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    Herbs/Plants: peppermint, spearmint, raspberry leaf, olive leaf, chamomile, hay, sage, pennyroyal Gourmand: earl gray tea, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, milk, cream, butterscotch, pumpkin, buttercream, vanilla, caramel, honey, butter, gingerbread, sugar, sasparilla, rum Fruits: lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, peach Florals: pikake, lilac, lemon verbena, honeysuckle, sweetpea, linden blossom, frangipani/plumeria, white ginger (floral ginger) Wood: sandalwood, cedar, pine, oak, teak, fir, redwood Spice: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, black pepper, pink pepper, white pepper Other: sheer musk, night musk, white musk, red musk, black musk, leather, tobbacco, pipe smoke, amber, dirt Can't wear: ivy, violet, lotus, rose, red ginger (ginger root), raspberry, blackberry, cherry, plum, fig, sweet orange, orange rind, most lavender, ozone BPAL blends: Peppermint SN, Bliss, Lump of Coal, Alecto, Pele, Gingerbread Poppet, Et Lux Fuit, Severin, Shroud, Water of Notre Dame, Shadow, Jack, Magdalene, Mercury, Queen of Sheba

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  1. Chirp

    Snow, Glass, Apples

    This scent is just stunning. Having read the chap book before I applied the scent, I must say that the blend perfectly encapsulates the images woven by the story. In the bottle: The bright, crisp scent of tart green apples, devoid of any autumnal warmth and spice, melds and mixes with an array of crystalline ozone notes, evoking the image of cold, hard fruit settled within a nest of sharp, glinting glass. A gentle blend of mint, mellowed by a pale musk, settles over the other notes like a dampening blanket of snow, softening the edges, and morphing the scent into something altogether different from its individual notes. Beneath it all, a sinister current lurks, richer than the rest of the scent, thick and heady: the tang of blood. On the skin, wet: The apples pop briefly, experiencing a final flare of glory before they become buried beneath the icy glass. The ozone note quickly dominates the scent on my skin, however it carefully avoids the realm of dryer sheets and Febreeze through the temperance of the mint and musk. The remnants of those cold, bitter apples blend well with the decadent and sensuous undercurrent that flows, quiet but inescapable, along the underbelly of the blend. On the skin, dry: The razor sharp quality of the ozone note begins to mellow beneath the gentle onslaught of the crushed mint and delicate musk, settling comfortably against the other notes, content to lend the blend a fresh, cold quality akin to the wind on a winter night. Free at last from ozone's tyranny, the other notes begin to emerge, humbled and jumbled, woven neatly into one tight tapestry. The sultry tang of the bloodied apples reemerges, a quieter creature than before, hard yet undeniably magnetic. This scent truly is amazing. I purchased it for the apples, though I was wary of the ozone (which has a tendency to become overpowering on my skin). In the end, I was delighted. The ozone note was remarkably well behaved and the blend proved ideally refreshing from these hot summer months.
  2. Chirp

    Al Azif

    This is just a quick review until I get a chance to post something proper: Through a closed cap, I could catch the smooth scent of sandalwood. As a devoted lover of sandalwood, I was properly enticed and promptly slathered my wrists. On the skin, sweeter notes suddenly blossom against the gorgeous sandalwood foundation. I catch a faint floral note that might be iris or magnolia, though this dry floral wisp is quick to give ground to its hardier, resinous counterpoints: myrrh, and perhaps a touch of golden frankincense. Oddly enough, I also catch a spike of sweet, sharp benzoin, which renders this scent vaguely reminiscent of Lush's Snowcake soap. Meanwhile, saffron lends a wickedly indulgent warmth to a blend that threatens to become deceptively delicate and ephemeral. In a way this scent seems similar to my old general catalog standby: Shroud. I adore this scent, and I could easily imagine it working well for either sex. I would recommend Al-Azif for any individual looking for a lighter resin blend.
  3. Chirp


    Wet: Roses, roses, and more roses. A crush of gigantic velvety blossoms stained rich shades of burgandy and wine. I can just barely make out the warm, dusty bitterness of myrrh as in quakes in the background. The sweet, exotic scent of jasmine is nowhere to be found, obviously smothered by the overpowering scent of rose. There is a mild (but enjoyable) tang to the scent at this point that reminds me of a lush boquet right before it goes off. Dry (10 min): Ugh. Rose remains the dominant note in this blend and the cloying, heady quality of this particular rose is stupifying. The tang of just-about-to wilt flowers has morphed into a heavy, powdery, "old lady" scent. The myrrh lends a dim and dusty touch to the blend, but this pleasant base is easily forgotten when confronted by the owerwhelming odor of dried roses and talc. Dry (45min): Still powdery, still rose... but the headache inducing intensity has faded somewhat. I can finally catch a sweet but itty-bitty whiff of jasmine. Unfortunately it seems that the myrrh has gone the way of the dodo. Overall: If you enjoy the scent of roses... big, dark roses that are just past their prime... you'll really love Wicked. If you're not a rose person, or if you're like me and your skin chemistry has some bizarre synergistic reaction with rose essential oil, stay away... far far away!
  4. Chirp


