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March 17, 2011

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March 17


Would you want an invite to a site that is invite-only ex. Diaspora, Demonoid, etc. If so, what?

No thanks!


March 16


For those who like lipgloss, lipstick, tinted balms, etc, what colors do you wear (and warm? cool?) and do you prefer something sheer or more opaque? How do you feel about shimmer?

I wear lip gloss... I love natural-ish colors. Sheer darkish pinks or cherry reds. Shimmer is okay!


Are there any fancy/gourmet/special herbs or spices that you'd love to receive? ie: good quality vanilla or other extracts, vanilla beans, saffron, lavender, etc.

not sure I would appreciate their high quality :( I have just begin cooking and am really not that good at it yet.... maybe if they came with instructions?!


What's your favorite animal? Or is there one that's particularly significant to you?

I have been diggin' on birds lately. All birds. I just love watching them. I love sitting outside on weekend mornings with my coffee watching the little guys fight over the bird feeder :)


If you were able to get a vintage or prototype bottle from the upcoming West Coast Will Call, which one would you want?no thanks!


DVDs, Blu-Ray, both, neither?

both! I do have a blu-ray player but wouldnt mind DVDs either.


Sock Dreams? What kind? (anklets, footies, etc.?)

I need socks! I keep buying them but I keep losing them! I like all socks but the ones that sort of feel like panty-hose. ugh, they catch on my calluses (TMI?!)


Since this is a price capped round, would you rather get one "big" thing or lots of "little" things or don't care?

Oh, I dont care! I love getting little things... but I dont want to stifle my beautiful witch's creativity!


Do you like pirate-related things?

I can't say that I have an affinity towards pirate-related items.


Soaps? Be specific: if there are BPAL soaps you want to try or are dying for more of, tell all here! Also, any other companies people like or love? Villainess, maybe? Or Lush? What flavors???

hmmm. I love philosophy soaps. I also love handmade stuff on etsy (Naiad is proabbly one of my favorites). As for flavors... I LOVE roses. I also love lavender. OH and the milk and honey naiad soap is to die for .


What periods of art do you love most? Like, if someone was going to get you a tapestry or a box or some other item, what period would you want it to most resonate with? the pinks and golds of Rococo? the clean geometry of Art Deco? The romanticism of Art Nouveux? The strange lines of Cubism?

Pre-Raphaelite stuff makes me very happy.


Would you like caffeinated lollipops?: http://www.lollyphil...cks-caffeinated

I am somewhat sensitive to caffine... I can have about one cup of coffee a day and that's my limit.


Copied CD's or DVD's?

Sure, why not.


I'm going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks, is there anything I can get you?

hmmm... not that i can think of! If you could package up the smell of the freshly baked chocolate cookies they have wafting around their shops, that would be faboulous! :)

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