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    notes: blackberry, apple, incense-y, rain, leather, vanilla, vanilla-mint. mostly into villainess oils at the moment - scintillating is my favourite. =) (followed by krakatoa and villainess)

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    collecting playing cards, video games, origami, jewellery making, battlestar galactica, being weird, op-shopping. ^-^


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  1. bellademarco


    I've not been on the forum for a while due to serious health issues, and a few things have kind of gotten away from me. I'm not getting any PM notification emails, so if you need to contact me it's best to email. I try to check it at least every couple of days.
  2. bellademarco

    Giftcard idea + more questions

    I just found out that one of the stores I always shop when there's a sale (scored a $5 dress to wear to a wedding a couple of weeks ago!) has giftcards for sale online. http://www.cottonon.com/au/gift-cards I don't usually buy clothes new (too expensive) but as I am losing weight I'm finding I'm able to wear more and more mainstream brands, which can be really cheap when they go on sale! And as I lose more weight, I will need new clothes, coz I'm getting down to the size I was when I was 16...and given I'm almost 25, I have very few items of clothing kept from back then!!! 10/14/10 Do you prefer scented or unscented lotions/moisturizers? Scented, if scented nicely. I really only use my Villainess Whipped, and I have 2 jars which will last me several years, so I don't need any more lotion. However, I use an unholy amount of sunscreen given how pale I am and how horrid the Australian sun is. So any sunscreen (SPF30+ or above, scented or not) would be GREATLY appreciated!!! 10/13/10 Today I got one of the Starbucks Halloween Bearista Bears - it's dressed like a werewolf! Is this something witchees might like? I have no idea what that is, but it sounds cool! Are you interested in Halloween costumes for your pet(s)? I have no pets. 10/12/10 Would you want your witch to reveal herself? How? YES! I'd love to know who you are at the end, I dunno, maybe do it via giving me hints and making me guess? Like a mystery crime case.... Also, I would ask my Witch if she/he was still reading my answers, but I actually like answering all these questions! So if there's any other questions you want me to answer for any reason at all, let me know. Even random online quizzes. (being ill and unable to work means I don't have much else to do!)
  3. bellademarco

    Ketchup of EPIC proportions!

    10/9/10 I came home with some Dungeon Crawl and some Bedbugs yesterday. If you were my witchee, would you want some of either/both? I'd love to try Bedbugs, and a bottle of Dungeon Crawl would make me very very happy! (already have a DC decant) 10/7/10 Did you forget anything fun/interesting or find something new and exciting? Not that I can think of at the moment, but if/when it occurs to me, I'll post it. 10/5/10 Would you like to receive international magazines, even if you don't speak the language it's written in, just to ogle the pictures or for the novelty of it? If yes, what kind of magazines, or what magazines in particular? YES! In particular, Russian or Japanese magazines would be awesome. would you have interest in any of the new Christmas stuff from Lush? Maybe...we don't get a lot of the new things here for ages, which is annoying. Also we get none of the Halloween stuff. Boo. Oh, witchee-poo... if there was one bottle you could have from the NYCC exclusives, what would it be? Lincoln Tunnel Vortex. I did have a pickup arranged, but I had to cancel because I could only afford one pickup...and my Witchee really wanted something, so I spent the money on her. If someone were to make you one of the items in this post which would it be? None, sorry. I hate bulky stuff around my neck, which is why I like thinner scarves. If you were my witchee, would you mind a gift certificate where you'd have to do it old school style and mail it in with your order form? As long as it was within Australia, sure! Although usually I've gotten away with doing that sort of thing via scanning/photographing it anyway. 10/4/10 Do you have a preferred weight of yarn to work in? Lace, sock, worsted, bulky, handspun with variation? Not really...nothing to complicated, given I'm a beginner. Maybe big giant weird ones, coz it's quicker? I do prefer working with (fine, soft) wool though. (which is why the yarn you already sent is so awesome!) Anyone like little seasonal decorative wreaths? Like gravevine wreaths embellished with silk flora, etc.? Posting plants to Australia is not a good idea. Also xmas wreaths would just wither and die in the Australian summer sun! Do any witchees need a Snuggie? LOL. No. 10/01/10 So, who here loves pomegranates? Are the good as a fruit, a flavoring or just a scent? I love the fruit especially on frozen yoghurt, the juice, and pom flavoured things are usually nice. As a scent I do like it, but I wish BPAL's pom was more fruity and realistic. Haunt Update? No idea. 9/30/10 Villainess has an update. Anyone wanting anything from it? YES!!! Okay, I'll admit, I already caved and bought a couple of Cobwebs burns, a Mudslide burn, and the Cobwebs perfume. However, I'd LOVE more burns, and I always need smacks. how are all the witchees fixed for purses--lunchbags, etc? I have enough handbags etc, but I'd love a small bag to put my bento box in. Or a new awesome bento box! And I would love more Glomesh bags so I can take them apart and use the mesh to make things. So if you have any old broken ones you want to send my way, go for it! Now, I have a question for you. About notes. That's all pretty much covered in my wishlist, so I think you should be set one that one. But I'm up for trying anything, as always. Would you like a sugar skull decorated by your witch? Or do you like sugar skull stuff in general? I have no idea what that is, but if is related at all to Dia De Los Muertos I'd love it. I really would like to learn more about those traditions, because being in SE Asia/Pacific we don't have a lot of exposure to it. 9/29/10 Is there one scent that is your goto for comfort on a bad stressful day? Like the perfume equivilent of a security blankie? Poisoned Apple, SGA, and more recently, Gypsy Moth. What are you going to be for Halloween? No idea...I don't have my friends down here so I don't think I'll be going to any parties....(how tragic) Is there something just super random you like/enjoy/want/are ogling that has not been and will not be covered by any other questions, because it's just that WEIRD? Yes. And this is a really weird thing for a stranger to buy someone but I don't care....I love aerie underwear...it's the most comfortable underwear ever, and I can't get it here. I did try to get a friend to buy some and send them to me, but 5 months later and she STILL hasn't forwarded my package. Anyway. The style I like the most is the boybriefs, and I'm a size L. As for colours...black is always good, generally I like things in darker colours or not too girlie. So yeah, that's probably a bit weird, but if my witch is in the US then it would be a really awesome thing to buy me!
  4. bellademarco

