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    No BPAL today but I am wearing Rosemary just to help remember
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    Warm smells - AmberFrankincenseMyrrhCedarBalsam firLavender RosemaryBourbon VanillaNo Patchouli - it makes me sneeze and all stuffed up.

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    This and that. I collect dragons and gargoyles, spicy scents like cedar, frankincense and myrrh... I love to cook and bake... I knit.. not very well but well enough to give goodies to friends and loved ones.
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About Me

About me:

I collect this and that, mostly Dragons, Gargoyles, and yarns.  My other better half is understanding about stashes/dragon hoards.  Dragons are usually anything and everything that catches my eye.  I know I’m looking for some outdoor Dragon/Gargoyles for the deck and/or my gardens. I started collecting Furrybones - I have Anubis, Bastet and the Big Foot.  Looking at the dragon and raven for myself.
In a way the pandemic has allowed for me to really slow down the pace of life and enjoy things a little bit better. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to go back to school and a husband who puts up with my “freak outs” towards finals.  The ones where I really didn’t need to spaz but just to get it out the system.  I am currently enrolled at Green River and will be starting their Software Dev Batchelor’s program Winter of 2021.
Currently on our deck – rebuilt over the last year- I have mini roses, lavender and large hanging baskets.  There are two wind chimes that make lovely music when the breeze is just right.  It’s great to bask out there in the sun, while it’s not too hot.  Add in the slight sounds of a dragon tabletop fountain and it’s perfect.
Currently we have four spoiled cats – Alex, Raistlin, Wishes, and Harrison (Harry).  All four are rescue babies from the Humane Society.  Alex is a Ginger Manx (reds/creams/oranges).  He has a very little tail so he’s a “stumpy”.  His Grace, The Dark Lord Raistlin is a “black” Manx.  He is a very dark brown that looks black.  Wishes our little love bug, is a tuxedo “rag doll”.  He’s got all the markings of rag doll as well as the body type.  Last but by no means least is Harry.  Harry is a Ginger tiger striped cat – just like Alex but with a very long and expressive tail.


That’s great and all but … what do you like? What are your hobbies or do you just sit around like a crazy cat lady?

I like so many things so it’s very hard just to narrow it down to a few of them.  I am a gamer – Final Fantasy Franchise currently on Midgardsormr in FFXIV under Azryal Daemonslayer, Valkyrie’s Profile on the PS2, FFXV on the PS4, and Aion Classic online under Azryal are a few that I’m currently playing.
I like anime and manga and working on corrupting my husband with One Piece.  I bounce around the different genres – Death Parade, Angels of Death, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Bleach, Black Butler, D-Grey Man, Pet Shop of Horrors, Fullmetal Alchemist/FMA Brotherhood, Mermaid Scar, Akira, etc.
I love mythologies – Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Japanese, Native American.  Because of that love, I wanted very much to be an archaeologist but then the whole deal with low tolerance to heat and the sun.  So instead, I collect books on myths, legends, folk tales, etc.
I do like stories with Vampires but not the Twilight franchise.  I’m sorry, vampires don’t sparkle in the sunlight >.> that is just one of my pet peeves. The only entity that should be allowed to sparkle is Miss Twilight Eyes.  I am a devout follower of the Chelsea Quinn Yarbro St. Germain series. I have several of the books – hard cover, soft cover, and e-books.  A guilty pleasure is the Mack Bolan books – acquired those from my dad.

Scents - I know I've stated over and over no Patchouli.  It's simple, it makes me congested and gives me a horrible headache.  So I try to stay away from it.  If I can't because someone is wearing it, I make sure to have some antihistamines available.
I love the smells of cedar and pine, the smell of oak that has been polished with lemon or beeswax is awesome.  The smells of a library - the old books bound in leather with the foxed pages.  A smell that reminds me of safety and comfort is Captain Blacks Whiskey Gold blend Pipe Tabacoo - reminds me very much of my Dad and how much I miss him.  BPAL had a collection - Ragnarok with several delicious smells.  The Fimbial Winter and Loki's Laughter were two beloved favorites.  Myrrh and Frankincense are another loved smells... smells of cinnamon and baking for the upcoming holidays.  Roses and lavender for the spring and summer to come. 

Other hobbies/craziness:
I do like to bake/cook so have a mini collection of cookbooks.  I just got an air fryer so we’re having fun with that.  I like to grill and am working on getting better with my grill skills as it were.  Where I excel is at baking – Blueberry Boybait and Cheesecakes.  Yum!

I am not a quick knitter that would Twilight Eyes.  I can give it my best shot and I have no issues either frogging a project or starting over.  Currently I’m pretty good at making scarves, hats, and hand warmers.  Still working on the learning how to make socks.  That one is going to be a bit xD


I am very much a foodie and we’ve rediscovered Wines/Meads.  My name is Renazuki and I am cheese-a-holic, a chocoholic, and dear gods … a mead snob.  *weeps*  Cheeses when paired with the right things – salamis, dried/fresh fruit, nuts, a wedge of honeycomb- make me very happy.  I like to share discoveries or favorites with friends.  It’s about being with those you love and sharing hospitality with them.  Gimme a Stilton with sliced apples and maybe some walnuts at the minimum with say a glass of sweet white wine and I’m a very happy camper. If that glass is filled with say Blood Moon or something delicious from Oppegaard’s Meadery and yas… very very happy.  Not a fan of the red wines as I break out into hives from them.  Not happy when that happens. Another option is some slices of Manchego with say some walnuts and ooo sliced beef.  Manchego is best on say a steak sammich and say ooo a nice dark beer...yas.... *drools*


I prefer dark, rich jewel tones as they work well with my uhm pale skin.  I have “European Peaches and Cream” skin tones (Dad called it that) or what I call UK mutt skin tones.  I think it’s more of the Irish or Welsh paleness than the blue white of the Scots.  No pastels – I don’t like them, and they don’t like me.  I’m already washed out as it is I don’t need anymore help from them.
I am not a girlie girl – frills are just not me. I feel very uncomfortable in "frilly" outfits.   I am very much a warrior in respect that my home is very much my castle, and I will protect it and my loved ones.  My home is decorated with medieval weaponry and the afore mentioned dragons/gargoyles.


I prefer the Dk/Worsted/Aran weighted yarns over the finer yarns.  It’s just my preference.  Just as my colour choices will also be the darker, richer colours.  Just not a fan of the pastels.  I will use them for specific projects like a baby blanket.