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    Top 5: Dionysia, Swank, Dorian, Couple Consulting an Enpon, Berry Moon. Likes: red scents, pink scents, purple scents... berries, fruits, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla etc. Dislikes: rose, aquatics, ozone, heavy florals, dirt, anything too herbal.

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    I'm Zee, I live in the UK and I'm a Science teacher who loves jumping out of planes and smelling good when doing so.


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  1. zee

    Blossoming Vulva

    I was a little wary of this one as I'm not a floral lover at all, but there is a gorgeous floral note in this which I assume is the blue lotus, with a very creamy background. So very pretty and soft. Main problem is it doesn't have a long wearlength at all, at least not on me, so when I wore it out last night I had reapply a number of times meaning my decant is already depleted. I may invest in a bottle though as it's a lovely snuggly scent, very suitable for everyday wear.
  2. zee


    I do like this, don't get me wrong. But on me the sandalwood and patchouli are the main players, and make it smell fairly generic. Despite the lack of red musk in this blend it smells very similar to Lust, and I have plenty of blends with a similar feel to get my sinful fix from. Sorry Sin, you smell good, but not quite good enough!
  3. zee

    The Phantom Wooer

    Firstly, let me preface this by saying that I am not a florals-girl. I hate florals, and florals hate me. I would never have picked this scent for myself, but it was a frimp and I pulled it out of my imp bag and stuck it on my skin before looking up the notes. Colour me surprised! This is a light and very pretty citrus floral -- not too floral, not too citrus. The mosses are hidden in the background while still being present, anchoring the scent without lending too much to it. No bone dust that I can smell, which is a relief. I really enjoyed sniffing this, it really is pretty and delicate. However, wearlength is short and just before the scent faded away completely I could definitely smell some faint soap. What a shame! The soap completely ruined the scent for me right at the end. Oh Phantom Wooer, you nearly made a floral-liker of me. Nearly, but not quite.
  4. zee


    I'm going to make this a short review. O smells like somebody who has just had sex in a beehive. That is all.
  5. zee


    We have some trouble managing our flamingos, too. Pink lime, pink grapefruit, white nectarine, wild rose, sage, woody patchouli, bergamot, and ornery hedgehog musk. When I saw the colour for the newly released Croquet Claw Polish, my thought process was "Surely that's a reference to the flamingoes, the scent can't be that pink... can it?" Fortunately I was frimped some Croquet a couple of months ago and yes, yes the scent is that pink. Wet, the fruits are the the most prominent notes; the whole scent glistens with girly effervescent pinkness. Dry, the herbs raise their heads but this is still mainly a fruity blend, and oh it's fun. I don't mind rose but rose hates me and loves going soapy, but there was hide nor hair of rose in this blend, so don't be scared off if you're a fellow rose hater! Wearlength was disappointing though, and that's what lets this blend down. I'll have to retest before deciding whether to invest in a bottle but so far, first impressions are good.
  6. zee

    Theodosius, The Legerdemain

    Dorian and Theodosius are most definitely brothers. Dorian is the younger brother, very refined on the outside but with a devilish debauched streak hidden away. Theodosius is the older brother, goes to heavy metal gigs and makes no attempt to disguise his hedonistic ways. He'd probably scrub up pretty well if he really needed to, but he'd still be aggressively sexy.
  7. zee

    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat

    As everyone above me has mentioned, Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat starts out very much OHHAIMELON. Drying down, the green tea comes into the mix in the most gorgeous way while the mint calms the melon down a little. There's this absolutely wonderful sparkling effervescence throughout the blend that I assume comes from the champagne grape. I liked this more and more as my skin test went on, despite a slightly disappointing wearlength. It's fruity, fizzy, and fun!
  8. zee


    In the imp: Caramel Wet: Caramel Dry: Caramel I'm not sure if it's my skin amping caramel or my nose being inept at picking up the other notes, but I am definitely not a fan. Not what I was looking for in a blend at all and I am so glad that I didn't order this unsniffed, as I was tempted to.
  9. zee

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Beth's posted the link to the artwork for Parker Lily on Twitter. Find it here: http://twitpic.com/cs7zm Sorry if this has been posted before!
  10. zee


    This is very citrusy, more citrusy than I was expecting from the description. The main note for me was the lime, and while I do like the smell of lime, it very much screams LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME with some flowers attempting to get in on the action from beneath but not succeeding very well. As I'm not a fan of flowers and prefer berries to citrus, this isn't a winner for me, but I'll hang on to my imp and give it another chance sometime in the future.
  11. Let me get one thing straight. I love fruity scents. Normally fruity scents love me, but I guess there has to be an exception here and there. This was the scent I was most looking forward to from the July update, but it's disappointing. I can smell the fruits, but there's one note that smells slightly sour, and makes the other fruits smell plasticky. Maybe it's juniper, because I haven't tried a blend with it in before and have never had a problem with any of the other notes. I would happily drink something that smelt like this, but I don't think I'll be getting much use from my decant. I have a bottle of Blue Fire that works that much better.
  12. zee


    I was hoping the musk, vanilla tea and tonka would be the main notes for me in this, but sadly it's not the case. I'm not sure what it is with florals, but they hate me. This is only slightly soapy instead of straight-up soap on me like many floral blends, but flowers are all I can smell. Vanilla tea, tonka, musk, tobacco, coconut... where are you? Why aren't you coming to save this blend? Sadly not for me. This could have been so wonderful, too.
  13. zee


    I wanted to love Alice. I really did. She's the heroine of the story, after all, and I know how popular this scent is. So I bought an imp of her earlier this year. Fresh from the lab, I couldn't really smell anything. It was very very faint, and while it was reasonably nice (milk and baby powder, as far as I can remember) I decided to shelve her for awhile to see if age made us a better match for each other. I finally tried her out again today, for no reason other than she was the first imp I saw when I peered blearily into my imp bag first thing this morning. It started out quite well, the milk was still there, and the honey was definitely stronger, so this was promising. Would I turn out to love this? But then... disaster. I don't mind rose, but rose hates me. As soon as the rose in this blend raised it's ugly head, the scent went straight to soap. And that was all I could smell, for hours. Soap soap soap soap soap. Now, many many hours later, it does smell nice. Girly, creamy, soft and sweet. But it's ridiculously faint and not something I want to sit through hours of soap smell for. This is what I wished Alice would be, but alas. It seems we're not meant for each other. One day I'll get around to swapping or selling this, or using it to enable a friend. I won't be putting it on my skin again, though.
  14. zee

    March Hare

    This was one of the very few Mad Tea Party scents that I didn't want to try. I actually couldn't care less whether I never sniffed this one. Then I got it as a frimp in my most recent lab order. What I usually do with non-wishlist frimps is give the wand a quick sniff, mark down on my spreadsheet that I own them, and put them away to test at a later date. When I sniffed March Hare, I stopped, sniffed again, and slathered it all over my wrists. This is a delicious fruity, juicy apricot, studded with cloves which add a little spice and stop the blend from becoming too fruity. This is definitely being bumped into my mental top 10 of favourite GCs, and I keep getting cravings to wear this, even though I've got a ton of scents to test. In fact, I'm going to apply some now. Mmmmm.
  15. I've noticed that Coral Snake has been mentioned here as an alternative to Punkie Night, and I thought I'd add in that Poisoned Apple is very similar to Coral Snake, in case it ends up becoming hard to come by when the carnival leaves!