    wishlist updating!

    I'm still answering all the questions I missed, but I wanted to let my witch know that I've updated my book wishlist...it's now on both the US and UK websites, because some of the books are not available on both sites and the prices aren't always the same, so I have two lists. Also I recently bought one of the books on my list, (origami bonsai) so I've removed it. Hopefully it doesn't interfere with your witchy plans! http://www.bookdepository.com/wishlist/522807/Elizabeth-Knox http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/wishlist/320870/Elizabeth-Knox
  5. bellademarco

    Lots of questions to answer..

    Dear Witch, I'm sorry I haven't been around much, I've not been very well lately and I'm no longer keeping up with the thread. Sorry! If I'm missing anything important, let me know. =) 9/25/10 If you could make a scent that represents where you live (or have lived), what would be the ingredients? Apple, eucalyptus, waterfalls, moss, snow, crisp cool air, blackberry. I have no idea really...LOL Are you in need of Roller bottles or anything of the like? Not that I can think of. 9/24/10 Just curious, but if your witch was to make an amigurumi critter (or other plushie) just for you, what would it be? A NINJA or ROBOT or something cool like the molecular representation of interesting chemicals. Something cool, pretty much. Would you want a local/tourist item from your witch? Like a t-shirt, mug or shot glass? YES! A shot glass, deck of playing cards, postcard, whatever. I love things that show off where other people live. =) Okay, who wants NAlloween and some Vampire Apothecary goodness? *is confused* Venomous Villains? *is confused* Last Unicorn? *is confused* Who is your fav Disney Villian/villianess? How about hero/herione? (doesn't have to be specifically Disney though) Hmmm....no idea! I love Treasure Planet and the Lion King and a few other disney movies are cool, but I don't really have a favourite chararcter. 9/23/10 Do you collect stones/rocks? I'm talking like "semi" precious stones, ie moonstone, bloodstone, quartz ect. Are there any that you're looking for at the moment? Are you in need of a stone but don't know which kind? Not really anything in particular, but I like semi-precious beads, coz they compliment my origami jewellery quite nicely. What's your favorite Halloween Music? The music from The Nightmare Before Christmas! 9/22/10 Do you have a deviantart print wishlist or favourites list? Not yet. Is there anything from Blooddrop that you want to try? GC? Halloween update? Haven't looked. What kind of shoes do you need/want? What size shoes do you wear? Would you mind gently used shoes? I could always use more Havianas for summer, and I'm a USA7/8-EUR41/42-BRA-39/40 (if you know Havs then you'll know what that sizing means) I really want to love giant heels like I posted about in the thread, but I can't really walk in them...LOL. I have weirdo feet, they're very long but thin, so shoes are hard to find for me. The only other shoes I wear that are standard sizes are Converse hi-tops, in which I wear an 8, and I actually do need a new pair. Do you like paper dolls (new or vintage) or coloring in books? No idea, never seen a vintage paper doll. Do you like weird scary things as traditionally girly fashion items like heels and handbags? Given this was my question...YES! I'm not a very girly girl, and I like masculine and weird and dark twists on traditionally girly things. What song is on heavy rotation for you right now? Hmm, tough one. Probably 'Little Lion Man' by Mumford and Sons Are you coveting any of the NYCC atmospheric sprays? British Blondes. I'm getting a decant, but I'd love a proper bottle. If you could