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  1. copagirl


    I'm so glad I took a chance on this, I love it! It reminds me so much of Tombeur which is one of my favs! I was expecting a bit more patchouli but love it as is...
  2. copagirl


    Snake Oil with ho wood, teak, black musk, and bamboo. I love Habu! I'm so glad I picked up a decant of this! My fav is Snake Oil so of course I love this one, yet I don't love all the ones with Snake Oil. This one though is special. It's Snake Oil, yet I get something else, something lighter almost citrus that gives it a little tweek. I do think I should spring for a bottle since my imp has run dry...
  3. copagirl

    The Perfect Lavender

    Yes, and definitely try TKO. Go to the sales pages and you can find alot of imps there for sale very cheap, as little as $1.00. Also if you go to the thread about essential oils, Beth has posted a nice reply as to what they use and why. (in case you hadn't seen it...)
  4. copagirl

    Are bpal blends all-natural?

    I'm so glad that Beth came on to respond here. Her post made me tear up with pride. I would rather spend my money with bpal and small companies that care about their customers than anywhere else. I love bpal perfume and this forum and everyone on here. The coolest people on the planet! I hope Jayne has read this and at least gotten a sense of what we're all about. It's family, like a small family business. I'll never buy perfume from a huge company again.
  5. copagirl

    Diabolical Offspring

    mmmmmm......sweet powdery honey scent with a touch of Brimstone (don't know what that is but I can smell it...) This reminds me of O with a touch of Hellfire, yummy, love it!
  6. copagirl

    How do I buy forum-only oils?

    Oh dear, I didn't know about putting in your forum name! I have ordered before though, hope that's good enough! (Actually my forum name is the same beginning as my e-mail, sooo...??)
  7. copagirl

    Blackberry Jam & Scones

    This was also very scone-y for me. More scone than blackberry. The jam does waft in and out making this a very lovely summer morning type of scent. Makes me long for a scone...
  8. copagirl

    Lawn Gnome

    Red currant, molasses, vanilla cream, moss, and patchouli. In the imp I smell red current, molasses and a teeny touch of patchouli. Once it's on, it's more Red Current and molasses. Once it dries down, however, it's RED CURRENT! I wish I could smell the vanilla more....... ETA: As time goes on I find myself wearing this more and more. I really love it! It's still red current on me but it may soften with age.
  9. copagirl


    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this one yet! Seriously, this is one of my favorites. In the top 4 I'd have to say. This is unbelieveable. I don't even know for sure what I'm smelling. Must be the ambergris? Smokey, HOT, leather, amber, musk, ... And yet soft and a little sweet when it's dry. I LOVE this scent!
  10. copagirl

    Snake Oil

    At first I was scared to try Snake Oil. It sounded so perfect! The reviews were great, but what if I hated it? I bought an aged imp off someone to try. Yummy! So glad I tried it aged! It smelled all sweet and cedar-y and incense and vanilla, and tobacco and almond. All the notes I love. When I bought my first bottle from the lab, I thought "oh no, what if I don't like it fresh?' Well, I happen to LOVE it fresh AND aged! I've almost finished a bottle, and now know how it feels to want to buy and hoard! I want to buy 4 bottles just so I can use daily and have some to age! Wish my bank account agreed....
  11. copagirl


    In the imp, this smells green. Green leaves, and woody. Once I put it on, although it still smells green and woody, now it smells like camphor (?), mediciney. Dries down to more green. Yuck, I don't like green/herbal/leafy smells.
  12. copagirl


    O how I wish this were STRONGER! I love this! O my. This is one of the few scents that actually last on me. Lasts and lasts but my nose needs to be 1 inch from my arm to enjoy. I'll have to find more creative ways to wear this, scent locket perhaps. O goes on at first smelling a little sharp and almondy with a little honey to me, which I like. Much later it has turned into HONEY and incense in the background. Yum yum. Love it. I will be buying big. I like to layer Snake Oil over the top, because when the S.O. fades, O is still there.
  13. copagirl


    In the imp, this smells very foody, like pumpkin bread with ginger and nutmeg. Once I put it on, it brightens up a little and smells more like pumpkin with a tad of peach. Later on it's much softer and smells almost butterscotchy. I like it
  14. copagirl

    Velvet Tiki

    I had much higher hopes for this one, but it ended up smelling mostly of pineapple on me. At first I smelled more of the coconut but it dissapeared quick. This ends up a little plastic-y on me. I give it a 3 out of 5.
  15. copagirl

    Velvet Bandito

    In the imp I smelled mostly cedar, and some spices. Once on it started smelling of clove. Clove and cedar, which is nice, but dried down into pure strong clove on me. I'll use it up but no bottle for me.