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  1. bastlynn

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v2

    CDLXXI - decant - soft vanilla and amber, honey and a very fast fading fruit - pear or apple - pretty, but the unique elements fade fast CCCLXV - decant - vanilla and amber and honey - plus some sort of white floral that fades fast, and skin musk that lingers - also pretty, the amber gets lost in this one CDLXI - decant - vanilla, sugar and nutmeg/cinnamon - very pretty, nutmeg is strong and steady over time
  2. bastlynn

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v1

    DXLIII - decant - dorian switched up for some Earl Grey tea, starts herbal stimulating kick in the nose and ends soft sweet vanilla DX - decant - after his cup of tea dorian went out for a night on the town with Czernobog, sweeter with a rich musk to it - myrrh and musk CCCL - decant - dorian + dragons blood, the blood hangs on for quite some time dominating the scent CCCXXXVIII - decant - dorian, and... sugar? still very similar to normal dorian
  3. bastlynn

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v3

    CCVI : resins + something evil smelling, and for a girl that likes civet, vetiver and black musk - that's saying something. It's strongly medicinal and just gets rancid on the skin, it kind of reminds me of what Wrath does on my skin. Perhas a double (triple?) dose of frankincense? CCXXI : resins + strawberry, sugar? The sugar may be myrrh popping up - very summery, something to wear to the beach. CCX : resins + black tea, oakmoss, other woods maybe - very pretty, settles into a myrrh softness CCVIII : watermelon! Then the watermelon goes away very very quickly - into a sweet resin blend
  4. bastlynn

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self Similarity v4

    DCXVI - decant - Snake Oil and Czernobog, sans that bright orangy scent Czernobog has ... I want *more*. OMG this is beautiful. Boyfriend nuzzled wrist just about purring and didn't want to let go. DXXXIV - decant - Snake Oil + brown sugar and almonds, it smells nummy and good to eat. Like the syrup that goes on top of cinnamon buns.
  5. bastlynn

    Review: Devil's Claw

    Scent Devil's Claw Source BPAL URL http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/garden.html Description A yellow-bright and smoky brown-black scent, horned, pronged and strange. Amount imp Date 12.28.08 In the Bottle sharp, minor floral, nuts, sandlewood, musk? Wet on Skin creamy nut, smoke, cedar?, lemon Dry on Skin Evoced Color mean yellow blended with drk green Evoced Mood uneasy alertness Others Elements oriental (woody), woody (woods, dry), fresh (citrus), herbal
  6. bastlynn

    Review: Satyr

    Scent Satyr Source BPAL URL http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/lp.html Description Unleash the bawdy, unrestrained passion of the satyr! A ferociously masculine scent: sexual, vigorous, and truly wild. Amount imp Date 12.28.08 In the Bottle musky, spicey, waarm sexy, minor spices/florals Wet on Skin As bottle, with a little more cinnamony warm Dry on Skin Settles into something smoother and softer later though still strongly sexy Evoced Color brown red Evoced Mood sex, heat Others Panda really liked and could not keep his paws off, apparently has civet cat musk Elements oriental (soft, oriental), woody (dry)
  7. bastlynn

    Review: Anubis

    Scent Anubis Source BPAL URL http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/excolo.html Description He Who Counts the Hearts, Jackal Ruler of the Bows, He Who Is In the Place of Embalming. Jackal-headed guardian, protector and psychopomp of Egypt’s dead, he guides souls to the underworld and holds steady the scales upon which the deceased’s heart is weighed against Ma’at’s Feather of Truth. He is the creator and master of funereal rites, He Who Opens the Mouth of the Dead, and is the sentinel that watches over the sanctity of tombs and the virtue and privacy of his charges. His scent is a blend of holy myrrh, storax, balsam, and embalming herbs. Amount imp Date 12.28.08 In the Bottle a little spice, a lot of herb, maybe a hint of medicinal, amber, cinnamons? Wet on Skin lots of floral all of a sudden, very exotic - tint of baby powder Dry on Skinas above, settling towards a warm ambery spice and myrrh Evoced Color green, blue - turquoise and lapis Evoced Mood calm, patience Others roomies didn't care for this one at all - the myrrh probably. Lasts. For. Ever. Elements floral (oriental), oriental (oriental, woody), herbal
  8. bastlynn