get any one thing hand-painted from your witch, what would it be and what would be on it? If I could get something handpainted by my witch it wouldn't matter what it was!!! Would you (assumin' you're a yarnie) be interested in a naturally-dyed yarn that's designed to very gradually fade with washing? Sure. =) If you have played before, what are some of the most memorable things you've gotten? What really made you go WOW? If you haven't played, same thing, but not limited to SW. I've played a non-BPAL SW and a few secret santas, and honestly, most of what I got was crap. One person sent me what was clearly the bottom of her candle tarts box, and it was all half used and dirty and stuff. So seriously, put some effort into it and I will be the happiest witchee on the planet!!! =P Actually I was in a secret santa on a support forum last year, and the person I got sent me a mix cd of music from her country, and a recording of her reading out a poem in her language. It was so beautiful, and even though it wasn't something that was worth any money, it was really amazing to get to know her a little through that cd. 9/21/10 Do you like garlic? Do you REALLY like garlic? Would you want to try some really unusual garlic stuff, like garlic cheese or garlic fudge or garlic chocolate, etc., etc., etc.? I love garlic, but I suspect that if I eat it in great quantities it makes me sick. Which makes me sad. =( Chili in weird foods is safer. =) Can I talk to you about the living dead? How do you feel about Zombies? The last tshirt I bought from Threadless has a GIANT zombie face drawn on the front, and zombies being shot on the back. Does that help?
  6. bellademarco


    I just thought of something to add to my BPAL wishlist.... Dungeon Crawl.
  7. bellademarco


    Do you read/like fantasy? What kind of books or authors do you love? Which one would you like to read? Would you like gifts related to it? I think I've answered that already with all the book questions. Soaps : do you like them? What brands? What scents? Anything you're dying to try? I've got tons of soap already. I wondered if my witch or any witch would enjoy things like nice pens to draw with or anything similar? I don't really draw much, but nice pens sound good. For those who are yarnies, would you like other-than-yarn witchery? Hooks, needles? Preference of material? Do you use/would you like handmade stitch markers, etc.? I'd love to learn to crochet, and have a few crochet books on my BD wishlist. I've never used stitch markers, but they sound like a good idea. Lipbalms: flavor preferences? tube/squeazything type or lip pots? I've already got tons of lip balms, but I do like them. I do have a few pots/tins, but I prefer the tube ones because I always get lip balm under my nails with the tins. Does anyone do altered books? Would you be interested in old books to alter? Any type or title in particular? Yeah, a bit, but there's tons of junky old books here so they're very easy to find. Old (pre 1900) damaged dictionaries and science books are good though, coz I use the pages for jewellery. Did someone ask about incense yet? Would you like some? Something to store or burn it in? What scents? What form? I've got tons of incense, thanks. Something to store it all would be lovely though! Any oddball free things you collect or would want saved for you? Free decks of playing cards? Actually, free postcards are cool, coz I trade them with one of my friends. is there something you'd like from the Arcana Halloween update? No idea! But I have tried an imp of Absinthe, and I kinda have an urge to collect the 'Absinthe' perfumes from every company. As of now I have none, but it's a plan!
  8. bellademarco

    Tasty tomato sauce...

