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Review: Paris

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Scent Paris

Source BPAL

URL http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/wanderlust.html


Sensual, decadent, and enigmatic. Lavender, softly underscored by lotus and spice.

Amount imp

Date 12.28.08

In the Bottle strong herbal, floral, - lavender/ medical, backwash of somethign else floral, lily? not smelling much spice here

Wet on Skin as in bottle, a little warmer for the other backscent, and NOW a little cinnamon shows up

Dry on Skin settling towards cloves- ok - This is a little better ... and hours later *back* to lavender and that funky other floral?

Evoced Color yellow green

Evoced Mood anxious, restless

Others Not sure i like this one at all really, really sort of restless twitchy feeling to it, which is odd as i like cinnamon, cloves and lavender - it might be the lotus or the combination

Elements floral (floral, oriental), herbal

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