mind some higher-end cinnamon. Cumin. Good vanilla extract — although … can you mail that? hmm. Although it's just the beginning of August, I've ALREADY started to see a few Halloween items showing up in the shops here and there- would you be interested in an early Halloween goodie? I love hallowe'en! It's my favorite holiday, and I don't think we moved any of our decorations to the new house. If you are a knitter or hooker (aka crochet), do you need any yarn and accessories, or are there any Ravelry patterns that you would like? I'm not a knitter. how do you like your incense, oil burners, or candles? Would you use an oil burner and essential oils? If so, what would be some longed-for essential oils? I don't generally incense, but I'd make an exception for this, which I am told smells just like Roman Catholic high mass incense (thus my grand love of Midnight Mass). I also don't have an oil warmer, but I kind of want to get one to use with BPALs that go wonky on me. Is there anyone here who does collage or scrapbooking? Not I, alas. Talk to me of candy. preferences, flavors, types, chocolate, not chocolate, etc. I never met a candy I didn't like. Those TimTams my Aussie friend sent me? Amazing. My fave was the dark chocolate/mint ones. Tasted a lot like Thin Mints, which was great in August, when Girl Scout cookies are a distant dream … I love dark chocolate, and I love it with all sorts of kooky things, like crystallized ginger or wasabi. I also just like crystallized ginger. I love cinnamon imperials, and Wint-o-green Life Savers, and the Skittles that used to come in the bright cyan-colored bag that I couldn't tell you what it was called. I also adore sour candies like Sour Punch Straws and Nerds Rope and Sour Patch Kids. And Heath Bars/toffee in general! And sea-salt caramels! and those caramel apple pops I used to buy at the school store in seventh grade! In short: all the candy. Would you wear any of these [scarves; pics omitted]: I probably would not. Just doesn't seem like my style. Are there any recently released BPAL bottles/and or imps that you'd like to have, that you havn't ordered yourself? I do regret not getting a decant of Luna Azul, as on reconsideration it seems like something I'd like. Other than that, my decanteuse floated the idea of doing a Dragon*Con circle but I don't know if she's actually doing it … I was most interested in Cuelebre and the atmo spray. I want the single note, too, for the sake of completeness, but rose and I don't always get along. it's canning season. how would you feel about a small jar of jam/jelly/pickles/etc? I'd love to get some kind of jelly/jam/fruit preserves! My stepmother can't seem to make jelly faster than we go through it in my house. Salsa would also be very welcome! Is there something special that can only be gotten in New York that you would want? Could you just bring me the Met? That'd be great. … Nothing that I can think of off the top of my head, but I get down there reasonably often myself. Is there anything from PHILADELPHIA that y'all would want? Most likely the retail exclusives from the Mutter Museum — I have family down there as well, so I visit about once a year. Would you prefer one larger gift or several smaller gifts? I would prefer my swapper does whatever makes her happiest. If you were my swapee would you like to find a jug of syrup in your package? YES. YES I WOULD. The state fair opens tomorrow. I'm going Friday and probably going to buy tons of maple sugar and syrup. And local honey. Who here likes British treats? I'm thinking Cadbury goodies, Curly Wirlies, Kinder chocolates, that sort of thing. and, more importantly, would you want some included in your gift box? I'm not too familiar with most British candies. I am told, however, that chocolate digestive biscuits are something I should try. is there anything in particular you would like from Think Geek? if so, what? The only thing that really jumped out at me was the miracle berry tablets.
  14. hexatomic


