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    Lighter fragrances, fall blends, weenies, yules. Pomegranate II, Ginger Skulls, Baobhan Sith, Dana O'shee

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  1. rymorg2

    Recs for lighter scents

    Thank you for all thw recs! :i can add lots to my list!
  2. rymorg2

    Pumpkin Spice Everything Hair Gloss

    Loooove this! I'm admittedly a fall fragrance whore anyway. I literally love pumpkin spice everything anyway. I do get a lot of spice with the occasional pumpkiny whiff, but one of my students this week says she smells a kot of pumpkin. I must say though, performance wise it rocks too! I've applied to damp and dry hair and it works well both ways.
  3. rymorg2

    Recs for lighter scents

    Thanks for the descriptions Cactus!
  4. rymorg2

    Recs for lighter scents

    Thank you all!
  5. rymorg2

    Recs for lighter scents

    Thank you Tallgirl and Poenari!
  6. rymorg2


    In the Imp: all fruity, cherry, almond goodness with a faint floral in the background Wet: same Drying: here comes the powder Dry: light powdery floral. Not too sickening though, so it may still work. I may let it age some.
  7. rymorg2

    Recs for lighter scents

    Thanks so much!!
  8. rymorg2

    Ethereal Scents?

    Boabhan Sith and Phantasm off the top of my head. My collection is small lol.
  9. rymorg2

    Recs for lighter scents

    Thank you! Mods I'm so sorry, I just found the other main rec thread. My apologies! Can they please be merged? Thanks
  10. rymorg2

    Recs for lighter scents

    Hello all!! It's been awhile since I have been here! I'm planning on building up my bpal collection more soon and need some recs. I can only do lighter fragrances usually with a few exceptions. I have 16 5 ml bottles onhand and zero imps lol. Here's what I have....can you recommend some similar fragrances? Maybe starting with ones along the lines of Dana O'shee and Baobhan Sith which are my two faves. I have: Dana O'shee Baobhan Sith Eat Me (a little strong but I dilute it with a carrier oil) Punkie Night 2010 Akuma Phobos Ginger Skulls 2010 Embalming Fluid Phantasm pomegranate II, 2010 I think Bewitched Muse Shanghai Swank Beaver Moon 2010 Lick it Vigorously 2010 Tia!! I'm so excited to build up my collection!!
  11. rymorg2

    Ginger Skulls

    I LOVE ginger scents! Especially ones with fruity notes as well. Baobhan Sith is one of my faves. This one is going to be too! In the bottle: Fruity with a hint of spice the ginger is more in the background. Wet: Here comes the spice! But it's still fruity enough that it's a sweet warm fragrance on me. Dry down: Exactly the same as when wet! AND it lasted ALL DAY on me. I'm glad I got this!
  12. rymorg2


    I LOVE this crisp clean scent..... In bottle: exactly as the description says! Wet on the skin: Still exactly as the description says, but it goes through a lemony amp that I LOVE...then settles into a nice blend of all the fragrances again. Drydown: Same This is one I reach for on a regular basis!!!
  13. rymorg2


    In the bottle: BERRIES with a hint of green Wet on the skin: The same Drydown: Musks tend to amp on me and this one is no different, but it's not a bad musk at all. It's like....berries, greenerie and a hint of musk. Will I repurchase? YEP YEP! I love this one! It's very crisp. It lasts all day and while the musk does go a bit powdery at the very end it's not bad.
  14. rymorg2

    Punkie Night

    This was only my second LE. I was looking for a very fall, cidery scent and I think I found it! In the bottle: All the notes blended exactly as described....apples, cranberries, and cider Wet on the skin: The apple amped all for a second, then the cider went NUTZO then it calmed down. Dry: smells very nearly on me exactly like in the bottle, all blendy and wonderful! It does have some throw on me. And it lasted all day! It took a slight powdery turn at the very end of the day but not bad. Is it a keeper? YES, I may even be purchasing a backup. I do plan on letting it age to see if that helps the powders.
  15. rymorg2

    Pomegranate II

    I got this in the mail today HOORAY! It's my first LE. There wasn't a lot of change to this on my skin as it dried. It started off full on pomegranate, like Swank minus the bite of the alcohol. I never did catch the lemon verbena, and the grapefruit and pink lime were very ghostly. Like I'd catch a whiff of it here and there. Normally musks end up amping with a lot of throw on me, but this one stayed mostly in the background, and was the last to wear off. It's been on since 7AM (12 hours) and I can still catch a slight whiff of the musk in it. Actually it smells now a lot like Jovan White Musk LOL. I apply mine very lightly for the most part, as I'm sensitive to fragrances, but this is a lightweight one that I'll be able to continue to wear. It's a great scent! I think I'm going to let it age some too though to see if any more of the pomegranate or citrus will come through.