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    Food-y scents, fruity, sweet notes. Mild florals at times, spicy scents are good too. I'm finding I like incense, resin, and wood blends much more than I thought as well. And for some reason patchouli seems to work, and sometimes vetiver, and even some musks. Basically, if it smells like food or something sweet, I probably like it.

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    Eeesh, too many to list here. Okay, I'll try. <br /><br />I love cross stitching, and have tons of unfinished projects. I tend to work on more animals than anything else, usually horses, cats, and wolves. I frame my own projects, especially since I got a good mat cutter for the holidays. My preference is to start with raw wood and rout it ourselves, and cut and so on, then stain it, but we also buy fancier moulding and cut it to size. I can stitch with or without a hoop.<br /><br />I like woodworking, building things, and other crafty wood stuff. We're rebuilding the insides of our house all on our own, and it's taking a long time, but we are having fun with it. <br /><br />Animals... I love horses, don't have any. I love most animals, and work with a small critter rescue (we do cats, guinea pigs, bunnies, etc). We personally have 11 cats, 2 dogs, 2 parakeets, 4 turtles, a ferret, and fish in our home. <br /><br />At the rescue, we have a pure white kitten found in a dumpster (and he could not have gotten in there on his own, so somebody threw this beautiful kitten away!) that we've named Jet staying at the rescue. He's got two different colored eyes. And of course, the 22 other residents.<br /><br />I love to read, and I also write on occasion, mostly just for myself and family, and usually poetry. It's a family joke that I will read ANYthing with words, and it's pretty much true. I like all sorts of materials, ranging from very light and mindless, to heavy deep stuff. I also enjoy doing puzzles and playing word games.<br /><br />Now, we can add the addiction of BPAL to my ever growing list of must-haves, and I've started making icons (I only wish I could make them as well as Penance, among others) for the BPAL scents. I'm a decanting fool, and loooooove decanting so I've been doing lots of decant groups. Here they are...<br /><br />Organized (or organizing) Following Circular Swaps:<br />2 Groups CT2 Sniffing Circles<br />Discontinued Catalog Sniffing Circle<br />Unreleased Sniffing Circle<br />Ornament Swap<br /><br />Organized and Led (or leading) Following Decant Groups:<br />CN Decant Groups<br />Tarot Decant Group<br />Sephiroth Decant Groups<br />Panacea Decant Group<br />TAL Decant Groups<br />Pumpkin Patch Decant Groups<br />Demon Decant Groups<br />Samhain Decant Group<br />Yule Decant Group<br />BPALiversary Decant Group
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    Gemini sun (some say Cancer cusp), Leo Moon, Cancer rising. Mercury- Gemini, Venus- Taurus, Mars- Sagittarius, Jupiter- Virgo, Saturn- Taurus, Uranus- Scorpio, Neptune- Virgo, Pluto- Virgo And just for the curious, The Mate is a Libra, and we aren't sure on the others because we don't know his time of birth.
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  1. The things that come to mind right away as confidence boosters to me are Arcana, High John the Conqueror, Moxie, Queen, Tarot: strength, and the discontinued Crucible of Courage.
  2. Thats just too funny O_W. Since most people seem to have thought the other way with the question. In this case you were the only one on mark so to speak. I'm also the person who hears something and thinks, "Hey, that could possibly be not dirty" when most people think, "Hey that could be taken dirty". As far as something that scentwise matches up to the wet Blood, I really don't know. I like the drydown, so I really didn't pay that much attention to the wet stage.
  3. Am I the only person who will hear someone talk about blood, and have me ears perk a brief moment where I think they are talking about BPAL Blood, the scent... then realize they mean that stuff in my veins?
  4. OriginalWacky

    When you need something comforting or cheering

    Normally I'd want to stick with catalog scents, but recently, SUgar Skull, Fruit Moon, and especially Gingerbread Poppet have been a great comfort on crappy days.
  5. The Mate rarely says anything about noticing what I'm wearing, but the other night after a decanting spree I had Pumpkins, Samhains, and Demons all on me; and he must've told me 6 times how good I smelled.
  6. OriginalWacky

