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    Floral without a ton of Rose. Honey is an amazing note. I'm developing a taste for the foody scents as well. Bess is my everyday "I-love-this-scent-and-can't-think-what-else-to-wear" oil. I don't really go for the dark murky scents since they don't quite fit me. Oddly, Red Sandalwood and Red Musk get along very well with my skin and nose


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  1. CynicalPink

    Blue Pumpkin Floss

    Imp: Spicy pumpkin and blackberry Wet: Not like cinnamon red hots to me, but definitely spicy with a bit of a sweet pumpkin edge to it Drydown: Love it. Love it. Love it. Slathered a good portion of my imp on just now. Buttery, sugared and spiced pumpkin. Really no blackberry to report, but if it does show up I won't mind. We have a good history. Overall: This is a bottle buy. I just hope my budget can handle it!
  2. CynicalPink

    Poisson d'Avril

    Bottle: Sugary Blue Wet: Daffodil, blue-ness, Iris, all sweetened Drydown: Springy, happy flowers. Less blue-ness. Overall: Nice! It's a very sweet, spring-y scent. Cute flowers, but it's not the blue I thought it would be. I'll be keeping it.
  3. CynicalPink


    Imp: Clean aquatic cologne Wet: Clean, crisp. Airy with some aquatic-ness Drydown: I really like this! I'm genuinely surprised! It's clean and airy. I don't really have anything like it. The closest thing is probably Aeaea, but that's not quite right. Overall: This is pretty pleasant! Not at all what I was expecting. I don't really get any books. Maybe a teeny bit of wax or incense. A great warm weather scent, but I have to say it's not what I had been looking for. I'll probably keep the decant for now though. It fills a niche Aeaea doesn't.
  4. CynicalPink


    Imp: Peach, coconut, and what might be the scaaaary vetiver Wet: Vanilla amber and coconut Drydown: I guess I'm another one who gets a lot of vanilla and coconut Overall: And it's barely there, now. Huh. It's still nice, don't get me wrong. But it's not at all what I was expecting. I'll hang on to it for a little while and give it another try, but not sure it's here to stay.
  5. CynicalPink

    Pumpkin V (2009)

    I really regretted not getting a decant of this last year. Let's cement the regret! Imp: Coffee, pumpkin and yum. Wet: Hazelnut, pumpkin, and coffee. Oh this smells so nice... Drydown: Warm, foody, and gorgeous. There's a spicy sparkle to it, but the effect is still really smooth and rich. I love it. Overall: This is the kind of scent that makes a rainy, crappy day better. It's mellow from the chocolate and coffee smells, but there's some nice spiciness to it. I would definitely say yes to a bottle of this.
  6. CynicalPink

    Harvest Moon 2010

    Fresh out the mailbox, so I'll probably need to revisit this review in a few days. Bottle: Apple pumpkin wine smoke cedar...Wow. Wet: Juniper, lily out of effing nowhere, some sour plum. Still very pleasant, but not at all what I was expecting Drydown: 1) LILY. I'm sorry, there were other notes in this? I can't smell them over all the LILY 2) Lily and something spice-like. I don't want to call it spicy because that's not quite right. It smells a lot like my Dorain series Chaos Theory, only less subtle. This is nothing at all like what I expected. I think it needs sometime to recover from its trip in the mail. For so many notes, this is pretty one sided...and it's on the side of LILY
  7. CynicalPink

    The Infernal Lover

    Little bit of a leak in transit that I think is coming from this bottle. Sniffing the oil covered label, it smells rather like a Hot Topic...hmmm... Imp: Mmm. Spicy. Wet: That sure is red musk. Sweet, too. Drydown: Red musk. Sweetened with honey. Just what it says on the tin, I guess. Overall: I like me some red musk, and this does smell nice, but I guess I'm just looking for a little more out of a scent of this type. Red musk is pretty sexy, but I'm not the type of person who wears a lot of these "sex in a bottle" type scents. If I am going to wear them, I need a little more than this. Mme. Moriarity and Mania are great, but between those two and Womb Furie I definitely don't need a bottle of this.
  8. CynicalPink