    In the bottle: Clove and nutmeg swirled with a smooth buttery note. I can also smell the deep, damp earthiness of black patchouli. The entire scent has an acrid touch to it that reminds me of wood smoke and dried leaves. Wet: The apples suddenly appear, juicy and sweet. Mixed with the scent of warm spices, I am left with something similar to apple cider (although I am also vaugely reminded of Clairol Natural Instincts hair dye). The scent of pumpkin, rich but light, tempers the, buttery quality of the blend, making it slightly less foody. The patchouli remains but it is lost in the background for the moment, partly hidden by the juciness of the apple. The wood smoke has disappeared. Dry: The apple note has faded significantly, though I do occasionally catch a whiff of its sweet aroma. The spices, released from their cider prison, have come forward on their own again, and now I can smell the distinctive odor of allspice. The earthiness of this blend has intensified as well, as the patchouli is no longer held back by the apple-y sweetness. At this point, I can just barely smell a gentle wood note emerging, no longer masked by the rest of the blend. Samhain is lovely, but a bit too spicy for summer (for me anyway). The lack of a detectable fir note was something of a disappointment, however I frequently seem to miss the evergreen note in blends that claim to have them. Overall, an excellent scent.
  5. Chirp

    Suggestions for scents based on the 4 elements

    Earth: Burial Zombi Graveyard Dirt Tarot: Ace of Pentacles and I actually find Malediction to be extremely earthy.
  6. Chirp

    A trip to Disney!

    Hmm... I would recommend something that tends to be rather light and floral (I've noticed that fruity scents can become a bit overwhelming in the heat). If you have Pele or Bayou (both of which tend to go pretty light on my skin), you might want to wear those. Alice would also be a good choice. However, I would recommend staying away from white florals (which can become piercing/headache inducing) and strong, heady florals... lots of heat/sweat/confined spaces can quickly turn those into nightmare scents. Some of the lighter aquatic scents might work well too.
  7. Chirp

    Butch yet not manly scents?

    I must agree with the Hellfire recommendation... such a smokey, sexy, warm scent. Loviatar is also a wonderful, musky, leather-ish scent. You might also want to look into Anne Bonny. If you want to go for something a bit cleaner, I recommend Severin... I feel like drooling whenever I smell it, on women and on men. Earl Grey tea and leather... yummy!
  8. Chirp

    The High Priestess

    In the bottle: Mint... lots and lots of mint! However, this mint differs slightly from those minty BPAL scents I've come across in the past. Sweet and pale, this is more like an Andes mint candy then mint tea... in fact, I think that the minty note might actually be pennyroyal. I can also smell sweet almonds lurking in the background. The entire blend is tinged with an unidentifiable sharp/bitter note. Wet: The almonds overwhelm the rest of the scent at this stage. I can smell the cherry-like tang that many people have mentioned (in fact, the almonds are so powerful at this point that I can taste the almond-cherry note in the back of my mouth), but this is definitely pure unadulterated almond. The mint has melded into the almond scent, giving the blend a bright, pure, cold (and some what chalky) quality. At this stage, The High Priestess reminds me of a pale, shining light burning through the darkness. Dry: The almonds have died back some, allowing the cherry-tang to disappear and the mint to re-emerge on it's own. The almond note that remains is somewhat sweeter now as well, tempering the sharp tang that this scent once had. While the blend still retains a light, airy quality, it has lost some of its original brightness... instead settling for a gentle luminescence. I can smell the smooth scent of wood lying modestly beneath everything else, but I don't think it's pine. I'm also getting a hint of anise from this. Overall a lovely scent... very cool and green, airy with just a touch of wood and anise for depth. This is one of the few BPAL scents I've come across that can so perfectly combine light and darkness, sweetness and bitterness.
  9. Chirp

    Chaos Theory

    Chaos Theory LXXVII (from 7/04) In the bottle: The scent of smooth wood tinged with astringent green herbs. Something mildly sweet lurks in the background. Wet: The soft sweetness from the bottle has bloomed into a beautiful, gentle vanilla scent that blends perfectly with the mellow, fragrant wood notes. The bright bitter tang of the herbs has faded, leaving just enough bite to make this scent sparkle. A very mild earthy note hides far behind the others. Dry: Smooth and soft... this entire blend is deliciously subtle. The vanilla continues to move forward, causing the overall scent to sweeten just a bit more. The herbs, now dry, lend a sense of warmth and depth to the scent, while the cool wooden notes serve to ground the oil, keeping things from becoming foody. The earthy note remains barely detectable. Overall, I adore this scent. It is perhaps one of the most subtle, soothing BPAL oils I've ever come across. A perfect combination of clean (the woods and herbs) and cuddly (the vanilla). Sadly, I don't wear it nearly enough, and now I am sending it off to a home where it will receive the attention it deserves. Previously reviewed by Neko.
  10. Chirp

    All Saints'