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    Hiya... you didn't get to try Midway? Only the best evocative smell ever that so totally reminds me of being right at the fairgrounds that I could just close my eyes and almost hear it all too? Yipes! (Want me to send you an imp? PM me your address.) AC Joy Mojo is a pretty different scent, but might work fairly well if you like Midway. Hmmm, I wonder if Trick or Treat or possibly Sugar Skull would give that super sweet smell too. I love love LOVE Midway, and both of those are soooo sweet and wonderful too.
  7. OriginalWacky


    Bottle (Imp): Smells flowery. My nose instantly cringes, because flowers usually mean crappy deoderant soap smell. Just On: Yes, flowers. No soap, though I'm not getting my hopes up. An hour or two later: Flowers and a chocolate vanilla scent? Around 6 hours: Sweet flowers, fading quickly, and something else. 12 hours: It's gone. Overall: Not bad, for a floral scent, and my skin doesn't turn this to crap, so that's good. I'm just not much of a floral person, but this one isn't bad at all. After reading other reviews: Hmmmm, I wonder if that's the tonka that comes forth as it starts to dry down. And wouldja look at that... a musk I can wear. Hurray for this, it's a flower I *can* wear! I may have to check out more sweet pea things again.
  8. OriginalWacky

    The Hesperides

    Bottle (Imp): Mmmm, I smell apples. Just On: Oooo, there's some buttery richness underneath those apples. An hour or two later: It's still apple-y, and kinda buttery. Around 6 hours: Apple butter! Not really applesauce, but certainly like apple butter. 12 hours: It has faded away to nothing. Overall: I'm loving this one. Not much more to say there. After reading other reviews: This absolutely is appley goodness. I don't get so much of the caramel out of it, but the apple is so nice that I'd keep it around for that anyway. I really didn't get the bark and leaves.
  9. OriginalWacky

    Dance of Death

    Bottle (Imp): Oh, interesting, it has like a sharp sour thing going. No clue on ingredients of course. Silly nose. Just On: Something familiar is tickling my nose, but I can't figure out what it is. This deepens up as soon as it hits my skin. n And oddly enough, it smells like dry air. An hour or two later: Myrrh. Patchouli. Around 6 hours: So much more depth now, and it is fitting it's name even better than I thought. I'm actually picturing a skeleton dancing, hauntingly sad, for she is in a tattered wedding dress, and I can almost hear the faint music in the background from her wedding day. She's dancing alone, and will draw you in (to dance with her, or die with her, depending). Or perhaps her partner is only in her imagination. 12 hours: I now *know* there is myrrh in there, I have that beautiful skin close powder thing that I *love*. I get that with amber, and sometimes a couple other scents as well. Well worth waiting for, as the first stages are neat too. Overall: This one was a sleeper, I was pretty neutral, then started to warm up to it, and now, I'm loving it. After reading other reviews: I never saw jasmine out of this, and I haven't a clue what orris smells like, so I guess that might be the sour thing that hit me at first. This is so very evocative of the name that were it my first BPAL trial, I'd have been just as hooked as I am now. Except this isn't a foody one, so it's even better that it strikes me so well.
  10. OriginalWacky

    Jazz Funeral

    Bottle (Imp): Definitely flowers, a nice bouquet. Just On: Lots of flowers, and something watery. An hour or two later: Watery flowers, with a hint of soap. Around 6 hours: Kinda watery flowers, maybe a hint of some kind of spice, not quite as soapy. But I still think my skin is in some kind of conspiracy against me wearing the pretty floral scents. 12 hours: Tiny bit of soapy smell, a rather fresh soap as opposed to a nasty one. Overall: I love it in the imp, so I want to try it in my hair or something, because it's pretty. My skin seems to make it so much less than it really is. After reading other reviews: Goodness, I really didn't get all the much dirt/mossy scent out of this at all. If I were able to take out that bit of soapyness, I might find I could wear this much better, but my skin just screws up so many flowers that it's not even funny. Not sure I'm willing to buy a big bottle, but it's tempting.
  11. OriginalWacky