    Would anyone like DIY Vulva Coinpurse instructions? No thanks Who likes hair toys, and if so what kind? LIke I said previously, I like light thin material scarves that I can tie in my hair. Also, I LOVE these hair spirals, but I've only got a couple: http://cgi.ebay.com/10pc-Beauty-Spiral-Hair-pin-clip-stick-Pick-Barrette-/120622305746?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c15a651d2 I can't find them anywhere else other than ebay, so that's just an example. I've got really fine hair, so things that don't pull and tug on my hair are really great. =) As for colour, black is best, because I usually change my hair colour a lot and usually to non-natural colours. Does any art we may send need to be child safe, either in the actually safe sense or the non X rated sense? Nah, but if it's x-rated, tasteful is best, coz I'm not a porn fan. In the knitted/crocheted things area, would you want wrist warmers, 1/2 gloves, a neck warmer(the kind that pretty much just goes around your neck and maybe fastens instead of being long and loose like a scarf), slippers, or hats? Wrist warmers and half gloves maybe? But like I said, it's coming into summer here. How do you feel about altered/recycled/upcycled items of clothing or accessories? I do a bit of that myself actually, so I like it a lot! I'd actually love some books on the subject, if you know of any good ones. (in particular, t-shirt surgery, because I have LOTS of Threadless.com tees and I need to make them more interesting. Or convert them into tank tops) What is your favourite habitat and climate to live in? How about to visit? (ie. forest, canyons, mountains, by the beach; temperate, tropical...) Temperate forest, mountains, etc. Not too cold and not too hot/sunny. I hate the sun because I'm so white (I know, bad idea living in Australia!) but I live in the southern most area of the country so it's pretty good. I also LOVE very tropical climates at night. When I was in Malaysia for owrk, we only had free time in the evenings and even though it was 35-40 degrees, the lack of sun meant it was bearable and actually really nice. is there anything you would like from Conjure Oils general catalogue or the new updates that isn't already on your wishlist? I've never tried Conjure Oils. And I probably shouldn't, what with my BPAL and Villainess addictions...and now being pointed in the direction of VM. What do you wish you could make/craft if you had the know-how and supplies? Specifically, which particular items? Silversmithing. I did a silversmithing course a few years ago and loved it, so I'd really like to have the equipment and knowledge to do that. There's also silver clay that comes in sheets, I think it's called PMC, and there's one type that just needs a propane torch to fire, but I've not been able to find it. I think it'd make awesome origami! Also iris folding looks interesting. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iris_folding is there a Book Fair/Comic Con scent you're dying to get your paws on, too? SIBYL THE LINCOLN TUNNEL VORTEX And maybe the other ones, but those are the ones I'm most curious about. (and I may have found someone willing to do a pickup for me! maybe..) Also, ow1goddess said it best; Event-exclusive oils actually irritate the hell out of me...but it never keeps me from wanting them, sadly. How do people feel about edible arrangements? www.ediblearrangements.com Interesting idea, but not very practical for me. Anyone need address/phone type books? No, but I'd LOVE to find a vintage diary for 2011. This year, I found one on etsy from 1875: http://www.etsy.com/listing/36523547/reserved-for-origamiornaments1875-pocket http://www.vpcalendar.net/Correlations/19th_Century.html Firemountain Gems have mixed watch parts http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?pn=H201325AS OMG! Those are awesome! I bought a bunch of clock hands to turn into jewellery a few months ago, and those would go together really well!
  9. bellademarco

    Thankyou for your email! ^_^

    I know you have some Halloweenie decants coming to you, but which ones? Did you order every one that you were interested in? I ordered half bottles of Sugar Skull and Punkie Night And half decants of: All Saints Blue Pumpkin Floss Calaveras Flor de Muerto Huesos de Santo Nothing Gold Can Stay Pumpkin Latte Halloween Brooklyn Halloween San Francisco Pomegranate II Pomegranate V The Infernal Love A Howl In The Darkness I pretty much ordered all that I was interested in for testing, but I was planning on bottles of Odd Portents and Shadowy and the Sublime, so forgot to order decants. >.< Also I haven't ordered anything (not even decants) from the BPTP update, because I was planning on ordering closer to when they come down. Also, Violette Market just posted their Halloween update - is there anything there that strikes your fancy? I've never tried anything from Violette Market! I just had a look at someone's circle post, and these are the ones I think might work on me: Ghost Town Vincentio The Coffin Maker Doc Brown's Medicines and Elixirs Ms. Dolly's Frock Shop (all the notes are perfect, except for milk, but maybe non-BPAL milk won't turn rancid on my skin?) Miss Julia Star, The Cathouse Kitties Miss Scarlet Foster, The Cathouse Kitties Miss Susanna West, The Cathouse Kitties Mona Christie's Antiques Zarya Occultist and Tarot Card Reader Lydia's Firefly Lanterns Ghost Dancer Witch's Apple Please don't think I want all of them! I just picked out what sounds nice, but I don't know anything about VM's notes etc. Thankyou so much for the email and the ecard! Talk Like a Pirate Day is hilarious. Also I was just thinking, I know I said that I already have tons of Villainess, but I can't order from the Soap Box Co (shipping is horrendously expensive!) and they have a bunch of exclusive things. (Like Sol Bacio, etc) The master list of questions hasn't been updated in a while, so I'll go through the thread myself so I can answer them. Watch this space. =)
  10. bellademarco