    Some of these I know are just pipe dreams . Even a decant/imp of most of these would be great, just to see if they work for me or not. If a scent is listed as "pending," I may have some coming in a swap, or I may have the imp and am waiting to test it. Try me, and I'll prioritize testing them first to see if I want more! Ars Amatoria • Bien Loin d'Ici (Bottle) • Fascinum • Snake Oil (Bottle) Ars Draconis • Dragon's Claw • Dragon's Musk (Bottle) • Dragon's Reverie (Bottle) Ars Moriendi • The Ghost • Jazz Funeral Bewitching Brews • Antique Lace (Anything! ) • Aureus • Black Forest • Highwayman • Hymn to Proserpine (I have a bunch of this, but always happy to get more …) • Juke Joint • Ozymandias (Bottle for my imps to live in, but imps too.) • Saint-Germain (Imps for enabling the menthings in my life) • Tushnamatay • Velvet Diabolus • Bloodlust (bottle) • Incubus Excolo • Czernobog • Eros • Osun pending • Urania • Aglaea Illyria • Titus Andronicus (Bottle) Mad Tea Party • Jabberwocky • Mouse's Long and Sad Tale pending • White Rabbit • Bread and Butter-Fly pending • Against Idleness and Mischief Marchen • The White Rider • The Witch's Repast • Vasilissa • Veritas • The Old Goblin pending Periodic Table Pharmacopoeia A Picnic in Arkham • Brown Jenkin (Bottle) Rappacini's Garden • Any of the Apiary scents RPG • Neutral • Lawful • Chaotic • Good • Bard (bottle! o_o) • Thieves' Rosin Sin and Salvation • Dirty • Rose Cross Somnium • Oneroi • Somnus Steamworks • No. 93 Engine (Empty bottle or low partial after a label-ruining mishap with my beloved bottle. ) • Tarasque Wanderlust • Cairo • Moscow • Port-au-Prince • Tombstone — — — — — Panacea • Lustration • Bitch • TKO • Oof The Salon I'd also love empties of these! Is my art history major showing? • Lucretia, Dürer (Empty) • Two Monsters, Bosch • The Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil, Saint-Aubert • Cupid Complaining to Venus, Cranach the Elder • The Ecstasy of St. Theresa, Bernini • The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed With the Sun, Blake • Judith Victorious, Cranach the Elder • Lot and His Daughters, Goltzius • Melancholia, Dürer Carnaval Diabolique • Eisheth Zenunim • the Grand Inquisitor's Heretic's Fork • Hand of Glory (Holy crow, every bottle!) • the Illustrated Woman Vampires Don't Sleep Alone • Tombeur • Philologus • VILF — — — — — Boom! Studios • Alana Patel The District • Crib Girls • Emma Neil Gaiman • the Buggre alle This Bible • the Ifrit Gris Grimly • Detestable Putrescence Hellboy • Kroenen • Liz The Last Unicorn • Mommy Fortuna • Lady Amalthea Hero Initiative • Sachs • Violens Witchblade • Witchblade • Sara Pezzini Dawn • Dawn: Cernunnos — — — — — Lunacies • Buck Moon • Lycaon • Old Moon 2012 • Raven Moon '09 or '12 • Smoky Moon '09 (Tristesse de la Lune) Lupers • Luperci 2011 Weenies • All Souls • Ecclesiastical Excesses • The Golden Apple of the Sun • The Infernal Lover (no musk version) • Odd Portents • The Silver Apple of the Moon Yules • Midnight Mass (any year except 2011/2012) • the Piper at the Gates of Dawn • Skadi (ha ha ha ha ha.) Anniversaries • Gold Phoenix Retail/Event Exclusives • Black Heart • Black Death • Cuelebre • Haloes • India Ink SN • Red Lace — — — — — Other LEs • Cancer 2007 • Labores Solis • Phantom Time Hypothesis • Sagittarius 2007 (Bottle) • Senelion • When Thy Will Stung the World into Strife (Imps or low-partial) — — — — — BPTP Atmo Sprays: • Candlelight (Maybe a big bottle) • Mahogany Hall Bath Oil: • Patientia (decants/partials) Soaps: • Xmvlzencab Massage oils: • Wasn't there a chocolate one last Lupercaliatime? That one. Hair Gloss: • Coconut, Vanilla bean, and Tiare • Frankincense and Clove • Implacable and Beautiful Tyrant • Snake Oil — — — — — Other: • If you know of or have any scents relating to The King in Yellow, please shoot me a PM! I don't generally collect non-BPAL 'fumes, but I really would like to try anything that may be out there.
  15. hexatomic

    Swaps: Sniffies, Freebies, and non-BPAL

    BPAL: The Balcony Gomorrah (almost a quarter-imp) Manhattan Pussy Moth PX117 Womb Furie A Wonderful Light BPTP: Gooey Pillowcase (Testable amount in spray decant) Unspeakably Evil Temple (Dry sniffie in imp vial) Others: Arcana Hobbedy's Lantern (Full) Demeter Heliotrope (Full?) Haus of Gloi Mystery Imp (75%) Lathers & Lights Santa's Pipe (Full)