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  1. requieminblack

    Fearful Pleasure

    This one goes on very orangy at first. Then as the oil dries on my skin it morphs and is mostly the wood fire and chimney smoke with a hint of cider in the background. After 10 minutes or so it is starting to fade on my skin, though now the orange and cider is totally gone and I am getting more of a smoky cinnamon from it. 15 minutes later- my skin must really like this one because it is eating it all up and I can hardly smell it anymore. 20 minutes later- gone. Nada. Zip. I am very sad because for 15 minutes this was a gorgeous fall spicy/smoky scent. But my skin eated it and refuses to give it back.
  2. requieminblack


    Miss Clémence is like diving head first into a giant cup of Chai tea, with triple tea bags and seeping it for crazy long while piping hot. While smoking a clove cigarette and wearing patchouli oil. I agree with waternight that this is a great spicy kick in the nose and a SLAMBAM HOT SPICE slap in the face. Miss Clémence, you are the one for this spicy scent fetish girl.
  3. requieminblack

    Upa Upa

    Upa Upa, how I love you so! This one was love at first sniff. Love! In the bottle this is warm and creamy spiced coconut cream PIE. Once on my skin the pineapple comes out and mingles with the coconut and the rum. It stays a gorgeous spicy coconut rum on me for hours and fades slowly into a pina colada-custard. For me this is the only of the Tiki bar scents that had staying power. I can still smell this on my skin after 24 hours. OMG I can't get enough of this. Must order more!
  4. requieminblack

    Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal

    I so wanted to love this. It sounded like a perfect scent for me...cream? Yes! Pink pepper? Oh boy yea. Grapefruit, pear and ginger? *Fans self* But once again my skin chemistry wrecked havoc on a perfectly dreamy blend. On me this smelled like a mango smoothie from Jamba Juice. I didn't get any of the cream, none of the ginger and none of that wonderful pink pepper. Just very sweet and fruity mango smoothie. It may be my brain translates grapefruit and pear as mango....but yea. On my skin wet and even dry after an hour I am only getting mango smoothie.
  5. requieminblack

    Sugar Skull

    Sugar Skull 2007 Omg, right out of the bottle this is amazing. Brown sugar, a hint of spice and some sort of dark boozy candied fruit. (Fig maybe?) On my skin it smells the same as it did in the bottle. Scent stays the same for hours and fades out sweet sugar. Another Halloween winner!
  6. requieminblack


    Huh...straight out of the bottle I smell- nothing. No matter how much I huff I am getting nuthin'. On my skin I am getting a very, very faint hint of somthing like fig pudding, a little foody but not at all spicy. Then after 15 or so minutes it fades into olive oil and beeswax. (Just like a burning beeswax candle.) After an hour or so it fades into soapy sugar on me. Not sure what note made this go wonky on me but I am sad it didn't work out. This was the one holiday scent I was the most excited about.
  7. requieminblack

    Gingerbread Poppet

    Gingerbread Poppet 2007 This years version of the Poppet is by far the best imo. It smells a lot like GBP '04 did, like gingersnap cookies or fresh out of the oven gingerbread. It is very similar to the 'evil gingersnaps' that some people get from the old Shub. Omg SO GOOD. I'll be stocking up on this one for sure.
  8. requieminblack

    El Dia de los Reyes

    The Day of Kings, the Celebration of the Magi. In Mexico, on January 6th, children place their shoes by their windows. If they have been good during the previous year, the Wise Men tuck gifts into their shoes during the night. Hot cocoa with cinnamon, coffee, and brown sugar. Right out of the bottle this pretty much smells like hot cocoa to me. It's a milky chocolate. On my skin I can only detect a faint whiff of coffee. The cinnamon does not come out to play til it starts to fade out and it is very, very mellow. I hoped this would be more of a cinnamon coffee scent but on me it is more of a really chocolatey cafe mocha. Chocolate scent lovers will adore this.
  9. requieminblack


    Samhain 2007 Wow, this is *a lot* different than Samhain '04 version. The '04 was ALL patchouli on me, but '07 is super pumpkiny with yummy spices and a hint of apple. When I first applied it the patchouli note was strong and I admit I almost washed it off...but 10 seconds later the patchouli melted away and there was only warm pumpkin apples and spice. Nice! I really love this version!
  10. requieminblack


    Straight out of the bottle this smells like cinnamon brooms. You know, the cinnamon scented brooms/pine cones they sell at Halloween and Christmas time? On the skin I get Cinnamon! (like woah) and yummy spices all mixed in. There is clove and nutmeg in there fer sure but it is blended in so well it just smells like Cinnamon tea to me like someone else mentioned. As it dries I get more of the sandalwood and tobacco coming out giving it somewhat of a smoky texture. I know some people have Sandalwood turn to total wood on them, but this does not. It is more of a wood and chai tea had a baby smell. I applied this about 4 hours ago and it is still going strong on me. The more it fades the more it smells like Chai tea on my skin. I have to say this has to be one of my all time favorite Bpal GC scents ever. It is super spicy and lasts for a long, long time. The scent is gender neurtal and would work on anyone. I love it!
  11. requieminblack

    Bonfire Night

    Wow, this Bonfire Night is totally amazing. This smell just like my husband does after he BBQ's using mesquite wood chips in the the smoker. The smell of sweet mesquite smoke and the tangy smell of the honey bbq sauce with a little bit of beer...hot damn, now I am hungry! The smell sticks to his clothes and his hair for hours and it smells just like this. Yummy!
  12. requieminblack

    The Forbidding Foyer

    Woo! At first this smells like the inside of a cave. A dark, dank and very damp cave. Then the woody sweetness of mahogany comes out and takes over. As it fades it becomes more of the smell of an old pub. Like aged wood and soft boozyness like whisky was spilled and dryed up on the floor that was never cleaned up. This is the most interesting morpher of all the Haunted House scents. I like it!
  13. requieminblack

    The Chilling Cellar

    At first this is musty old wine. Like a bottle you forgot to cork and left out for a long time. Then I get that tang of blood like the 'blood musk' note used in some other blends. I do get the wet clay/musty damp earth wafting through along with the blood musk. As it fades is becomes all baby powder on me with a hint of wine.
  14. requieminblack

    The Twisted Oak Tree

    Wet on my skin this smells like a Christmas tree. After a few minutes the earthy dirt comes out. I want to say this has that plant smell to it like a nursery/plant store. :sniff: yep, smells like a nursery. Musty dirt, green plants and..more green plants. As it fades the dirt goes away and I can detect a hint of a faint soft floral.
  15. requieminblack

    The Atrocious Attic

    This is what a babies room should smell like. This is so soft and sweet and innocent. Like French violet candies and vanilla with just a soft hint of clean fresh laundry right out of the dryer. It's not as vanilla as Hope and Faith, it's more the violet candy smell I am getting. This is not a strong smelling floral at all, it is very soft and faint. It fades out lavender talcum powder with a hint of faded tea rose. Yep, a babies room all the way (minus the poopy diapers thank goodness ).