    Questions for the 17th!

    Are there any particular movies, tv shows or cd’s that you’ve been meaning to buy for years but just never got round to getting? Would you mind a gently used dvd/cd if your witch had it or could get it?? I can't think of any, but if you find something awesome and it's 2nd hand, I don't mind. =) Is there anything from the Possets' Hallowe'en update you're lusting after? No, but I'd love a bottle of Pomona from Possets. I've got the body scrub made by Villainess, and it smells lovely. Would you like a custom/altered toy either from a seller or from your witch (like My Little Pony, or a Barbie or any particular toy that can be changed?) Erm, I don't think so. But I don't really know what you're talking about. Do you like the candy apple, candy corn or pumpkin spice kisses? I don't know what they are, but they sound nice, especially anything apple! Anne Taintor, anyone? Eh. I feel it's a concept that's been done to death, and I much prefer making my own funny captions to vintage ads/photos Which web comics do you enjoy? Questionable Content and xkcd mainly, but I do read other ones occasionally. =)
  11. bellademarco

    Questions for the 16th..

    9/16/10 If I were to knit a scarf, would you prefer a skinny one, or a wide one? A short one, that when wrapped once around your neck will just tuck under your jacket, or a long one, at least to your waist? Skinny and long (wishful thinking, LOL) Don't like scarves? Would a rectangular shawl or triangular shawl be more to your taste? I like scarves better. But it's coming up to summer here, so lightweight fabric scarves (still thin) are better because I use them to tie up my hair. It's Australia....think tank tops and thongs! (thongs are shoes...get your mind out of the gutter!) How do you feel about recipes? Sure, but a lot of ingredients have different names here, and there are different measurements too. (a US tablespoon is not the same as an AU tablespoon, for example) What kind of a cook/baker are you? An experimenter, I guess. But the house I live in at the moment doesn't have an oven. So any baking would have to be at my parents house. Are you happiest calling for delivery or microwaving a lean cuisine, Or will Food Network be asking you to host their new program? Depends on my mood, but it's either delivery or cooking. Frozen dinners are terrible! If I send you something home made would you like the reciepe for it? Good idea! If you are someone who doesn't want baked goods sent, would you like a collection of some of my favorite recipes? I'd prefer the yummy bits..LOL. How about home made mixes or kits? Kind of like the cookie in a jar thing, where you would need to add the perishable ingredients? Not sure you'd find many gluten free baking things, and raw ingredients will probably get stopped by quarantine. if you are a tea lover, what are your flavor preferences? Green? Black? Herbal? Flavored blacks/greens? Anything except chamomile, though as I said, I have lots of tea already.
  12. bellademarco

    Minty Prophylactics!

