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  1. amritchie


    Imp - The amber comes through really strongly. I don't get any of the florals that others mention, it really is just amber. Wet - The amber is still the strongest note. I think the lab got their description spot on for this; 'sticky, glowing golden' is the perfect description for this scent. I can smell the florals underneath now, very fresh and summery. The longer it's on my skin, the stronger the florals get, and the more I like it. Dry - The amber fades entirely, leaving strong florals behind. They're quite sharp, and a little soapy. I'd no longer describe it as a 'golden' scent. It's gone quite green instead. It's still very summery - there's just that soapiness that puts me off. This isn't going to be one of my most loved. I like it, but neither amber nor florals are my favourite scents, and after the first ten minutes it didn't seem to work well on my skin. I was, however, very impressed by the complete transformation it underwent on my skin, from completely amber to totally floral!
  2. amritchie

    Antique Lace

    Imp - The linen note comes through strongest, which I wasn't expecting. It's very feminine, quite sweet, but in a very soft way. There's a faint floral note, but mostly this reminds me of fresh sheets straight from the wash. Wet - The linen note is still dominant. It smells a little but like fabric softrner, but I like the smell of fabric softener so that's okay! I don't really get any of the florals. It now smells faintly vanilla, in a slightly sugary way - vanilla ice-cream, rather than vanilla bean. Dry - The 'clean sheets' part has faded, and been replaced by the slightly harsh floral smell of fabric softener. I liked it at first, but not dry. It has very little throw, and I can only really smell it when I sniff my wrist. I'm a little sad, since in the imp and on wet it was so nice, but dry it really did smell like fabric softener on me. I'll try it again some time, and see if I get a better result on a different day. But I doubt this will be a bottle scent for me.
  3. amritchie


    This was a frimp. I'm a total chocoholic, but sadly most chocolate scents go sickly sweet on me, and are extremely strong, so I was a bit nervous about trying this. Imp - Wow! Pure chocolate, just like the description says. It's quite a milky chocolate - absolutely gorgeous! My mouth is watering. Wet - I'm thrilled that this stills smells as good as it did in the imp. Just pure milk chocolate. Dry - the milky scent faded as this dried, leaving a richer chocolate behind. I love this! I can't stop sniffing my wrists. It had a good throw, and lasted several hours. I'm so happy to find a chocolate scent that works on me. This isn't too sweet, or at all sickly - it smells like good quality chocolate, not too sugary. I'll try it again before I decide, but I think I might be getting a bottle.
  4. amritchie


    Imp - A deep red merlot, with a hint of leather beneath. It's almost a little metallic, but not quite. I can smell the florals as well. It's very complex and deep. I think I smell something different every time I take a sniff. Wet - The florals come through more strongly, and there's a hint of musk as well. I can no longer smell the leather. The merlot is still strongest, smelling slightly alcoholic! Dry - The merlot is dominant. It smells like a fruity, rich, sweet red wine - gorgeous! The hint of alcohol, however, has mostly faded. The florals linger for a while, but eventually fade, leaving only the merlot. Overall, I like this. I don't think I'm going to buy a bottle, but I'll be using it again. It's a very sexy, sultry scent, very feminine and adult. It's not a scent I'd wear to work, put it that way!
  5. amritchie

    Carceri d'Invenzione

    Imp - Very woody, with the black pepper adding a little spiciness. I get the tobacco as well, all mixing together. It's a very masculine scent, I think - makes me think of my dad, which is quite comforting. It's a little sweet, in a very natural way. Wet - The tobacco starts coming through strongly. No surprise, since tobacco always seems to be strong on my skin. The wood notes are just about still there, now very dry. There's a hint of frankincense, but not much. Dry - it fades to a very faint tobacco. There's not much throw. This was gorgeous in the imp, and I'm disappointed that on my skin the tobacco overpowers the wood and pepper notes. It's quite masculine, I think, but still soft and sweet enough for a woman to wear. For me it's a comforting, quite fatherly smell, but I can see how it could also be quite sexy.
  6. amritchie


    Imp - Smells very musky, with the vanilla coming through underneath. I like. Wet - The vanilla is now the strongest note, sweet and a bit sugary, but not at all sickly or cloying. I don't get any of the fougere or tea, but there's still a hint of musk. I think it's what prevents the vanilla from getting too sweet. Dry - The vanilla is pretty much overpowering the other notes. But it's a lovely vanilla, perhaps the nicest I've ever smelled! It's not sweet or cloying - there's a little hint of black tea coming through, which perhaps is what keeps it smelling fresh and light. This was very faint on me, not much throw, despite the fact that I slathered it on. Still, I love the scent, it smells gorgeous. I think a bottle of this is going on my wishlist.
  7. amritchie


    This is my first review, so I hope it's okay! In the imp, I get the wine really strongly, a very sophisticated red wine. But there's something slightly sour about it - it reminds me a little of sweat. Its not very encouraging, and doesn't make me keen on trying it. But the tobacco comes through a little, which gives it a nice edge. Wet, the tobacco is much stronger. I can still smell the wine, and the florals are starting to come through as well. Definitely an improvement from in the imp. Dry, it's almost all floral. The tobacco and wine notes have disappeared. It reminds me of potpourri! There's a bit of musk too. It's nice, but it's not going to be one of my favourites.