    The Shadowy And The Sublime

    Imp: Complex! Bubbly, sweet, and smooth Wet: Very cute. Wouldn't have expected that. A sweet, yellow floral Drydown: 1) Amber comes up as soon as it dries. This one has so many notes that I'm having trouble keeping track, but the overall effect is fantastic. 2) Nothing is dominating the scent. Clean floral that's not overly sweet. Not sticky at all. Overall: I it. I want to get a bottle so badly, but I'll have to deathmatch it out against Enchanted Woods Florist for this year's Lupers. But...I don't want to think about it! I just want a bottle! It smells very Victorian and proper but just...beautiful. And maybe a bit mysterious. W.A.N.T.
  9. CynicalPink

    Pomegranate III

    Imp: Pomegranete, lavendar, spices, and deliciousness Wet: Lavander, Pomegranate and sugared date. Wow this is good. Drydown: Same as above, but with some gorgeous clove mixed in. This is just lovely. All these notes are working *with* the pomegranate without being overpowering. Overall: Most of what I'm getting is the Pomegranate and sugared date...but it is SO good. This is a bottle buy. It's lovely. This Pom really needs more forum love
  10. CynicalPink


    Imp: Really good vanilla extract Wet: Oh hey there's the cotton. Vanilla cream too. Clean and sweet. And interesting combo! Drydown: No more vanilla, but definitely sugar. Maybe a little bit of the cotton left, and I'd say it's creamy while not smelling of cream Overall: Boo is a great scent. It's sweet and comforting with a little bit of specialness from the cotton...but I know I don't need a bottle. I have Velvet Unicorn to cover my super-sweet scent needs, and Boo just won't fill a niche that VU doesn't. But I can definitely recommend giving Boo a try I'll probably hang on to my decant!
  11. CynicalPink


    Imp: Leaf Wet: Leaf and soap Drydown: Leaf, soap, and nasal discomfort. It's almost shrill in how cologne like it is. Overall: It's just not doing it for me. It's too strong and too cologne like.
  12. CynicalPink

    Rosy Maple

    Lemon blossom, vanilla bean, huckleberry, sweet pea, rose sugar, acai berry, and candyfloss. It goes on as lemonade with a lot of lovely berries in it plus a ton of sugar. It's awhile before any of the rose comes out for me, but that berry-lemonade dries down to a soft, sweet version of how it smelled first on the skin but with less tartness to the lemon. It's fluffy, pink, and incredibly girly. No rough edges whatsoever. A great scent for summer when you want to basically wear the scent of Sunshine Bear the Carebear.
  13. CynicalPink


    I don't think of myself an an insomniac, but getting to sleep can take awhile sometimes and a nice lavender blend is a pleasant way to ease myself in to a nice deep sleep. I had been using Oneiroi, but after I finished off that bottle I decided to try the big guns. On me, it smells like lavender doused Dorian. Musky sweet lavender puffiness that sends me to sleep like chloroform under the nose. It's so comforting and peaceful. Works like a charm
  14. CynicalPink

    Chaos Theory VI: Recursive Self-Similarity v7

    This is #214 In the bottle, it's a very strong butterscotch smell. Almost alcoholic. I got a little nervous. Once on the skin it calms down pretty quickly. The vanilla is very subtle and more things start to come through. For comparison, the effect for most of the scent's lifespan is a cross between a kinder, gentler Miskatonic University and Nonae Caprotine. So I get goat's milk, little coffee, vanilla, and maybe even a touch of skin musk. The linger it has (meaning the scent on the skin after the waft is gone) is Nonae Caprotina with the myrrh and fig swapped for vanilla and what I think it skin musk. It's pleasant and earthy. 6/27/10 Edit: Now that it's had time to settle after it's long mail journey, it's even better. There's still a milky, close to skin quality, but the vanilla is much stronger. The long-wear effect is "bakery scented skin." It's a natural, warm, skin-but-better scent. Chaos is addictive, though, and I think I'll try to free up some money for another Vanilla blend
  15. CynicalPink


    The overall effect is very light and fluffy with just a little bit of a green edge. On my skin, I get very little mint, but there's so much else going on that it's not much missed. Sweet pear, puffy carnation, little bit of lime sugar and that nice green musk are what are coming off my skin. It stays *very* close to the skin, but is probably a good crowd pleaser as well so I'd call it safe for work. Worth noting that my skin is out of whack from stress lately, so the oil burns off pretty quickly on my at the moment. Therefore, not as much staying power as I'd like, but I wouldn't call that an absolute assessment. Love it, keeping it. I think this'll get a lot of use.