    Review: Paris

    Scent Paris Source BPAL URL http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/wanderlust.html Description Sensual, decadent, and enigmatic. Lavender, softly underscored by lotus and spice. Amount imp Date 12.28.08 In the Bottle strong herbal, floral, - lavender/ medical, backwash of somethign else floral, lily? not smelling much spice here Wet on Skin as in bottle, a little warmer for the other backscent, and NOW a little cinnamon shows up Dry on Skin settling towards cloves- ok - This is a little better ... and hours later *back* to lavender and that funky other floral? Evoced Color yellow green Evoced Mood anxious, restless Others Not sure i like this one at all really, really sort of restless twitchy feeling to it, which is odd as i like cinnamon, cloves and lavender - it might be the lotus or the combination Elements floral (floral, oriental), herbal
  9. bastlynn

    Review: Kathmandu

    Scent Kathmandu Source BPAL URL http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/wanderlust.html Description The scent of sacred incense swirling up the steep slopes to Swayambhunath Stupa. Saffron, blessed sandalwood, Himalayan cedar and the miraculous lotus of the Buddha with chiuri bark and Nepalese spices. Amount imp Date 12.28.08 In the Bottle amber, crisp, peppermint or cedar? Wet on Skin spearmint, spice, mint-is that what eucalyptus smells like? floral,clean/crisp, amber? Dry on Skin cedar, amber, sandlewood Evoced Color white blue Evoced Mood focus, concentration Others this one fades Very fast Elements oriental ( woody), woody (woods), fresh (green), herbal
  10. bastlynn

    Review: De Sade

    Scent De Sade Source BPAL URL http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/sin.html Description The essence of pleasure heightened by pain: the raw scent of leather. Amount imp Date 12.28.08 In the Bottle Strauight up leather, no skin tones to it Wet on Skin Totally Leather, very strong like walking into Wilson's Leather store Dry on Skin Still leather, steady and long lasting Evoced Color Brown, black Evoced Mood Outdoorsy leathery goodness Others Elements woody (dry)
  11. bastlynn

    Review: Ozymandias

    Scent Ozymandias Source BPAL URL http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/bb.html Description I met a traveler from an antique landWho said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its sculptor well those passions read, Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things, The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed, And on the pedestal these words appear: "My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings: Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away. Desolation. The remnants of an empire, shivering with forgotten glories, a monument to megalomania, sundered power, and colossal loss. Dry desert air, dry and hot, passing over crumbling stone megaliths and plundered golden monuments, bearing a hint of the incense of lost Gods on its winds. Amount imp Date 12.28.08 In the Bottle very minor florals, amber, sandlewood, minor spice Wet on Skin as above Dry on Skin settles into a complex warmth, still an impression of strength - dryness Evoced Color red-orange Evoced Mood desert setting sun, strength, male Others Elements floral (soft), oriental (soft, woody)
  12. bastlynn

    Review: Elegba

    Scent Elegba Source BPAL URL Description The Spirit of the Divine Messenger, the Lord of the Crossroads, He Who Owns All Doors and Roads in this World. He is the intermediary between the Orishas and mankind, and stands at the intersection of humanity and the Divine. He opens all paths of communication, both mundane and Heavenly. His ofrenda contains coconut, tobacco and sweet, sugared rum. Amount imp Date12.28.08 In the Bottle coconut and hazelnut Wet on Skin hazelnut, sweet some underspices Dry on Skin caramel, pipe tobacco, sweet Evoced Color orange Evoced Moodrelaxed, beach and coffee Others Panda says it smells like caramel Elements woody (dry), fresh (fruity)
  13. bastlynn


    Well, now that I have found my new obsessions I wanted to set up something of a scent database here. So to train my nose and my vocabulary on how to describe the scents I like, so I can recognize the scents later on. To that end I've set up some tools to be of use to me. The first is a standard review format: The second is to make use of the formal scent wheel - courtesy of wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fragrance_wheel As follows: