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  1. ShannonElisabethJones


    Well, shoot. I really wanted to like this one, but it's gone all baby-powdery on me. It smelled really good and earthy in the imp, but dried to yuck on me. Blah.
  2. ShannonElisabethJones

    A Look of Peace

    It's trying to have the sharpness of rage but is thwarted by the roundness of wood, and so it's balanced. Still. Jury's still out on this one for me. I don't dislike it, but I don't know if I'll wear it often, if at all. Maybe my husband will like it - seems unisex enough to work on him.
  3. ShannonElisabethJones


    This is the 2017 version. In the bottle, this is spicy and sweet. And booooooooooooooooooozy! Like mead. Freshly applied it keeps that spicy sweetness and warms into something almost...creamy? Something I can definitely imagine eating for a Yule celebration. As it dries it gets foodier and almost herbal. Helps tone down the sweetness. So this one is definitely a keeper. **EDIT** So I just remembered why I got this one: the notes sounded a little similar to The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, one of my favorite (now discontinued) scents. And it does, a bit! It's more foody and a little more floral (now that it's dried a bit), but I am definitely smelling the similarities.
  4. ShannonElisabethJones


    So this smelled a lot more blue than I thought it would. I thought it would smell more green. This smells like Zest soap, or some other blue-colored soap. It's not too unpleasant, but it's not for me. I'll give this imp to my husband - he does well with the super-fresh scents.
  5. ShannonElisabethJones

    Disastrous Twilight

    Just got this one in the mail. Squee! In the bottle, it smells dusty. And blue? Something a little warm and floral in there, but mostly dusty. Freshly applied, it smells like cool incense. Definitely getting more florals, which is great. I don't do well with resins normally, but this is okay so far. I'm trying not to concentrate on picking out anything that might not agree with me and just enjoy it as a complete picture. It's not totally wowing me, but it's definitely wearable
  6. ShannonElisabethJones

    Pisces 2017

    I wore this the day I got it a while back and overapplied it, which kind of put me off for a bit. I guess it's time to try it for real. In the bottle I get wet musk. Kinda makes me want to sneeze but doesn't instantly give me a headache, which is a good sign. Freshly applied (with moderation this time) - like very strong Old Spice or something similar. It's very masculine. I don't think I can pull this one off. I'll wait a little bit for the final verdict. Yeah, this is just too strong for me. Maybe my husband would wear it.
  7. ShannonElisabethJones


    This one was nice but ultimately didn't work on me. Smells great on the husband, though! Who, incidentally, is a musician.
  8. ShannonElisabethJones


    I tried this once, a few months ago, and was undecided. It's time to try it again! In the bottle - wild and musky. Sharp green. Freshly applied - all that plus...mint? I don't know - it's kinda going to that weird sour note that musks do on me. Maybe I'll try it on Mr. Sionann.
  9. ShannonElisabethJones


    This is one of my absolute favorites. I'm trying so hard not to go through it too quickly. Lovely wet, green florals. Maybe a thorn or three.
  10. ShannonElisabethJones

    Litha 2006

    Oh no! I must have bought this ages ago before I knew how badly resins like frankincense smell on me. Oh, well. Let's give it a try. In the bottle - Resinous and incensey. Eek. Freshly applied - warm florals. A prick of incense...or is that the boozy mead? It keeps getting swamped by flowers. Something like jasmine. Oh...must be the honeysuckle. OHHH there's the mead...wow! Yeah - warming up to mead and flowers. A little greenery. It's not getting me headachey or going to powder on me, surprise surprise. Crap....maybe a little powdery. I think I like it. The mead is verrrrrrry honey-y. Not something I'm used to, but I could wear it.
  11. ShannonElisabethJones

    Harvest Moon 2011

    In the bottle - wood and alcohol. Freshly applied - I get more fruitiness. Something piney. Winey. I can taste it in the back of my throat. Really beautiful. Spicy wonderfulness. I love it! Holy crap - why did I wait so long to try this?
  12. ShannonElisabethJones

    Punkie Night

    2010 version. In the bottle - Sweet spicy cider! How charming! Freshly applied - sweet and cinnamon. A little boozy. Bright fruit. OMG this is so goooooood! Definitely a keeper.
  13. ShannonElisabethJones

    Budding Moon

    I've had this one in my stash for years - purchased on a whim from the forum - and I'm just now trying it. In the bottle - I get very little scent at all. Something green and medicinal. Nothing fruity at all. Freshly applied - very little throw, still greenish. I have to get really close to smell anything. As it warms up I do get some florals, but I have to put my nose all up in it. This is reaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllly faint on me. I'll keep it for now...maybe it just needs generous application and a longer wear time.
  14. ShannonElisabethJones

    Theoi Nomioi

    I've had this one sitting on my desk for a while but haven't really tried it yet. In the bottle, it's piney and woody. Nice. Freshly applied, it's still piney and woody, with a whiff of something cold, like fresh wind off a mountain. Maybe something minty, too? I can taste it in the back of my throat. But the woodiness keeps it warm. As it dries down, there's maybe something campfirey...minus the smoke? Something resinous, which doesn't usually mix well with my chemistry, but so far so good. It's a keeper. Which is good, because I'm a total sucker for the activist scents.
  15. ShannonElisabethJones

    Alternative Facts

    In the bottle, it's whoaaaaaaaaa sweet! Like vanilla and cough syrup. Such a contrast to Fake News. When I first applied it, it was almost entirely soft vanilla and something dusty....fog? Now it's almost completely disappeared. When I go in for a close sniff, I get vanilla and candy, but I have to get in pretty close. I like it...I might try it later on and apply more. It's a pretty quiet scent on me.