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  1. cindyrella


    Gee, Creepy sure wasn't what I was expecting at all! First of all: I love foody scents, but now that I've come to think of it, I tend to stick with the vanilla and cotton candysweet foodies. This is not at all vanilla sweetness but sticky sweetness, Second: I didn't like the buttery note in Miskatonic University and Gluttony, which is probably butterscotch, and Creepy has that same note, Third: I don't wear Beth's apple note very well, it smells slightly artificial on me and in combination with the sticky butterscotch scent in Creepy it smells a bit strange. Fourth: Where's that coconut rum note?? Then.. why did I order it at all? I love the concept and I love the apple note in one of the pumpkin patch bottles, I was hoping for a Midway sweetness with apple but sadly it doesn't work on me. I'm keeping my bottle, because maybe it ages nicely like my Sugar Skull 2004 which I really disliked at first but I love it now. :crosses fingers:I will try it next year
  2. cindyrella

    Carnaval Diabolique

    Wow, this was a truly surprise to me. Actually I didn't intend to buy this bottle, but I accidently ordered it instead of Candy Butcher, and I'm not regretting it. I was a little scared of the opium smoke and lemon flower, and when I read the reviews saying this is very lemony, I thought I wouldn't like it, but this is beautiful! Initially it smells of lemon, but not the lemon as in Embalming Fluid, June Gloom or Shanghai, this is a much softer and sweeter lemon. The lemon fades away very fast and leaves me with a soft smoky and sweet scent. It reminds me of Perversion, that has that same sexy scent, I don't know why this has the same feel but it's really pretty. It's so well blended that if I didn't know what was in it, I couldn't say what it smells like. I think the vanilla and coconut probably makes this sweet, but there's no plastic or sticky sweet scent. The opiums smoke and black musk makes it bit more smoky and dark, but it's not heavy. It's really a complex scent. Overall, this was not the scent I was expecting but it's a beautiful surprise. Sexy!
  3. cindyrella

    Devil's Night

    To celebrate the Halloween update, I put this on today. It smells even better than when I got it. It smells sweeter and muskier than when it was fresh, and I get that gingerbread note than others have mentioned. The gingerbread fades when it's dry, making this a skinlike scent, slightly sweet and musky. I don't smell anything smoky, to me this is very light. I really need to reapply this throughout the day. Lovely, will purchase another bottle this year
  4. cindyrella

    Sugar Skull

    I really needed to review this one, because it has become a favourite although I really disliked this scent at first. Mind you, I've reviewed the '04 version, so this has aged quite some time. At first, when I got this bottle, I really didn't like it. It smelled very heavy and syrupy. To me, it was like burned sugar, a bit bitter. The scent made me nauseus so I never used the bottle. I love sweet scents, but this was too much for me. Then yesterday I decided to put on some Sugar Skull to celebrate the Halloweenies update. I was in a naughty mood and thought: hey, why not? This scent really surprised me! It has aged to a very soft and sweet spicy sugar with almost vanilla sweetness. Very nice and lovely for fall. This will be a moved to the frequent use section the next season and I will purchase a new bottle this year for aging. If you didn't like this scent in the first place, don't swap it right away and please try it again after you let it age. It took me about two years, but I love it now!
  5. cindyrella

    Grandmother of Ghosts

    Wet: This is a fresh scent, not what I was expecting. The name Grandmother of Ghost sounds a bit dusty to me lol. I’ve peeked at the ingredients and I think I smell the mandarin at first. This is what makes this scent fresh. Drydown: But very soon after drydown, this turned into soap. This must be the lily and peony. I’m so sad, because I thought this could be something, but now I think it’s too floral for my taste. I like flarals like rose, but the white florals are not my kind of thing. When I’m writing this, the soapy floral scent turns up more and more. I’m not liking this anymore. I alsmost can taste the soap in my mouth
  6. cindyrella


    Wow, this is sweet and fruity! This might be too sweet for me, again. I think I’m not too fond of Beth’s fruity sweet scents. The honeyed fruit scent is a bit overwhelming for me, I think the tonka added to the ylang ylang and honey makes this way too sweet for me. I do smell the florals in the background, they are not soapy or anything, and they give this scent a grown up feeling. That’s a plus. I’m keeping the imp though.
  7. cindyrella


    Wow! This is the perfect mix of Bengal and Alone. If I run out of Alone, this would be a good substitute. It smells warm and spicy. I think there's cardamom in this, and cinnamon maybe. The fruits make this a bit sweet. It has that Chai tea-scent I love in winter. It also reminds me of Blood Moon. It's a slightly foody and cosy spicy scent. This will be on my next winter order!
  8. cindyrella


