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  1. kbrighton

    Herodotus' Phoenix

    I've been looking for the perfect myrrh blend for a long time. When I read the notes for Herodotus' Phoenix I was hopeful, now that I have a decant I am ecstatic! This is a complex myrrh with just enough copal and frankincense to brighten it. Fantastic!
  2. I am wearing Joyful Moon today, and loving it. Can't believe I've nursed the bottle this long. But some day it will be gone--alas! Any recommendations for something GC to take it's place in my heart? White musk, French vanilla, ambrette seed, frankgipani, angelica root, white rose, orris, and honeysuckle.
  3. kbrighton

    Joyful Moon

    I bought this when it came out because I love White Rose and hoped this would be another winner. I was sad that this beautiful scent did not last longer than a few minutes. So it has sat in my bottle box since then. I pulled it out today and am so happy! Its beauty has amplified during the last 6+ months. White rose and the most beautiful soft musk supported gently by the vanilla and florals.
  4. kbrighton

    Mabon 2010

    I've worn this three times, and have three different impressions on this blend. First time was at Will Call and I loved it wet, but it seemed to become a jumble as it dried--I chalked this up to the fact that I had somewhat overdone my sniffing at my first Will Call and overwhelmed my nose. The second time was when my bottle arrived. Again, I loved the first few minutes, apple and blackberry. But then it became a horrid jumble--oh no! But third times the charm. Again it opens with that beautiful apple note I love and can't get enough of. As it dries the fruit fades and a dry herbal blend emerges. This is reminiscent of Whoso List To Hunt, it must be the oak moss note. I wish the apple note lasted, even though it's fleeting I love what remains behind.
  5. kbrighton

    Nothing Gold Can Stay

    It opens with the most beautiful green, golden and sweet. Oh so lovely when wet. I mean, it was the most beautiful thing I'd smelled in a long time. It dries to green and yellow leaves. Interesting, evocative. Then with a bit more time I smell like a smoker who's trying to cover it up with perfume. What the heck happened?!?!?
  6. kbrighton


    Oh, this is delightful. Door is my new go-to summer scent. Door is soft honey with an herbal undertones. Everything blends nicely together and stays true and lasts a long time. So glad that I got a decant, and will be adding a full bottle to my next order.
  7. kbrighton

    Saint Foutin de Varailles

    This is very, very nice. A dusty rose scent made less dry by the beeswax and dribble of wine. This is reminiscent of the Last Rose of Summer, but juicier. The first time I tried it I was overwhelmed by the wine note, on subsequent tries the wine was less pronounced and the whole thing came together in a melange of wonderfulness.
  8. kbrighton

    The Perfumed Garden

    This is the 2010 version: Myrrh and Moroccan jasmine with apple peel, Indian sandalwood, myrtle, quince, citron, and thyme poured over soft musk Wet this is all jasmine, all the time. An hour or so later the jasmine backs off and the other notes come out. The transitionary time, as the jasmine fades and the other notes emerge , is quite lovely. Unfortunately it does not last and another hour later the scent is gone. I think I shall remain content with my decant.
  9. kbrighton


    I received a sample of TKO courtesy of the BPAL Santa wish list last month. Oh, this is amazing stuff. Wet it's a strong lavender and something else creamy and deep. On drydown it's.....well I can't say what it is dry because I am sound asleep by then. But my sheets smell delicious the next morning and I will be getting a bottle of my very own soon. TKO is good stuff!
  10. kbrighton


    This is the 2009 resurrected version of Hod. Hello carnation!! Wow, the scent of sharp spicy carnation overwhelms everything when Hod is wet. Now, 90 minutes later the carnation has tempered and I smell creamy amber with a much milder carnation. Upthread Hillary mentions this amber note being reminiscent of a chunk of amber resin, that is exactly what I get. The carnation note is a bit more elusive now, wafting up from my neck as I move my head. I was a little worried during the first 20 minutes that this would remain sharp carnation, but it's toned down and dancing with the amber note. I love it, so glad I have a bottle.
  11. kbrighton

    Pink Snowballs

    This is lovely, just lovely. Soft and pink, roses and vanilla, exactly as I expected when first reading the description. To me Pink Snowball has the same soft young girly vibe that Alice does. Many reviewers are saying this is Snow White plus Red Rose I've never smelled Snow White, so maybe that's what I'm picking up. I ordered a bottle unsniffed and am quite glad that I did. This is going to be one of my favorites. So very happy.... and curious now to give Snow White a try
  12. kbrighton

    The Season of Ghosts

    Bright happy making citrus. 20 minutes or so later the brightness has faded and bergamot and ginger come out to play. An hour later I have to burry my nose in my wrist to find a trace of scent Hey ghosts, where did you go? I love it and wish it lasted longer, I'll have to slather this one and reapply throughout the day.
  13. kbrighton

    The Peacock Queen

    2009 verison HELLO ROSE! Fresh from the imp, sharp bright rose--enough to make me step back and wonder if I made a big rosey mistake. But no, after a few minutes this begins to soften into something beautiful. Pure soft velvety rose. I am a big fan of rose blends and didn't think I needed another variation, but this is nice and elegant, reminiscent of the pure rose essential oil I used to wear. I was walking back to my desk from the coffee bar just now and noticed I felt extremely happy; I wondered why and realized it was this scent, it makes my heart feel lighter, what more could one ask for?
  14. kbrighton

    Evening Cicadas and Red Peppers

    Oh, this is interesting. This review is more feel than scent impressions as I can't pick out any notes. When first applied I get a feeling af wet, fresh, crisp acquatic. This feels open and airy. As time passes and I am able to disect the scent without being carried away by the feel of the blend. I get a generic floral bordering on soapy with no musk evident. Not very impressive past the dry down phase.
  15. kbrighton

    The Fruit of Paradise

    Dark and richly fruity to start. Doesn't change much from wet to dry down to hours later, only loses intensity. As mentioned up thread it reminds me of shower gel. A very nice shower gel.