    Bottle (Imp): This smells pretty cologne-y, not in a yucky way or anything. Just On: Hmmm, cologne that has fresh stuff in it, pretty stuff. Maybe some kind of medicinal type scents; or herbs. An hour or two later: Something green. An herby type thing going on. Around 6 hours: It's like, woody nag champa. How neat. 12 hours: A hint of smoke? It's pretty faded now. Overall: This one morphs a LOT, so if you're trying it out, pay attention all the way through. I'm not sure how well I like it, I may have to try this one out some more. After reading other reviews: Wow, I really didn't get all the lavender. How odd, usually I amp that up and it takes over completely. I must try this one on The Mate at some point.
  12. OriginalWacky


    Bottle (Imp): As usual, I can't figure out exactly what's in this, but it's neat. Flowery musk, vaguely reminiscent of a wedding party in full swing, where you can sorta smell that folks have been sweating, but not in that icky body odor way, but fresh clean sweat... and the scent of the flowers on the tables is kinda mingling in there. Just On: Okay, I'm getting musky out of this. The flowers have all but disappeared, and I smell a soft musk. An hour or two later: Hmmm, it's like a sweet musk almost. Very interesting. Around 6 hours: I get a hint of the ugh musk scent and that's about it. 12 hours: It's very faded, but all in all, kind of a gentle musky skin scent now. Overall: I'm not a huge musk fan, especially as my skin can do some *really* odd things with it, but it's kinda pretty, and might be a good 'warm' scent. After reading other reviews: Whoa, all those folks got neat flowers and such, and I didn't get any of that. The musk was okay, but not exceptional on my skin, and it's not something I'm probably going to go out of my way to get.
  13. OriginalWacky


    Bottle (Imp): Very sweet, with a tart "pop" of something very juicy. Just On: Sweet tarts! Juicy sweet tarts, but that's what it smells like. I love it! I hope it stays like this. An hour or two later: Sweet tarts with a kick, because I'm getting a taste of something spicy layered into this. Around 6 hours: Ooooh! Back to the sweet tarts! Yay! I'm totally loving on this one! 12 hours: Leftover vestiges of sweet tarts, but just barely. Overall: I lurve this! After reading other reviews: Okay, so this wine scent turns to candy on me. Not a complaint in the world from me, in fact, this has leapt to one of my very favorite catalog scents ever.
  14. OriginalWacky

    New Orleans

    Bottle (Imp): Hm. I dunno what this is, but it almost smells like it's rancid. Just On: Pretty strong ick scent going here.. An hour or two later: The rotting type smell is apparently in full bloom because of my skin, and this is really not working. Around 6 hours: It's faded a lot, but it's still all yuck on me. 12 hours: Okay it left now. Overall: Wow, I've never had such a strong reaction of ick to something before. It smells like something that's gone spoiled. But not quite. It's not like opening your frig and finding something spoiled, more like wandering through a crypt and getting a whiff of *something* not good. Maybe a person who hasn't bathed in far too long. Now, mind you, this is probably a perfect scent for New Orleans right now, as I'm pretty sure it smells a lot like this with the flooding and death. I do wish it had worked for me, the name would have made me buy more of it. After reading other reviews: Good gods, I didn't get any of the pretty flowers. Why oh why do my sniffer and skin have to be so godawful? I may need to sit on this one for a while and try it again, perhaps there was something else causing the problem?
  15. OriginalWacky


    Bottle (Imp): This smells fresh and breezy to me. Just On: I smell fresh plants, not the dirt with them, but not plants that have been cut or pulled, and a bit of a breeze. It's not really floral either, just plants. An hour or two later: Okay, plants, and some flowers. Around 6 hours: Flowery plants with a dribble of sweetness. 12 hours: It went bye-bye. Overall: I rather like this one as well, though it's still not in my 'regular' foody category of favorites. It is another amazing scent though, as Beth has captured the smell of flowers in the wind (at least to my nose). After reading other reviews: Wow, I didn't really get a lot of berry sweet out of this the way others have mentioned.