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March 25, 2011

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Sorry it's been a while. Not really that many questions to catch up on though, witch!


March 25


Are you interested in trying Super Villainess (from Villainess - the birthday scent that was just released tonight!) and if so, which item do you like the most? (Soap, Whipped, Smooch, Extrait, Smack...)If I were to order you a Smack, which four notes would you like?

I think the combo of bluegrass (I LOOOOOOOVE grass) and georgia peach sounds delicious . or bluegrass and limeade. Or bluegrass and sugared roses. Seeing a trend here? :)


Super Villianess sounds awesome! Probably in a soap or something, as I don't know if I could wear that smell all day, but it sounds like something I would love smelling in the shower!


Would you enjoy receiving a knitted gift from your witch? If so what would you be interested in (scarf, hat, wrist / handwarmers, socks, etc.) and in what colors? I would love anything my witch hand-made for me. That being said, I live in a pretty mild climate! but it does get cold here for a few months and I do love wearing scarves/gloves/etc. Hats kind of look dumb on me because my head is shaped like a basketball!


March 23


Easter Candy - do you like it? If so, what types?



What scent(s) are you petrified of getting DC'd?

My favorite scents all seem to be LE's anyway, but lets see.... Alice?

March 22


Violette Market Update is up. Do you covet anything from it?

The truffle trade actually sounds pretty repulsive to me. too rich


What is your favorite type of wine? Would you be interested in trying something new? In that case, is there anything you really DONT like? Ooooo how about dessert wines? I love wine!!! I love dry wine, I love sweet wine, I love red wine, I love white wine, I love strong tasting wine, I love buttery wine, I love oaky wine, I love wine!


But not wine in a box :)


Although the French Rabbit wine that comes in a (picnic-perfect) carton is pretty good!

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