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  1. innocent

    Giant Vulva

    Sweet, musky... this one gives the vibe of being light but still sultry. I like it very much (I was worried after some of the not-so-good reviews from the Will-Calls). Like most beeswax scents, I get a faint latex vibe once it's dried, but its not nearly as strong here as its been in others.
  2. innocent


    Yummy - this reminds me a bit of Antique Lace (though musk and coconut instead of vanilla... if that makes any sense), though Dia has an almost soapy undertone that Antique Lace doesn't. Very nice, but I think a touch too sharp for me to wear (seems like it might inspire headaches). I think it would make a wonderful room scent or linen spray.
  3. innocent

    Beaver Moon 2005

    2008 version Yummy, foodie. Not me. This is better than I thought it would me - it lacks the heavy butter scent of many foodies, making it something I'll wear from time to time - if I don't just pass it on to a foodie loving friend! Spicier than I expected, and (as others have said) more cupcake than cheesecake.
  4. innocent

    Snake Charmer

    Word to the wise: I don't like Snake Oil, and I think Mme. M is "pretty nice". That being said: I thought Snake Charmer was "okay, sorta sickly-sweet". I'm happy for everyone who's been lusting after this for ages, but I think Mme. M is very similar and (IMO) better.
  5. innocent

    Candy Phoenix

    I wanted sugared pear... but after my recent success with Sugar Skull I had forgotten how strange the white sugar in Faith and Hope went on me. Candy Phoenix does the same thing - instead of lovely sugared fruits I'm left with oddly chemical Pez. Oddly chemical Pez are not good.
  6. innocent


    There are no surprises in Gelt. It smells just like it sounds: chocolate and amber. If you like both notes, you'll probably like it. If you dislike both notes, you won't. It you (like me) like one note (amber) but are indifferent to the other (chocolate) an imp for experimentation will probably be all you need. This faded quickly on me, and none of my co-workers commented on it, so I assume the throw is light (I can never tell on my own how strong throw is).
  7. innocent

    Sugar Cookie

    I like the hint of sugar and spice in this one but, like so many foodies, the butter smell makes me queasy. I'll stick with Sugar Skull when I want to smell good enough to eat.
  8. innocent

    Hanerot Halalu

    When I first put this one it was amazing - just like a freshly blow out beeswax candle. I settled down to love it. I didn't let the subsequent orange candy smell upset me. Orange is a top note, I told myself, it will fade soon. And fade it did leaving behind wax with the faintest tinge of... latex? The latex demon that ruined White Rabbit strikes again. I'll probably try my imp in a skin locket to keep it away from my evil skin, but I guess I won't be needing that bottle. *pout*
  9. innocent


    Light... the lemon, green tea, and cedar are the strongest notes for me... accompanying them is something sweet and floral that makes my nose itch. Not bad, but not a stand-out for me. I don't really like cedar, and I have other light, airy scents that I prefer. On the plus side, I agree with others - this is floral without a hint of soap.
  10. innocent

    Sugar Skull

    2008 I don't usually buy 5mls without getting a decant first. I didn't think I'd like Sugar Skull, since the sugar in Faith and Hope went weird and chemical-ly on me. I bought a 5ml of Sugar Skull unsniffed. Why? To celebrate the adoption of my new dog, Sugar Skull the deaf-defying pitbull of destiny (she's a little white & black pit mix who was born deaf). I love my dog, and guess what? My Sugar Skull perfume arrived this weekend and I love it too. As I was testing it a friend walked into the room, sniffed, and said, "It smells like Christmas." And you know what. it does? On me Sugar Skull is all brown sugar with hints of maple, fruit, and rum. It smells like a kitchen while yummy Christmas baking is going on. It hints of food, but is not cloying the way many foodie smells are on me (maybe because it doesn't have any butter or cake?). I really like it. It also stayed in my hair forever, so whenever I woke up last night I got this wave of delicious brown sugar scent. While I'd never perfume the pup's collar (since she's deaf she relies on her nose even more than your average dog - she doesn't even like hanging at the coffee shop because the ambient coffee smell confuses her) I'm going to wear this perfume to the ground and then go looking for more. It's become one of my top five scents (amazing, given the way I feel about foodie perfumes). So nice to have a tale of "Skin Chemistry that Went Right" for a change! PS - The boy likes to nuzzle me when I have this on. Extra score!
  11. innocent

    Fire of Love

    Dusty dry herbs with a hint of spice. Nothing bad, but nothing I want to smell like.
  12. innocent


    Blah. I smell like toliet cleaner.
  13. innocent


    As others have said - this a sharp herbal / floral out of the bottle and dries to a much softer herbal smell. Unlike some other BPAL blends, there's nothing medicinal about the herbs here. I agree that this reminds me of fine soap - but without the horrible SOAP smell that ruins a lot of perfumes for me. I'll keep the imp, but I won't be getting a bottle - Larentalia gives off too somber a vibe for me to wear it often.
  14. innocent

    Lines Written Among the Euganean Hills

    Oh wow. This is nice. The notes are all very well blended - I had thought this combination and warm and cool notes might turn out strange, but its very nice. The cedar doesn't come roaring out, the amber and rose don't combine and turn to baby powder, and somehow the whole thing still smells cold without turning into soap or dryer sheets on me. The only downside is that this one fades very quickly on me. I'll be considering a big bottle of this.
  15. innocent


    Note to Self: Stop trying things that claim to have snow, water, or ozone notes. I like florals, and I like musks. Perchta smells like a musky bar of men's soap. I really need to learn that aquatics amp up on me in the worst possible way. *grumble grumble* wanted to smell like a hag goddess... *grumble*