    9/15/10 How do you feek about silly, funny knick-knack, dollar store stuff, stickers, magnets etc? Would you like receiving that kind of stuff or rather not? Stuff like that can be cool, but I'd prefer quality over quantity. =) (quality doesn't just mean value...I'm talking more about the thought/effort put into a gift, if that makes sense) Is there a specific book you've been wanting to get but haven't found the time or the opportunity to? Apart from the sets of books already mentioned, I can't think of anything. Do you read mangas/watch animes? Which ones? Do you have a particular favourite? Would you like to receive managas or anything related to them? I've got the Final Fantasy anime series, but that's it. I'd love to watch some of the Studio Ghibli films, actually. I've been meaning to ever since I worked at the DVD store, but never got around to it. I'd also love to have a look at mangas because I want to learn Japanese again and they would make fantastic material for my origami. Are you open to receiving things that are not on your wishlist, maybe something your Witch thinks you might like? YES!!! That's my favourite thing about things like this whole thing!!! I really believe this should be about more than just ticking off a wishlist, and more thinking about what you can get for your witchee that she/he may never have even thought of. If you have something on a wishlist that we could craft INSTEAD of buying, though it might not end up identical to the wishlist thing, would it be okay to craft it instead? Obviously we don't want to copy anyone else's design, but if we can replicate the flavour or intent that you like without stepping on toes? Sounds like a fantastic idea! OK, I know that lots of folks love socks. Do you have a preference of length? Materials? Patterns? Things that fit my weird feet/calves. I do need some taller socks to wear with my 14 hole Docs...They don't entirely lace closed properly so the skin/socks are still visible a bit, so something funky to wear would be nice. But finding things for wide calves is quite hard. How do people feel about word magnets I don't have any, but they look interesting. If you could have any costume, or if you aren't into costumes, necklace or other accessory, from any movie character, what would it be? Can't think right now, but it would probably be from a sci-fi or action or goth/vampire movie, if that helps. How do you feel about samples/decants of things other than BPAL? Soap slices, lotion/scrub/shower gel decants, single use make-up/beauty products, etc. I'd rather full sizes, to be honest. I mean, I love samples, but usually I get ones from companies in the US which means it's expensive or impossible to get more, which is kinda sad when the product is really nice! So a full size means that I can enjoy it for a while. =) What are you guys going to be aiming for in the Inquisition? Or do you just plan on ordering individual items? I'm still thinking about whether I can afford to order (because it will require organising an Aussie group order...effory....) but I'm thinking of just getting individual things because none of the set combos are must haves. Also I'm thinking of just limiting myself to the perfumes, for the sake of my finances. 9/14/10 Chocolate or other types of candy? Anything! But I should probably have mentioned this before...I have kinda crappy teeth, and a wisdom tooth breaking through. *cries* So things like super crunchy or chewy toffees/nougats are probably a bad idea. For tea drinkers, do you prefer loose leaf or tea bags? I have an embarrassingly large tea collection, and tea can sometimes get picked up by quarantine. I like both sorts of tea though. If you would enjoy something of a knitted persuasion, do you have a preference on type of thing? Since making a scarf for someone who has 10 might be a smidge excessive? Also, how do people feel about shawls? I have tons of scarves, and I don't mind more. =) I tend to prefer the thinner and lighter ones, and while I do own shawls, I don't wear them that often because they get in the way of my arms. Is there a TV, movie or literary character that you are a lot alike, or would like to be alike? I'm a little bit like Claudia Donovan from Warehouse 13 (tv show) but I'd like to be more confident like she is. I also really identifed with Elspeth from the Obernewtyn Chronicles books when I was a teenager. Is there anything you need for your kitchen, ie measuring cups, spoons, grater, ect? I love random kitchen gadgets! I need an apple corer, and I could always use more tea implements like strainers and pots and things. Music, DO you prefer Live or Studio? Edited or explicit? Recorded usually, but live if it's good. I like live DVDs and music video DVDs about equally. Music videos can be really interesting to watch, like little films in their own right, sometimes. And non-edited please! If the artist wanted certain words in their music, then they should be left in! If you are an animal lover, is there a specific type/breed that you love most? I love dogs, and in particular border collies and belgian shepherds. I rent at the moment so I can't have a dog (and can't really afford one, honestly) but I do love dogs and wish I could spend more time with them. My family dog (belgian shepherd) died a couple of years ago, on xmas eve, and I didn't get to say goodbye to her because I lived a long way from my parents. Still makes me sad...=( Also flowers and plants- If you like flowers/plants, do you have a favorite(s)? Not really, but I kinda want a lemon tree or something else that gives fruit. But I'd probably kill it...LOL. Do you have a favorite quotation? Song lyric? Book passage? Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I have ever known. What is a bpal scent that you've been dying to try for awhile but just can't find? (A scent where even a tester would do) Tulzcha/Tulzscha!!! I am sure I'd love it enough to want a bottle, but I've never even tested it! Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that you have some children/spawn (1 or more), and, hypothetically speaking, your witch would like to spoil them a little but knows nothing of kids these days. What do they like or dislike? I have no children, but my best friend is going to become a father in a few months and I'm totally clueless...so if you figure the kid presents thing out, let me know! Haha.. Is there anything you would like that can be delivered over the internet? Things like fanfic recs, cat macros, mp3s you are looking for, how-to or amusing videos, things like that I like amusing internet things, so share with me what makes you laugh. =) What would your last meal be if it could be anything in the world (sky is the limit, drinks too, the whole shebang) Wow, I have no idea!! I'd probably love an authentic Indian banquet in India, where my hypothetical Indian friends could teach me properly about all the food and traditions and things. NaNoWriMo? You know how I haven't read a book in years? Well it's been even longer since I wrote a story...LOL. Maybe when I get properly better I will give creative writing another go.
  13. bellademarco

    I just thought of something!

