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  1. Andrea912


    Vetiver hates me so much, and it is evident here...I sadly pull none of the other notes...
  2. Andrea912


    The fear of Halloween. Menacing Haitian vetiver, patchouli, and clove with a shock of bourbon geranium, grim oakmoss, and dread-inspiring balsams pierce the innocuous scent of autumn leaves. Went medicinal, kind of like a bandaid, on me
  3. Andrea912

    Monster Bait: Bloody Mary

    I wish the cream was more prominent...the cherry is dark and sickly, like Nyquil without plastic...
  4. Andrea912

    Monster Bait: Closet

    Love it! It's Beaver Moon with bourbon, Cake Smash with dark smoke...it's sexy and sweet and gawgeous!
  5. Andrea912

    Cake Smash

    One of my faves! This is very similar to Beaver Moon, so if you love that, this is for you! Sweet red velvet cake goodness, for sure...
  6. Andrea912

    Teatime in Roswell

    For those of you looking for Crumpet Rebellion, look no further...here it is It is everything the description promises BUT there is one extra note that I amp, that I hate, and that was not mentioned... some derivative of anise or fennel or licorice is in this and it is just vile...imagine spilling a jagerbomb on some yummy toast...
  7. Andrea912


    I wanted to like this because I love milk and honey, but the baby powder is cloyingly sweet. No good on me...
  8. Andrea912

    Great Grey Witch

    Oddly, I'm drawn to this...none of the notes talk to me, except the ambergris accord (I'm a total whale sperm whore!!) but I really really like...maybe the chamomile I smell with the ambergris, I don't know...creamy yet a touch of spice and...not dirt, but terrain...
  9. Andrea912

    Paper Kite

    Yowza...I love it! Wet it is coconut and black pepper...swoon...as it drys it sweetens...the pepper goes away and the sugar comes to play...if you like tropical smelling drinks or suntan lotion, I think you will love this! I love it...more than Tiki Princess...
  10. Andrea912


    This is my 6th metamorphisis to try, and finally I think I'm in love!!! Let's see what happens... Wet: Wow...I smell orange and gold. Fall. Every note listed is present, fully and totally balanced. It's all one harmonious blend... What does banana taste like? Banana. What does Monarch smell like? Well...Monarch. It's all here making a new, glorious smell...the pumpkin, the amber, the mandarin, the sugar cane, all of it! Dry: Less pumpkin, but still very orange and autumn and yum. I loves the Monarch!
  11. Andrea912

    Spicebush Swallowtail

    Wet: yummo brown sugar! And some sassafras...no clove or plum yet... Dry: And there it is...within two minutes this is nothing but clove clove and clove...ewwww...
  12. Andrea912

    Chaos Theory VI: Recursive Self-Similarity v7

    I got number 533 and boy was I excited!! This is so damn sexy...suede and vanilla. Straight up! If you love Gunslinger Romance by Moxie Noveau, then you know what I'm talking about...fuzzy, sexy, mellow, creamy, and a touch of sweet...egads!
  13. Andrea912

    Common Jezebel

    Wet: Sigh. All vetiver with a touch of coconut. I don't love vetiver...please go away... Dry: oh no, the vetiver has totally taken over. I shall go cry now...
  14. Andrea912

    Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp

    Yup. No surprises here. Straight up mint and vanilla. More mint than vanilla...
  15. Andrea912

    Tiki Princess

    A bit disappointed...this is very much coconut, which I love, but it's not very complex...I was hoping for something like Snow White, but I get a kind of one note, plastic coconut from this...