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    Snake Oil layered with Dragon's Milk
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    Sin, Snake Oil, Morgause, Death Adder, Dragon's Milk, Dorian, Samhainophobia, Fairy Market.

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    BPAL! Listening to music very passionatly, going to concerts, cult or just plain weird movies (I LOVE movies in general), "nerding", reading, ebay whoring *L*. doing a little crafting for myself such as jewellery and hair accessories, occasionally the odd drawing<br /><br />Currently listening to: The voices in my head.
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    Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Aquarius, Virgo rising, Venus in Scorpio - got a bit of everything in here really!
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  1. Dark Sparkle

    Le Père Fouettard

    Given the fact that I love licorice and the scent of it, naturally I had to try this. Looks like all the yules I have tried this year are perfect, sigh, not good news for my wallet... Leather, licorice, sugar cookies and smokey coal - this is so gooooood, I am addicted
  2. Dark Sparkle

    Midnight Mass

    I agree, this is The Perfect Incense blend - warm, sweet and smokey, it almost has a vanilla note on my skin. Incredible throw and long lasting. I love Midnight Mass
  3. Dark Sparkle

    On Darkness

    An embrace: black poppy, lavender, thick black incense, black amber, rose geranium, Brazilian rosewood, and benzoin. On Darkness is so lovely - I also get a fruity, almost plummy vibe from this oil with a lavender kick and the incense note. I need at least one bottle
  4. Dark Sparkle


    When wet, Mole reminds me of the rainsoaked roots of a tree with fresh moss crawling all over it - later it dries down to a very comforting warm and earthy scent. I love it!
  5. Dark Sparkle

    Where is this scent?

    Thank you - to think it took me three years to figure that out
  6. Dark Sparkle

    Where is this scent?

    Thank you for the quick reply - now I know where to look another time
  7. Dark Sparkle

    Where is this scent?

    I have a question about the Lilith Victoria and Lady Lilith scents - I found them under reviews - Limited Editions. They're marked as Forum Only 9/14/2008 - what does that mean, do you get information about release of these oils by mail or how does it work? Maybe it has already been explained but I did not find any information on the Forum Only releases by doing a search
  8. Dark Sparkle

    The Illustrated Woman

    Illustrated Woman is all about the vanilla with some pine and patchouli backing it up - it is gorgeous, really, quite fresh and sexy at the same time. I am undecided about a bottle though because I already have a lot of vanilla scents. Still, I keep coming back for more!
  9. Dark Sparkle

    Faeu Boulanger

    I love to smell FB but unfortunately it turns to sharp soap on my skin and I was hoping for bog mist and violets
  10. Dark Sparkle

    Lune Noire

    Lune Noir is really up my alley with a hazy, purple floral quality and the sweet fresh pear -it is so pretty and elegant! I wish I had bought more.
  11. Dark Sparkle

    Snow, Glass, Apples

    I have to say, I was one of the last people to put in an order and I did not even expect to receive SGA and the book - I am very happy and honored to have this in my collection I love Snow, Glass, Apples - it works surprisingly well on my skin and stays a pure apple scent for hours on my skin, it's amazing and I will surely treasure this bottle. I combined it with Snow White today and omg, what a gorgeous combination.
  12. Dark Sparkle

    Schwarzer Mond

    Omg, why didn't I buy more than one bottle of this? SM is very medicinal to start with but it turns into the most incredible resin blend ever - I swear at one point I almost get some sort of sweet cinnamon from this. I can only compare it to Sin, one of my other favourites, with the black amber and myrrh, only much, much darker I cannot wait to let it age - since I only have one bottle, this will be for special occasions only...
  13. Dark Sparkle


    Frimp from the lab Wow, elegant and classy, sexy and sophisticated. I mostly get the lillies and tuberose (oh, I love tuberose) on a smoky background. This would be perfect all year round!
  14. Dark Sparkle

    Snow White

    I have been very curious for years about the lore of Snow White and now the legend is finally here, sitting on my counter full of sweet promises In the bottle I sense some playdoh but it is good playdough - playdough made of angels, you might add. Wet on skin: Cool and creamy with a hint of berries, flowers and marzipan - very feminine and subtle. Drying and beyond: Sweet mother of all spicyness and creamyness this is nectar from the gods - not an oil I would normally wear at all, but this is oh so good, stardust and magic. I think I am in love!
  15. Dark Sparkle

    Black Rose

    Black Rose reminds me of silent movie femme fatales, it is a very classic and luxurious scent, befitting a noir lady