    I was thinking about magazines and I'd LOVE to get Fiend magazine! It's an aussie goth magazine. But if there's any goth mags in your country, then I'd love to read them too! What else random...Oh! I know! I'd love to learn how to make moulded resin jewellery, like big bangles. Love bangles and wrist cuffs. Also another random though... I love apples and apple cider. Just sayin'
  14. bellademarco

    13th part 2

    What kind of make-up do you wear? What colors? Is there anything you'd like to try but haven't yet? Eyemakeup: I have green eyes, so I wear green, purple, silver/grey and black mostly. I'd love to find a nice burgundy/wine colour that compliments green eyes. I have very pale skin, so my foundation colour is almost white. (Meow Cosmetics shade Inquisitive Abyssinian) And I LOVE Avon's Supershock mascara, but it's expensive to get here in Australia, so I've only tried the black one. Do you crave many Ecards and contact or are you okay with little contact from your Witch? I don't mind, whatever my witch is planning is good. However, I love the 2 ecards I've received already...hehe Do you have a place where you list all the BPAL you have or have tried? I did, but it's lost on the same hard drive as my wishlist. =( Do you like maple sugar candy? I've never tried it, but it sounds taasty! What is your position on the chocolate & bacon flavor combination? Never tried it, but I love bacon, and I love chocolate, so why not? I also like chilli chocolate quite a lot, so weird combinations don't bother me. If you are a tea-drinker do you need a tea-cozie for your pot? Sounds like a good idea, but all my teapots are a bit leaky so I fear that it wouldn't be a good idea. Go to your spice cabinet, what are the three most used spices? I have no spice cabinet! *cries* When I moved I had to chuck everything and I haven't been able to restock. Microsoft or Apple? Depends on the function. I like both for different things, and I'm not a crazy one eyed fangirl. =P Where was your last vacation? What did you like most? I've not really had one since I was a kid, and it was only a few times. I've never had enough money. =( However, I got sent to Malaysia for my old job, and we did get a couple of days free, which was awesome. I'd love to go overseas again if I could afford it. Would you appreciate receiving handwritten letters and/or postcards (anonymous or not)? How about sending them? Yes! Do you hate any food things with a passion?? Not really, apart from a couple of icky vegetables, but I doubt anyone will send me turnips...LOL. Would you be opposed to receiving a digital version (via email) of a magazine you like but don't subscribe to...you know, in the interest of saving a tree? Nah, kill the tree. =P
  15. bellademarco

    Questions for the 13th...

    what interests you from the latest lab update? Being the Halloween update...I have no idea until I get my decants. =P How do you feel about stationery, like nice pens or notepaper? And if you're in favor, do you prefer classic/contemporary or cutesy stuff? I like them, but they need to be good quality otherwise they will go un-used. And interesting/different themes appeal at the moment, but I like all different sort of things. Would you like homemade preserves (e.g. marinated vegies, pickled onions, chilli jam?) Yes, if they can get past quarantine. If you've got stuff on your BPAL wishlist, would partial bottles be okay? More than okay! I prefer bottles much much more than imps. Would you like something you have to make yourself? Sure, as long as the instructions are easy to understand if it's not something I know how to do. If it's something I do know how to do well (such as origami) then the more advanced, the better. Say you were my witchee, and I found things on your wishlist that I could totally make. Would you want me to make it? Or would you rather it be purchased for you? Make or purchase, I don't mind. =) Who is your favorite soap etailer? Villainess. But anyone who knows me knows that!! I run giant group orders for the AU members of the AU/NZ Lush forum, and have even done a soap decant circle of every GC scent. I am an addict! What about vintage decoration items, teacups, etc etc? Some vintage things are cool (I love opshopping/thrifting) but not really into teacups specifically. With regards to your gifts, would you prefer your presents' awesomeness evenly spread out (several packages of pretty terrific things) over the round or a slow build-up of awesomeness (going up from pretty cool things to something super-duper cool at the end) to go out with a bang? Do you have a preference? Whatever floats your boat. =P