    In the Bottle: A heavy, buttery note mixed with incense... the frankincense and myrhh are definitely noticable and lend a dry autumnal spice to the blend. The florals lurk in the background for the moment, but I can detect the mild soapy scent of lilies. Wet: The soapy florals sweep forward in this stage, conquering all. (My boyfriend actually yelled "smells like crappy soap" from the other room.) The buttery note deepens and takes on a nutty quality. The delicate, spicy incense, reminiscent of fallen leaves, continues to float above the other notes in this blend. Dry: The gardenia and rose have tumbled into the spotlight, causing the florals to lose their soapiness and become surprisingly sweet. While the scent of incense continues to waft from my skin, it has lost much of it's initial spicy quality. When dry, the resin notes are drier and more fragile than ever... an interesting counterpoint to the suddenly lush florals. The clean, smooth scent of wood lies beneath the mix, grounding the blend. Overall this is a lovely scent, but my boyfriend can't seem to stand it, and the sweeter florals that come forth in the dry down eventually get to be a little much for me. Thus, I will be sending All Saints off to a home where it will receive the love it deserves!
  11. Chirp

    Snow White

    In the bottle: Delicious heavy butter-cream and pina-coladas. Wet: The heavy cream smell fades and I am left with pineapple, coconut, and a bizarre burned vanilla-playdoh scent (when I first got Snow White there was a distinct plastic tinge to the blend... perhaps the plastic note has aged). I can catch a faint whiff of delicate jasmine attempting to peek through the strange scorched vanilla ice cream scent. I can also smell a lighter, brighter floral in the throw (rather than on the skin) that might be pear blossom. Snow White is mainly a warm scent at the moment, with just a titch of coolness hanging around the edges. Overall, it strikes me as fairly feminine, and even a bit subdued. Dry: There's been a nuclear pina-colada/jasmine explosion, and a hypersweet fruity floral mushroom cloud is swirling around me with radioactive intensity. Snow White is no longer subtle or delicate in the slightest, instead the little princess has jetted off to the tropics and had a few too many girly drinks. The vanilla ice cream/playdoh scent has taken on a powdery tone... which is good, since it's tempered the scorched smell. Far from evoking feelings of snow and winter, Snow White screams "beach party" and makes me crave drinks that come in coconut shells with little colored umbrellas on the rim. However, Snow White does evoke the color white for me... or at least, off-white. White gummy bears, pineapple life savers, pina-coladas, coconut shavings, jasmine, pear blossom, vanilla icecream, and old playdoh... all can be found in this blend.
  12. Chirp

    Storm Moon

    Wet: A potent ozone note that borders on the verge of "fabric softener" leaps out at me. Beneath the electric-aquatic tang sits a lovely garden of early spring flowers... tulips and daffodils, a delicate pink-green scent. The florals are vibrant but light, and serve to ground the dangerously dominant ozone. I can catch just a hint of Beth's traditional lunar oils, caught up in the stormy swirl. Dry: As this scent dries, the florals fade into nonexistence. Lacking such tender restraint, the ozone note crosses over to the dark side... Storm Moon is now more dryer sheet than thunderous sky. However, in the dark side there is power, and I suddenly feel as though I were smothering under a load of wet, freshly washed laundry. The throw at this stage is incredible... unfortunately, I smell like a laundry room. After sleeping: I tried this on before I went to bed last night (or, should I say, before I was force gripped into unconsciousness by Darth Ozone), and when I awoke this morning I was pleasently surprised. The intense fabric softener scent has faded quite a bit and the florals have reappeared (though they lack their former vibrancy). The lunar oils have manifested in a gentle, incense-like smell, which serves to blend the whole into a subtle, pleasing, clean scent. Unfortunately, I will be trading this. My sweetie despises most ozone scents, and I don't think I could withstand another onslaught from the Sith lord of aquatics.
  13. Chirp

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I think I'm going to go with the "brain fart" theory to explain my two imps of Hemlock. They smell very different from one another (one is a light citrus and green scent, while the other is distinctly floral). They are also entirely different colors (one is pale green, while the other is yellow). I doubt there was a formula change, as I received the two imps near the same date. It doesn't bother me all that much, but I wish I knew what the fake Hemlock really was...
  14. Chirp

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Hmm... I was wondering if anyone could fill in my gaps for lunacy border colors: Blue Moon: Red Moon: Red Harvest Moon: Hunter Moon: Indigo Frost Moon: Cold Moon: Wolf Moon: Purple Storm Moon: Grey Chaste Moon: Yellow Pink Moon: Pink
  15. Chirp

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    I've gotten a rash from a few BPAL oils, and I'm having a difficult time determining what ingredient is the culprit. Here's the list so far: Gluttony White Rabbit Red Moon (on occasion) Interestingly enough, scents that I thought might give me a rash (i.e. heavy, spicy blends) didn't cause any sort of reaction. So far I've gotten two sorts or rashes... I've had the small, flesh colored hives that others have described, but I've also had red, sore, irritated welts pop up too. Can anyone explain the difference between the two?