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  1. goblinshark

    Bruised Violet Compound

    ooooh, i was frimped this in my most recent order and I LOVE it. unfortunately the vial had shattered but a bit remained inside. it smells great, like violets and dirt rather than the candyish scent i normally associate with violets. I might need a bottle.
  2. goblinshark

    Lick It Til It's Sticky

    i think this is less vanilla-y than last year's Lick It. VERY minty, notsomuch sugary.
  3. goblinshark

    Thirteen (13), November 2009

    in the bottle I...can't smell anything? on my skin I get musk and cocoa. It is very lovely, but unfortunately it fades really quickly. I'll be interested to see how it ages.
  4. goblinshark


    Old Lady Christmas, the sweet, smiling wife of Finland's Joulupukki. Her scent invokes the comforts of Christmastime and the warmth of love and cheerful companionship: a glowing hearth, luumukiisseli, riisipuuro, and sima. I was hoping this would turn out to be my favorite Yule, but no such luck; it just smells like straight maple syrup on me. In the bottle it is complex and lovely, but it's just not working with my skin chemistry.
  5. goblinshark

    The Snow Maiden

    2009 version. I actually bought this on accident; I meant to get Snow White because I loved Snow White 2008 so much and failed to get a bottle before it was gone. But i think Snow Maiden is actually a lot like SW 2008! Snow + crisp florals. It smells like a classy lady to me. love it.
  6. goblinshark


    this smells like straight marzipan and it is STRONG. wayyyyy too sweet for my personal taste.
  7. goblinshark


    this is SO amazing, I wish I had purchased more than one bottle. grassy, flowery without being FLORAL, and vaguely reminiscent of Hay Moon, which is my favorite lunar blend of all time. A+, will wear often.
  8. goblinshark

    Raven Moon

    Unfortunately, this scent does not work well on me at all. It starts out smelling musky and grapey, and then switches to generic perfume smell and rotting mullberries on the drydown. On the bright side, it doesn't look like I'll have a difficult time finding a better home for it.
  9. goblinshark


    I love this one. On me it is vanilla with a hint of ... pineapple? and booziness.
  10. goblinshark

    Vampire Tarot: The Fool

    to me it smells like mint and some sort of tropical fruit, like minty mango or something. it's an odd blend on me, I'm not sure how much I'll wear it.
  11. goblinshark


    I had to try this because of all the hype, even though I absolutely HATE chocolate. Don't want to smell like it, don't want to taste it, just...no. however this pleasantly surprised me! perhaps because it is so fresh? it didn't smell a ton like chocolate once it hit my skin; it was more like a bitter herbs+ snake oil combo that I really enjoy.
  12. goblinshark

    Priala, the Human Phoenix (2006)

    in the imp I can smell the cinnamon bark and myrrh, but once it's on my skin it becomes totally indistinguishable from Djinn.
  13. goblinshark

    The Torture Queen

    In the imp this smelled like green tea and gardenia. on me, it smells exactly like Pert shampoo! I don't get any metal from this at all. I really like it but I'm not sure I need a bottle.
  14. goblinshark


    I smell ginger and sage, but this is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry faint. Like the faintest BPAL I have ever tried, I think. Hopefully it strengthens with age because what I do catch from it is very nice, but even in the bottle it is scarcely detectable.
  15. goblinshark

    The Gaoler's Daughter

    Gardenia, neroli, and white peach with vanilla amber, cream, and honey. This is like Katrina Van Tassel with peach instead of rose. Very pretty - too pretty for me, in fact; I think I am gonna swap this one. edited to add lab description