    Lavender and citrus. Smells a bit like grapefruit, I like it. Turns into something sweeter, with something herbal? Later on it becomes a bit sour, maybe that’s the herbs and citrusfruit coming out? Lavender is almost gone, that’s a shame. I love lavender. It’s still fresh, and would be great on a man, maybe even better. In the end I think it’s too sharp for me.
  9. cindyrella

    Frost Moon

    In the vial: I don’t like sharp mints, and I was afraid that this oil would be sharp smell. It turns out that this lunar oil is more minty and very sweet, almost like bubblegum. I think I like this one. Wet: The initial smell is sweet peppermint with a soft floral undertone. I didn’t expect it to smell so gentle, but it’s a nice surprise. I like the combination of the mint with the florals, they work very well together. I’m not good at recognising florals, but they smell lovely together. It’s not a heavy scent, but airy and fresh. Dry: Light and floral. The smell becomes a bit more green now. The mint is still noticeable, but in the background. Afterwards: It’s a nice daytime scent, very light, but it doesn’t have much lasting power. I needed reapplying after a few hours, because it was gone.
  10. cindyrella

    Et Lux Fuit

    Wow, this reminds me of some Bnever perfume, Cocktail? It's a fruity floral and it's very light. This is a truly summery scent. I can't pick out any of the notes, it's very well blended. At one moment I thought this was going to turn soapy, but that soapy stage was very brief. I love carnation but sadly I can't smell it, and the fruits don't make it cloying or overly sweet, but they give this scent a fruity freshness. I like this for summer
  11. Yeah, if you ask me, there's a decided lack of the jungle smell on lush, too. Last I heard they discontinued the only other two things on LUSH that smelled the same. Pity, cuz I discovered Jungle (and lush, for that matter) after they'd already culled the herd. Ah well, I will keep looking. I think maybe hanging gardens layered with something strong in the cypress or sandalwood department might be the closest I will get. I'll let you know if I find anything that works! Today I put on Corazon and it smells a lot like Garvarnie. I don't know why, because I can't see the similar ingredients, and it may be not of use since it's a discontinued scent, but it a lot alike to me/ on my skin.
  12. cindyrella

    The Haunted Palace

    This one has really different layers. It starts out very warm and spicy, do I smell some carnation with the amber and vanilla in here? The carnation is gone very soon, but it's a lovely stage. Then it becomes more fresh, citrus is what I can smell now. The roses are more dominant too. This scent lasts very long, and is very complex and lovely. It's light flowery and airy. Nice!
  13. cindyrella

    Trick or Treat

    Trick or Treat smells like a mixture of other BPAL scents to me, all in different stages. In the bottle: smells sweet and buttery. I don't know what Candy Corn smells like, but I don't know if this is something for me. I love sweetness, but no butter please! Wet: Hey, this smells like Sugar Cookie! I smell cinnamon and sugar! I'm glad the butteryness (is that a word?) is gone now. Sugar Cookie had more spices in it, this is a more light version of it, but it eminds me a lot of it. Dry: Sugar Cookie is gone now, and Sugar Skull has teken her place. Although I can't wear Sugar Skull, this is rather nice. It doesn't smell like burned sugar like Sugar Skull does, and it's a more friendly and more light scent. This could be a wearable Sugar Skull. Overall: Very intrigued by the different stages. It really changes throughout the day. It smells foody at first (Sugar Cookie-ish), and then changes into something more mysterious (Sugar Skull-ish).
  14. cindyrella


    Gee, this was not what was expecting. This is indeed not a floral scents at all, but very foody and spicy. I love that, so that's not a problem, but I really can't detect any of the stated notes. I'm really confused because what I smell is Bengal! Loads of cinnamon and this smells like Chai tea too! I really need to try this one on again, maybe it's my chemistry... Edited to add: I've reapplied this again on another day, and now I get something beneath the Bengal scent. It's still much like Bengal, but there's something earthier beneath it, must be the patchouli. It's truly a beautiful scent. Maybe another bottle for me!
  15. cindyrella

    Blood Moon 2005

    I really love this one. Bottle: This reminds me of blood sausage baked with apple, with some added spices. Although it reminds me of this, it doesn't smell really foody. and I really like this. On me: It's a really delicate scent, and the blood sausage is gone now. On me it smells very vaguely of spices with something extra. That could be the musk, I adore musk. It's not heavy at all, very comforting and cosy. My mom said it reminds her of a scent of her youth, and she wished she'd ordered one herself. Overall: Lovely, could be a everyday scent because although it's spicy, it's very light. It's comforting and I love it. On a scale of 1 - 5 I rate this a 4