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  1. I put an order in through Paypal on the 13/14 of May 2011 and I still have not got shipping notification, I've sent a few emails to the Lab as well without any replies. I understand they are super busy but I'm worried my order has been overlooked where should I go from here ?
  2. This isn't really a similarity, but more scents complimenting each other. I had a shower this morning and used Lush Turkish Delight then applied Gothic Horror Oh so nice, sweet honey rose incense scent all day. I'm loving Glogg at the moment too, Unfortunately my mum said I smell like moth balls when I use it
  3. Are there any scents even close to Gothabilly in the GC line? I received a sniffy and it smells so good but I don't want to use it on my skin and have no more I love the strong cherry liqueur scent the most that comes out of the imp when I open it so that is the main scent I'm interested in, the vanilla not fussed so much. Are there any GCs close?
  4. I am loving The Unsteady Governess I find it so fresh and uplifting and the only BPAL oil where I have bought an extra bottle as a back up. Embalming Fluid is also a favourite and I need more! My boyfriend loves it too so I'll be getting him a bottle next order as well